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Indy Car Driver (Pro IV)
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Post 06 Nov 2019, 6:00 am

The cars get spread out along Turns 9 & 10. The black flag gets unfurled in the back of the field.

Turn 24 Summary

Fritz gives his engine all it's got at 140. Kubala mashes the gas pedal to 160 and opts for the longer route through T9. Benham maintains a one car length behind the yellow machine at 160.

Snouffer runs the T8 line at 120 for a wear and locks into the inside lane in T9. Harrington, at 100 and the bonus, stays hot on the bumper of the #51 and is also locked into the single lane.

Harley grabs the T8 line at 140. Bauska has the initiative at 160 and with the line blocked, takes the inside position. Weisen makes his way around T7 at 100.

Scarpino takes an RM plot of 80 to finish out T6 (2 wear penalty). With his fourth NPR, Hudson gets the black flag and has to come off the track for a DQ finish.

Hoyt, at 80, runs the T6 line for free. Bernhardt continues to punish his tires at 120 through the T6 line. He still has a lot of rubber on those tires.

T25 Deadline: Friday, November 8th @ 7 a.m. EST (12 noon GMT)
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Indy Car Driver (Pro IV)
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Joined: 08 Apr 2002, 9:45 am

Post 08 Nov 2019, 6:22 am

The battle for first resumes...

Turn 25 Summary

Fritz pulls up to T11 at 120, middle lane. Kubala comes alongside the maroon Toyota at 140 and has the line. Unfortunately, we have to wait until Monday to see how this turns out.

Benham eases up to 140 as he nears the slow corner ahead.

Snouffer pushes to 160 with 2s (modified 3) and stays inside. Harrington, at 140 and the bonus, stays hot on his tailpipe.

Harley has initiative at 100 and runs the T8 line for free. He locks onto the inside lane. Bauska over brakes to 80 w/ 1 wear and 2s on the roll (modified 5). He takes T8 for free and is forced to the outer track.

Weisen, at 100, clears T8 on the line for free. Scarpino grabs the line at 100.

Hoyt slams the gas pedal to 140. With the line blocked he cuts in front of the white machine and drops 2 wear on the outer rail. Bernhardt rolls through T7 at 140 and has made contact with the field.

Turn 26 Deadline: Monday, November 11th @ 7 a.m. EST (12 noon GMT)
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Indy Car Driver (Pro IV)
Posts: 5898
Joined: 08 Apr 2002, 9:45 am

Post 11 Nov 2019, 6:32 am

A spin in Turn 11! The field is really spread out with about 20 spaces between first and last.

Turn 26 Summary

Fritz knocks off 2 tires in T11 at 80. He enters the T13/14 complex on the inside. Kubala runs the T11 line for a wear at 80.

Benham dives into the 40 spot in T11 at 100. He chips off 2 tires and goes to the dice cup (modified 7). His machine does a 180 in the corner but with a recovery speed of 60, he won't lose too much ground.

Snouffer over brakes to 100 for a wear. Harrington stays attached to Ty's bumper, also at 100.

Harley rolls around T9 on the inside at 140. He pops out to the middle lane at the transition point. Bauska illegally plots 160 with his big chip. Per House Rules, he gets re-plotted to 140 but he still needs the skill for the ACC (no roll - automatic). He's locked into the outer 2/3 of the track and happens to find Russ' bumper along the way.

Weisen, at 140, opts for the outer part of the track. Hoyt, also at 140, follows the M&M's car.

Scarpino runs the T8 line at 100 for free before locking onto the inner rail of T9. Bernhardt also takes the line for free at 100 and still has lane options for T9.

Turn 27 Deadline: Wednesday, November 13th @ 7 a.m. EST (12 noon GMT)
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Rally Racer (Pro III)
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Post 11 Nov 2019, 1:44 pm

Fritz kept the field covered through sector 2
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