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Post 08 Nov 2019, 3:25 pm

This list is a Fair Trade it Forward for Wargamers who want to trade games. There will be threads accommodating games falling into different value classes. Gamers are encouraged to keep in mind the overall value of the game (or bundle of games) they are offering for trade. What does this mean? There are two important rules that apply to this list, unlike the other Fair Trade (or Pay it Forward) lists out there:

To be eligible for a specific list, the game (or bundle of games) must have an approximate minimum value of equal to the specific list in which you enter your game (or bundle) for trade. There are three such groups, Games or Bundles equal to $30 or less, $65 or less, or $65 or more

How do we determine a game's value? There are several places where we can obtain values, there’s the BGG Market, the CSW Market, Knoble Knight, Amazon, and E-Bay.
When in doubt, the moderator will decide if a game is appropriate for this list.

How It Works

The last item on the list is always the item currently available for offer. A person may claim the item by offering another eligible item. When that item is claimed by another person, they are sent the item they claimed.

To Claim An Item

1) The only way to make a claim on an item is to post the next item on the list. State which item you're claiming (if there is a choice) from the previous list item and then the details of the item you're offering. If the game you're offering is opened, be sure to check for missing components (counters, maps, player aids, dice) and note accordingly.

2) Make sure to include the CONDITION and EDITION of your offer. If counters are clipped or any physical modification has been done to the game, you need to post pictures of the components as well. Finish up with shipping information. You may indeed restrict shipping to geographic areas, for instance, the United States, or Europe. Shipping is the worst and most expensive item these days.

Only one claim can be made against an item. The first one to post a valid claim (i.e. post a new item, not just dibs) is the claimant.

To Receive An Item

In order to receive the item you claimed, a claim must be made on your offered item. Once a claim is made, the person who offered the item you claimed should contact you and arrange shipping.

Time windows are relative to the timestamp on the forum list entry.

How Long is My Claim Valid For?

72 hours. In the unlikely event that nobody claims your game within 72 hours of your INITIAL posting (post timestamp), your claim is void and anyone else can post a new claim. They do not have to wait for your post to be deleted, they only need to wait 72 hours. However, you may delete your post if it is after 72 hours. Do NOT delete your post before 72 hours without clearing it with a moderator first. Since the game you claimed won’t be shipped to you until you find a claimant, you have incentive to find one. We will use the time stamp of the initial posting and the new claim to determine the 72 hour period. The 72 is NOT extended by revising your claim. For holidays, I reserve the right the extend the 72 hours by public announcement.

Important Note: Once an offer is claimed, the list no longer rolls back past that claimed offer. Example: Bob offers a game, John claims it and offers up a new game. Once that happens, even if John's game expires, the list will only ever roll back to Bob's game. It will never roll back farther. Continuing this example, say Steve then claims John's game. Now even if Steve's game expires, the list will only roll back as far as John's game. You can see if an offer is not going to expire (due to having been claimed once) by reading the comments under that item. The moderator will post a comment under that item, if a claim expires and the list rolls back once.

What Can Be Offered

1) At least one item has to be a wargame
2) If offered as part of a bundle, you may offer other items such as military history books, or wargame related books or magazines, or what we will describe as “civilian” games (not wargame related).
3) The approximate value of any game (or bundle) must be equal to the base value of the trade thread to which you are posting. If it seems your offer is not gaining interest, sweeteners may be added to an existing offer. Sweeteners do not need to meet list requirements.
4. If you take a trade for a game (or bundle of games or items) that you think is not worth as much as the game you in turn offer for the next trade, remember you made the offer of your own free will. Many has been the time when there was something that I really wanted, but that I knew was going to be worth less than what was going to offer for others to take in trade. That was OK by me, as what I was taking was something I really wanted. Ultimately value is in the eye of the beholder.

Example: Someone offers a brand new game that is valued well over $25. After a day no one has claimed it, so they offer up a magazine game as a sweetener (labeled as sweetener or even just saying "and"). Or they offer up a book. Etc. As long as each primary offer meets the list requirements.

If you have any questions about if a game or offer qualifies, e-mail the moderator.

Questions concerning an item's condition, edition, shipping or any other details should be asked in the comments of the item in question. The offering person should have already described the condition and shipping info in their post.


The person offering the item is expected to cover the shipping of the item to the person receiving it. However, there are the following exceptions:

You may specify shipping to/within United States only.
You may specify a cap on shipping to another country (i.e. you pay first $15 to ship international).
You may NOT specify shipping restrictions on a subsection of a country (i.e. you cannot ship free to CONUS and charge for Alaska or Hawaii or APO/FPO).
APO/FPO are considered part of the USA for shipping.

Shipping should occur as close to your offered item being released as possible. If there are extenuating circumstances to prevent rapid shipping, please notify the recipient AND/OR moderator as soon as possible.

If you are interested in an item with shipping restrictions, you must work out (either in comments or private message) with the lister any shipping expenses BEFORE you make a claim on the item.

All efforts are and will be made to be clear with rules and expectations, and not change anything too drastically. However this list is brand new! There may be growing pains.

Possible future issues:
-Minimum game values. As of list creation, there are minimums of $25, $50, and $100. I could see this value being raised in the future.
-Determining a game's value. Frankly, this will likely remain an issue for the life of this list. But we will do our best.
-Folio and magazine games. I’m hoping to see these in the lower $25 list, but for the higher dollar lists I'm hoping that 99% of the games offered will be boxed games, and we won't see many (or any) folio or magazine games as they should fall below the $50 and $100 minimums (except as sweeteners or as part of a bundle) . If this becomes an issue, we will deal with it.

The spirit of this list is to trade for games you desire, while allowing others a chance at games you would like to remove from your inventories. Let's try and keep that spirit in mind when claiming, offering, and discussing.
Posts: 20
Joined: 31 Oct 2019, 1:31 pm

Post 08 Nov 2019, 3:27 pm

This time guys I'm going to have to hope someone steps in to make the first offer of a game or bundle in this price range. I simply don't have anything in that price range or combination of games from my trade list that would surpass the required minimum. Thus, I hope someone else will be willing to step up to kick this one off.