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Indy Car Driver (Pro IV)
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Post 23 Sep 2022, 6:25 am

Turn 33:

Franklin and Tim have the same plan - run at 160 then slam on the breaks to 140 to avoid the corner. Franklin is first, and reaches 160 without drama, but still needs to late brake - and does (160->140 2sk = 5 OK) for P8.

Tim first has to push for 160 (test Top, 2sk = 9 OK) and just makes it, then slams on the binders (late brake 160->140, 2sk = 4 OK) and slows to 140 for P9.

Jeff crosses the line at 140 with a slip for P10.

Jim takes the middle lane for 2w at 140.

Dave also takes the middle lane for 2w at 140.

Turn 34:

Jim does 120 for P11.

Dave pushes for 180 (paid, and we’ll assume he makes it, because if he doesn’t, he finishes next turn anyway) for P12.

And that’s it for Race 1. Race 2 will be at Watkins Glen. Builds will be due Oct 3 @ 9 AM, bids Oct 5 @ 9 AM and first plot Oct 7 @ 9AM.
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NASCAR Driver (Pro V)
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Post 23 Sep 2022, 6:38 am

Polcen ran a steady race, being in the top three of a sector only once in sector 1 or lap 1.

The fastest lap was turned in by Peeples on lap 2.
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