My abbreviated analysis:

Build / Bid
As is typical, I look for a line on the track that allows me to run from behind. I go with one of my favorite builds: 160/60/60, a robust machine that doesn't put you out of the race when you bust something. I bid zero, of course.

Lap 1
Mostly clean air with company from Will for a while and then Russ after his spin. I was sorry to see Stephen go so early. I wanted to see what he could do with that tiny car and I also enjoy his company.

Lap 2
Time to hit the 'GO' button on T22, about the halfway point in the race. I burn through a bunch of wear to join the primary chase pack, Kathryn & Chris, by the start of the last lap.

Lap 3
I've never seen Kathryn play better and Chris always races tough but I buffalo my way through them with the wear advantage. By this time, leader Brent was out of wear and didn't have the car to mount a defense.

This is not my favorite track but I had a fun time with it this race - the small field, made even smaller by Stephen's early exit, probably had something to do with my success. Only looking for a podium, the win was icing on the cake. This was also a fun group to race with - plenty of laughs and banter.