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Post 15 Sep 2017, 3:31 pm

It appears that China might be helping both Pakistan and North Korea develop their ICBM programs. ... 2ec696f2f6

India has been trying to develop a anti-missile shield and Pakistan then all of a sudden is able to launch MIRV ICMBs. India tested anti-ballistic missile in May, 2016. By December, 2016 Pakistan had developed a ICMB that could carry multiple warheads, making it more difficult for an anti-missile defense system to work. ... nce-shield ... c-missile/

With regard to NK the ICMB missile tested by North Korea appears very similar to a Chinese design. And mobile launchers from China have been used as well by NK. And in dealing with NK we might have to factor in that we may be really dealing with Chinese aggression. Of course, that's assuming that Chinese has been assisting NK and Pakistan with their ICMBs. But the speed at which both Pakistan and NK were able to develop their programs seems to indicate Chinese involvement (as well as the fingerprint of similar designs). It's almost as if once China decided to help Pakistan...they went ahead and helped NK too.

I think we might be being a little native about China's intentions here China appears to be making a strong play to dominate Asia by spreading nuclear technology to its allies.
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Post 17 Sep 2017, 7:25 pm

Why would they want to?