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Post 07 Nov 2019, 6:14 pm

Our purpose here is to list the games we seriously desire and the games in our inventories we don't need or want, or of which perhaps we have too many copies.

After we make a successful trade, we ought to post a short blurb telling each other of the successful trade and how well dealing with our trade partner was. If a trade goes south ... well there's no mechanism here to enforce good behavior. All we can do is accept that bad does exist.

Trade offers ought to be made via e-mail privately between trade partners. Don't conduct trades here on the forums. The purpose here is merely to identify the games we have to trade and what we are seeking and to leave praise for good trading partners.

Once a trade has been made, edit your original post to eliminate the game that has been removed from your trade list and the one you have removed from your want list.
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Post 07 Nov 2019, 6:19 pm


GMT Games
Prussia's Glory Series
Prussia's Glory I

Decision Games / SPW:
Der Weltkrieg Series
The Grand Campaign

Sa Battalla (2010) (Acies Edzioni)

All is Lost Save Honour (2006) (Europa Simulazioni)

Au Fil de l'Epee: (Canon en Carton - all are folio games)
]Epées et Couronne (2007)
Epées et Croisades (2008)
Neville's Cross, 17 Octobre 1346 (2008)
Otterburn 1388 (2008)
Epées Normandes (2009)

Steve Jackson Games:
Illuminati Expansion Packs Following Expansion Pack 3.
We played this at the fraternity house back nearly 40 years ago. It was a hilarious game. It didn't have all the expansion packs back then, in fact none of them, but it was a blast.

Illuminati: New World Order: The One With Everything

Ogre Counter Sheets P1 and Q1 Vulcans

For Trade:

Star Fleet Battles (Task Force Games 1979 2nd Edition)
Game is partially punched and never played. This game has been on my shelves since the early 80s. It was intimidating then with over 100 pages of rules. It's intimidating now because of the dozens of expansions and the hours of research it would take to figure out which ones are part of this original series and which are not. I'm never going to play this monster, though I love Star Trek and have regretted not learning it.

Right Fierce and Terrible Sluys (ATO Games): Folio Game. UNpunched, rules never read, map never unfolded. Just not in my field of interest.

MedWar Sicily (2009) Worthington Games Punched, Unplayed

Slouch Hats & Eggshells (2011) Legion Wargames Punched, but unplayed

Guilford (BoAR Series) (2002) GMT Partially Punched

Fortress Europa
(1980) Avalon Hill Punched 1st Ed.

Old Soldiers Magazine (digital copies - It was a digital magazine). I sell these at $25 a volume, but I'm making an offer here as a trade. 1 Full Set of the entire publication for any one game on my want list.


Spike (2014) R&R Games. A light railroad track and goods delivery game, it’s still in its sealed baggies. Never played, or even read the rules.

Black Gold (2012) Fantasy Flight Games Game centers on the Texas oil boom of the 1920s. The purpose is to drill and pump more oil and gain more money than your opponent. The game was a gift. It was used, i.e. punched and bagged, but there’s no wear. I make the assumption it ended up on a used shelf because whoever got it had no interest. I confess I had the same reaction. I’m a wargamer not a Euro gamer. I don’t know much about Euros. They’re as foreign to me as is Europe itself. Doesn’t mean they’re in any way inferior. They’re just beyond my ken if you know what I mean.

Now, I can also be persuaded to trade or sell the following game sets as in all truth there is almost no chance I will ever get to play them.

Decision Games / SPW: Der Weltkrieg Series
The Western Front
The Ottoman Fronts
The Schlieffen Plan

Clash of Arms – Battles of the Age of Reason (BAR)
Kolin (Punched)
Mollwitzh & Chotusitz
Brandywine and Germantown
2nd Ed. of the BAR Primer
Printed 2nd Ed. Errata Counters
3rd Ed of the BAR Primer

The SPW games I simply cannot read the boards. I'm an epileptic and those boards to my eyes are rather like trying to read a kaleidoscope. I get an instant migraine. I LOVE the game rules and systems. I purchased the ENTIRE set sight unseen in the beginning, only to find I simply couldn't look at the maps.

The BAR games are just so complicated. Way back 30 years ago (or almost anyway), I purchased Kolin, the first game of the series. I learned it (mostly) back then and the series grew. And with each new game the rules became more complicated and rife with greater and greater errata and Q&A. There are NOW Primers to help players learn, but we're up to a Pnp 3rd edition Primer, with perhaps a 4th yet to come. I don't think I'm ever going to get back into this series, which is a shame.

I'd like to sell them rather than trade, especially as I don't want to break these sets up. But the value? I don't know.
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Post 08 Nov 2019, 12:44 pm

I used to play Star Fleet Battles in High School! I love that game. How much?

I won the GameCon at Spokane in the early 80s!
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Post 08 Nov 2019, 1:42 pm

Well, contact me via e-mail Give me a list of games you might be willing to trade. I like trading more than selling.

We should also use this list as a means of providing people with a list of things we want and things we are willing to trade. That's its purpose. The actual trades generated should be accomplished via our e-mail systems. This way we don't clog the list up with multiple trade offer negotiations.
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Post 11 Nov 2019, 2:38 pm

This is what I have:

Gettysburg 77
Battle Cry 150th Anniversary
Test of Fire 1861
Squad Leader
March Madness
War and Peace
Richtofen's War
VG Civil War
Memoir '44

Let me know about trades.
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Post 11 Nov 2019, 3:44 pm

What's your e-mail address? Contact me via e-mail. Am interested in Kremlin if it has the expansion with it.