1. West Wing Productions

The CEO of West Wing Productions met with reporters to discuss how this year’s shows have been doing

Reporter#1: “Are you satisfied with how your new line-up of shows has done thus far?”
Trump: “I tell you, we have got some great entertainment here. The Sean Spicer Show has really been getting great ratings. His historical knowledge, his command of the facts, and his honesty are terrific…and he is just so darn articulate. He’s not afraid to show his feminine side either which I think people really like.”

Reporte#2: “And then there is the Manchurian Candidate”
Trump: “That one has done quite well. It has an interesting premise—an American president
makes a deal with the Russians in order to become president. It’s got intrigue, espionage, drama—people love it!

Reporter#3: “Have you been pleased with Nuclear Crisis in Korea?”
Trump: “It’s an exciting new show. A new, inexperienced president tries to bluff North Korea and precipitates a nuclear crisis. Very topical show..people love apocalyptic shows. And the realism in the show is just so intense. People are hooked!”

Reporter #1: “And the ratings have been good on Lover’s Quarrel, haven’t they?”
Trump: “Yeah. It’s a romance between Ronald..and Vladette, an American and a Russian, and there is like an chemical imbalance that causes a rift between them. The audience is just rooting for them to get back together, though!”

Reporter: “How about the Missing 100 Days?”
Trump: “There is this accident..and the guy loses his memory of what happened over the past 100 days. And he keeps asking people..and they keep telling him nothing happened. But he feels like he did something really, really great but he can’t find anything to support his strong belief that something happened. So it’s a search for truth type deal.”

Reporter#2: “People are really into Impeach or not to Impeach: That is the question aren’t they?
Trump: “It’s a great premise—a fictional American president keeps getting into hot water and the panelists on the show decide whether there is enough evidence to impeach the president or not. Exciting stuff.”

Reporter#3: ‘And then there is your show: Twitter Hour.”
Trump: “Yeah, I just make shit up as I go..you just never know what is going to happen. I think people like the unpredictability and drama. Instead of reading some boring news article they get to see my tweets actually creating news in the world. It’s wonderful.”

Reporter#4: “So how you would sum up the year thus far?”
Trump: “People are on the edge of their seat with our shows and I can promise you this—our shows will not be boring. There is comedy, there are existential crises, there is horror, there is absurdity—people are so into it!