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Post 27 Nov 2019, 9:15 am

At one point, Redscape offered an opportunity to conduct polls. They were fun. It's possible this feature still exists but I didn't spot where and how to construct one so here goes a home made version:


1. Fox News should be renamed FOX PILLOW given how many times it subjects its viewers to the same "My Pillow" commercial every day, on the hour, sometimes 5 or more times an hour.

2. The Fox News Advertising Department needs to be fired for doing absolutely nothing, refusing to leave their offices to seek out new business and essentially handing the year's ads to My Pillow.

3. I want to see Mike Lindell and Joe Namath fight to the death armed with only My Pillows.

4. I am seriously considering no longer watching Fox News unless the My Pillow ads are pulled or until rival company THEIR PILLOW SACKS run counter ads.

5. I am willing to write Sean Hannity a quick note to request the My Pillow ads be removed from Fox News. Sean Hannity, 18th Floor Fox News, 1211 Avenue of the Americas, New York, 10036

6. I am willing to call Fox News customer support at 888-369-4762 to request the My Pillow commercials cease and desist forever. Or at least be scaled back. Or at least be given equal footing with other vendor ads.

7. I could give a rats ass about Fox News, never watch it, never will and will have nothing to do with them, let alone their lame My Pillow Ads.

8. I am delighted that the My Pillow Ads drive anyone dumb enough to watch their programming crazy. I hope the My Pillow ads bring as many people as possible to the loony farm where they will no longer be allowed to vote in future elections. In fact, I hope My Pillow ads are adopted by the United States Military complex as a new form of psychological torture to be played outside enemy embassies.

9. I have bought a My Pillow and enjoy watching Mike Lindell daily and feel as though I have a personal connection to him. Mike and I are in fact friends on any number of levels. I like Mike. I will even venture to say I don't think there are enough My Pillow ads that run within a 15 minute period. The 12 minutes currently allowed are not enough. Fox News should consider limiting their reporting to less than 2 minutes so that Mike can have a more fair time slot for his money. There needs to be more time for My Pillow backstory, more black and white footage of the early years. More shots of Mike and employees white water rafting together on Employee Fun Day and picnicking together on Meditation Day when all sit around a spoon and chant "My Pillow" together in the lotus position while resting on said pillows.

10. I am considering making a pilgrimage to the Minnesota factory to meet Mike personally to tell him how much I appreciate his product. If and when I get a chance to meet him, I plan to tackle him, place him in a figure four leg lock and insist that he remove his commercials from Fox News. I may also insist he shave his ridiculous yet oddly arousing mustache.

11. (Add your own category...i.e. the author of this poll has a little too much time on his hands)
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Post 27 Nov 2019, 8:08 pm

This one makes me laugh. How could that guy sell enough money to spend a crazy amount of money on advertising? Pillows are that lucrative of a business? At least I get a Fargo accent fix when I watch those commercials. How about Will Ferrell/Ron Burgundy and those toilet paper promos? Really...why go there?

But the worst ad (well, they are kind of unintentionally funny) is Jim the Stuntman prelubed catheter ads that used to show on MSNBC. They also had this black guy who rode around on a bicycle. You know, you really do need to find the catheter that is best for you...

I think MSNBC made so much money off of Trump from disgruntled liberals eager to hear dirt on Trump...that they got to be too good to show catheter ads. How dare they look down their nose at Jim!
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Post 29 Nov 2019, 12:31 am

I'd rather grind a liberal beneath my boot than put up with one.
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Post 29 Nov 2019, 10:08 am

I tried to ignore this but I can't. I'm sure there are sites you can go to where this type of post is acceptable but this ain't one of them.
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Post 29 Nov 2019, 11:08 am

That is correct. I cautioned RickyP for the same thing. I can only hope it was metaphorical.