So, with a unanimous vote, the track for the next race will be from the CFR Tracks. In doing a look over of them, I have decided on a second pole, this one posting my 5 possible options. Each option is from one of the 5 color grades, and are largely tracks that are less recorded by Doug's Records. They are as follows:

Valencia - - The Valencia Street Circuit, which hosted the European Grand Prix for 5 Years.

Hungaroring - - Home of the Hungary Grand Prix

Silverstone 2011 - - The Current Configuration of the English Grand Pri Course, including the introduction of the Wellington Straight, and the movement of the S/F line

Autudromo Hermanos Rodrigez - - The Famous Track of Mexico City, home of the Mexican Grand Prix

Sochi - - Current home of the Russian Grand Prix.

Pool will be up until Friday Evening. At that time I will begin taking entries for the race. Good Luck to all!