Five punters showed for the Big Texan Stakes today.

Joe was the big winner with the last race pushing him over the top!

Final Standings
Joe M. $94,500
Jim M. $61,500
Jack B. $60,500
Chris K. $20,000
Mike P. $9,000

Unfortunately, I didn't take any race screenshots so if the players have anything to correct or add, please do so.

Race 1: I believe Equinox (2-1) won with the 3-2 favorite Juliet's Fate getting stuffed out of the gate.
Race 2: Rotunda (7-1) won?
Race 3: I simply have no recollection of who won this 1 1/4 miler. I don't believe it was Souvenir, the favorite (2-1), who ran out of steam. [edit] I remember now, it was the longshot, Relative Peace (15-1).
Race 4: This is the 5-furlong crapshoot. I ran two horses with No Tomorrow (5-1) winning and Touch of Garlic (7-1) placing. Unfortunately for me, not a big purse.
Race 5: I believe Joe's Stoop Kid (7-2) won this by hitting several bonuses.

I'll be doing this again sometime this winter (January or February) before my daughter's softball starts up.