There will be an opening in the RBL for the 2018 season (our 16th).

I am recruiting here first. The league was created for Redscape members and I haven't lost sight of that mission.

Being a team owner in this league is not to be taken lightly. It requires dedication and attention. Not only is fantasy baseball the most demanding of the fantasy sports, the league set-up requires even more of a commitment. We are a very active league with LOTS of trading in-season and even some in the hot-stove period. You would be expected to maintain your daily line-ups and address injuries, etc... during the season. Two weeks of inactivity is grounds for expulsion from the league. Absentee owners are not welcome.

Now that I've sufficiently made the case on expectations, why would you play? This league is the absolute BEST fantasy baseball league you'll ever be part of!

Some Basics
Head-to-head weekly play
16 teams
26 players per roster (+DL slots)
Divisional set-up w/ playoffs & wild cards
Live online auction
Keepers with long-term contracts
ESPN league management system

The annual dues are $3 which go towards shipping of the trophy and an annual donation to Redscape.

Here are the forums:

Please post here or email me at mpolcen <at> verizon <dot> net if interested.