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NASCAR Driver (Pro V)
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Post 12 Feb 2021, 11:23 am

Please post your track/race comments here.
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NASCAR Driver (Pro V)
Posts: 7187
Joined: 08 Apr 2002, 9:45 am

Post 12 Feb 2021, 2:44 pm

Congratulations to Stephen & Rando for getting on the podium and Kevin just missing. It was a tough ride for some of you (spin city) and we had to leave some friends on the roadside but I hope you had fun, nonetheless.


I’m always looking for a way to run from the back. This track appears up the challenge so I build a flexible, decently fast car with lots of tires.


Zero – I don’t want traffic. Fritz is behind me but he’ll be in front of me soon with that 80 Acc.

Lap 1

The goal is to conserve wear. I had allocated four wear for this lap but spent five. I caught up to the field faster than anticipated. Brent gave me an unexpected slip through Pure Michigan so I took the opportunity to move up in the field. I decided to spend wear in Autotrader so as not to get shut-out in Continental. Overall, I was pleased with this lap. I went from last to sixth and felt pretty good as the wear boss. Kevin out in front without traffic is worrisome, as is Stephen and Rando with plenty of wear to burn. I’m less concerned with Russ and his depleted wear. Brent is right in front of me but I’m not sure what to make of his 80/40 setup.

Turn 1 addendum: Renaud, I was really cheering for you on the T2 forced pass. 1) It was a bold move early in the race and 2) I wanted Kevin to have more company out front because, you know, it's nice to have company.

Lap 2

I felt a little bit bad stuffing Brent in the Chevy corner in T18. He’s new to the group and is a tremendously nice guy, but ultimately, I only wanted to spend one wear in this corner. In fact, I would have been ok if he had stuffed me and was prepared for it. He didn’t, he got stuffed, and welcome to Thursday Night Racing. I would not have felt a twinge of guilt about doing it to almost all the other drivers… lol.

With the cars spread out, I decided to spend three wear in Lear, Firestone, & Pure Michigan to make up a turn. After passing Russ in Corvette, I was in fourth with Rando in my sights. I decided not to press and saved some wear instead for the final lap.

Lap 3

I pushed through Lear, Firestone, & Pure Michigan again. This time it cost four tires but it got me past Rando, into third, and right on the tails of the leaders with a wear advantage. The T40 gambit of plotting 100 didn’t quite work (I would have been where Stephen is) so it cost me a wear and a brake check. It did put me in second, though. I have two wear left to Stephen’s one at the end of T41. I should have used one of those wear in T42 but there is so much pressure in these races, you can’t always make the right decision. Anyway, now I have to push my engine to 140 so that I can guarantee a two-wear turn in Motor City. Stephen opts for the safe outside move instead of chancing on the inside for a race win. Now I need to pass both an engine and brake test. I decide to hold back my skill chip for the more important brake test (if he had gone inside, I would have put the chip on the engine test). I fail the engine test and... yay! No brake test needed. That locks up the race since I will not need to push the engine any further.


I liked this track – there are many places you can use wear to challenge other drivers and make up ground. There’s no single obvious line that would let a front-runner go wire to wire. I hope I'm not unconsciously picking tracks for the series that align with my driving style. I don't think I am but perhaps we need a track committee for the next series.

I love racing with this group. You’re lively, funny, and just all around good people. Stuffing any one of you in a corner is a privilege.

Until next time...
Indy Car Driver (Pro IV)
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Post 15 Feb 2021, 2:27 pm

Lost my first attempt, which means this will be shorter. Agree with Mike's comments, so I will just try to add color from my perspective.

I was hoping to run 6w/8w/8w. First lap went well. 2nd lap ran into some traffic and 3rd lap ran into Mike (again).

First decision point was turn 20 in lap 2. Rando spent the wear to grab 2nd. Rando had better brakes, lots of skill (compared to my 0) and a comparable wear stack. Plus an accomplished driver. I quickly decided I had to stay in front of him or I would not have a chance for the win, since he would be GONE. So in respect to Rando, I spent 3w to get back ahead in turn 21 (wear I need later).

The next move (turn 22) was pretty obvious, I thought. Rando asked, "Will I be unhappy with you?" Unless I plan to announce all my moves in advance, I am not answering that question. It feels too much like collusion to me. If I tell some competitors but not others, I am working with one group. So I avoid it completely. After my move, Rando makes a point of reiterating that he is "unhappy with me". Sorry, but I spent 3w to stay ahead of Rando and challenge the leader. It was the right move.

Back to the race: Turn 40 was the next critical point. (Although figuring out how to save 1-2w would have been critical if I had been able to.) Mike takes the lead with 3w if I don't. He just has more wear to make the move. But if I don't, Mike is gone for 1st place and I'm battling Rando and Kevin for 2nd. So I choose to take the 3w move. I considered a naked chance, but I thought I had a good chance for 1st or 2nd, so I didn't want to throw it away.

Turn 41: I dropped an 80. (Mistake, should have dropped 60 so that I would have had the choice once I saw Mike's speed. I dropped the 80 because I was afraid he was using 2w.) So I had to use a wear. Mike's 60 was smart. He then had the option after seeing my move, which he played to perfection.

Once again I was at the end of a race and could roll naked chance for a win or clinch 2nd with minuscule chance of a victory. As much as I wanted the win, prudence demanded I take the series points to get closer to the finals.

Congrats to Mike. Well run and well raced. Rando and Kevin: you guys are tough. I learn more about this game every time we get out there. Well raced. To entire Thursday night group: Fun gang to race with. Thank you all and see you at Road America in Wisconsin (More snow tires?!)