WilliamK wrote:Hey guys, and some people know, I set up a TableTop Simulator race of Champsionship Formula Racing using the Laguna Seca track available with the Indycar track on BGG. With a field of ten, the game when mostly well, outside of the setup drag.

Qualifying Bids went as follows
1. Stephen Peeples: 8 (16 S)
2. Don Tatum: 7.5 (1 W+13 S) Bid Roll: 86
3. Brent Fritz: 7.5 (3 W+9 S) Bid Roll: 83
4. Paul Bernhardt: 5.5 (2 W + 7 S)
5. Jack Beckman 4.5 (3 W + 3 S)
6. James Benham 3.5 (2 W + 3 S) Bid Roll: 81
7. Mike Polcen 3.5 (2 W + 3 S) Bid Roll: 73
8: William Kennard 3 (2 W + 2 S)
9. Randy "Rando" Needham 1 (2 S)
10. Jerome Weisen 0

The Race was chaotic, with 7 failed skill tests, multiple spin outs, and 4 attempted force passes (Which three succeeded)

In the end, Rando was able to get himself ahead of the carnage of damaged cars and cruised on to the late Win. Jerome would make a spectatular pass through the corkscrew to ride along to second, and William would drag his damaged car to third.

Congrats to Rando, and thank you for everyone coming out! Screenshots are below, sorted by lap.

Thanks for running the race William, and well done Rando and the rest of the podium.