Here’s the track map for Shanghai. There will be 11 cars on the grid assuming everyone is in except John, who will need to skip this race.

Builds are due Monday, 27 January @ 5 PM ET (US). Builds are a total of 2 points, and this will be another 3-lap race. I recommend getting them in sooner so I can validate; if I get an under or over build I will send it back, but once we hit the deadline, you will either be stuck with an under-build or given a generic if an over-build. So again, please get your builds in sooner so I can validate. I will still hold of on pole bidding until 29 January UNLESS ALL drivers have builds in and explicitly agree to start early. Otherwise, bids will be due 29 January @ 5 PM ET (US), and first plots will be due Friday, 31 January @ 5 PM.

Remember that wear counts as 1 and skill counts as 0.5 when bidding for pole.

If you have questions, please ASK!

Redscape C1 Season 6 Race 3 Track.png