Redscape folks,

Championship Formula Racing (CFR), the re-implementation of Speed Circuit, will be hitting store shelves over the next few weeks (along with all the Kickstarter buyers getting theirs). I suspect our little racing league will be getting more attention in the near future. We are currently running three series and intend to open a fourth for season four, coming up in May. The waiting list is already a few deep so if you think you'd like to try this game out, let me know so I can get you on the wait list before it fills up. The additional circuit will allow you to jump right in at the start of the season. If there's enough interest, I can run a test lap for you as well.

PBEM CFR is similar to Diplomacy in that all turns are adjudicated simultaneously by a race marshal (RM). Unlike Diplomacy, there is no private deal-making, but it can occur in public. We operate on a 3-turn per week schedule with a race taking about 3 months to complete. Orders, or car plots in CFR parlance, take about 5 minutes or less to submit.

CFR @ Boardgame geek.

Final version of CFR rules.

Here's the first of three tracks to be run in season 4: Rouen, 1953

Doug Schulz, the designer of CFR, maintains a website with lots of tracks, driver standings, and a blog.

We have an international following, a dedicated bunch of drivers (many have contributed to the Redscape fund, helping to keep the lights on here), and several Redscapers have been actively playing for years now. Not to mention... it's a really fun game.

Post below if interested (or PM or email to sloterp <at> verizon <dot> net).