Hey Guys,

With the success fo the first race, I am going to start planning for the next, and I figured I'd take opinion on course. For simplicity I'm going to do this on two polls. The first poll will be a general recource I should be pulling from.

From history of play and all, Four resources come to mind:

CFR Courses - These are the Courses of CFR, created by Doug, and available from his Website.

Sakusammato Indycar - These are the Indycar Courses Sakusammato created and are available from the SC BGG. The race we just ran on Laguna Seca is an example of this type,

Charlie Heckman Indycar - These are the Indycar Cources Charlie Heckman created back when he ran Indycar and Trans-Am. The Detroit grand prix race from a couple years ago is an example. While this one may take some time to look for, I figured I'd give as an Option.

Grand Prixcision Racing - These are the tracks that came with GPR 2007, Created by Robert Latorette and others for the program. These are a mix of F1 and created courses, plus several Nascar ovals and road course. A few courses are also the original tracks from the Formula One Races Series, like Magny-Cours.

So yah, vote for where you want, and then I'll make a selection pole from there. As before it will be a 10 car field. I do not plan to take slots for though until next weekend.