Hey all,

As the deadline has past, the builds are in. The sheet is attached.

Interesting notes from the look:
1. No 20 Starts. A surprise to see but perhaps people thing the corner may be an issue.
2. As somewhat expected only 1 160 top speed, and no driver attempting 20 or 80.
3. 7 Unique builds, with 1 pair (Jack and Chris Brown)

For reference Position on the sheet pertains to player seat. Not all cars however match that. Cars and Seats are as below:

William Kennard is Teal w/Black /Teal
Stephen Peeples is Green/Green
David Ingraham is Blue/Blue
Jack Beckman is Ferrari/Red
Chris Brandt is Renault/Yellow
Chris Brown is M&M #18/Orange
Joshua Coyle is NAPA #9/White
and Heinz McDurgen is Red Bull/Purple

With Builds in, submit your bids to JamesBenham@Outlook.com(and NOT me) by Friday at 4pm Eastern!

Good Luck to everyone and may the best driver win!