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Post 16 Nov 2022, 6:28 am

Let's start with the first question. Why is it over a week after the election and CA is still at 47% vote count in some districts?

Barring the result, what do you think about the Florida election process?

To me, it appears that they were swift and accurate. Perhaps the debacle of 2000; Bush v Gore and the mystery of the "Hanging Chad" (Sounds like a Hardy Boys title! :laugh: ), caused them to make some changes for the better. Perhaps there should be a "Master Class" held by the FL Sec of State that the other states could implement.
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Post 16 Nov 2022, 2:51 pm

California accepts ballots post-marked by election day up to seven days after election day. California also mails a ballot to every registered voter (presumably resulting in more mail-in ballots to process.)Obviously, processing mail-in ballots takes a lot more time than in-person voting.In Florida, mail-in ballots have to be received on the day of the election.

Florida and California can start to process mail-in ballots prior to election day but Florida can start to tabulate them whereas California has to wait until election day. ( caveat: The sources are a bit hazy on this distinction--processing vs counting/tabulation-- so I could be interpreting this wrong.)

Those are the identifiable differences. Whether there are differences in requirements in California as to verification requirements that take longer or whether Florida invested in better/faster equipment due to the 2000 election is more speculative... ... index.html ... utType=amp ... begin.aspx