Hey to all, and welcome to the Tabletop Simulator Race at GP Long Beach. This is a 1 shot race that will be occuring on Sunday July 28th at 1pm Eastern. Currently we have a field of seven, so we can probably take an eighth if someone wishes to contact me asap.

Race Info
Date: July 28th, 2020
Time: 1pm EDT(UTC -4). Room will open at 12:30
Track: Robert Moreno's Long Beach Road Course 2000-Present. This is the course currently in use by Indycar for the Long Beach Grand Prix.
Audio: In-Game

Brent Fritz
James Benham
William Kennard
Fabio Pellegrino
Randy "Rando" Needham
Chris Kennington
Don Tatum

The Race is Pre-Build and Pre-Bid, with Stephen Peeples being the record keeper