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Indy Car Driver (Pro IV)
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Post 09 Sep 2019, 4:41 am

There is a lot of variety in the builds with only two sets of duplicates (Fritz/Snouffer & Bauska/Hudson).

Two mis-builds also occurred:
Hoyt overbuilt by one point. Per Redscape House Rules, the additional point comes out of wear.
Bertaiola underbuilt by two points. Per the Rules, the build stands.

Some stats:

1 car with 180 top speed.
3 cars with 140 top speed.
1 car has 80 Acc with the rest split between 60 & 40.
8 of 13 cars have 40 brakes.
7 cars with 100 start speed.
2 cars with 20 start speed.

Start Bid Deadline: Wednesday, September 11th @ 7 a.m. EST (11 a.m. GMT).

Bids may consist of wear (1) and/or skill (1/2). Tie-break is high roll on d100.
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Indy Car Driver (Pro IV)
Posts: 5863
Joined: 08 Apr 2002, 9:45 am

Post 11 Sep 2019, 4:51 am

The grid is set! The bids were spread out with several tie breaks required. Only a single 100 car in the front two rows - I guess we know who's going to take the lead out of the gate. The other 100's are in the middle or way in the back. Sean missed the bid deadline so that may not have been intentional.

T1 Deadline: Friday, September 13th @ 7 a.m. EST (11 a.m. GMT)

I will get a personal default form up and running shortly.
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Indy Car Driver (Pro IV)
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Joined: 08 Apr 2002, 9:45 am

Post 13 Sep 2019, 5:32 am

The green flag drops!

A traffic jam from the outset is the unsurprising result of having 100 SS cars come out of the middle and back. The dice gods were looking favorably on the field today, including a dangerous forced pass.

Turn 1 Summary

Row 1: Fritz jumps out to the lead at 100. Kubala keeps his engine in check at 60.

Row 2: Harrington pushes the start to 80 w/ 2s (modified 7). Bertaiola also pushes to set up a three-wide out of Turn 1 (naked 7).

Row 3: Weisen pushes to 120 with 2s (modified 6). He opts to force his way through the rolling roadblock with 1s on the #22. Kubala attempts to cut him off (block +2) but the Toyota wins this battle (2+2 modified to 5). Harley rolls out at 60 while enjoying the show in front.

Row 4: Both Snouffer & Bauska wisely avoid the dice at 100 apiece. They skirt the #27 and settle in behind the traffic.

Row 5: Benham pushes to 80 w/ 1s (modified 5) before grabbing Harley's bumper. Bernhardt is happy to play back marker for a while at 20.

Row 6: Hudson gets initiative by pushing to 120 with his big chip (modified 5). He joins the over-sized chase pack. Scarpino, at 100, slides in on Hudson's tailpipe.

Row 7: Hoyt brings his car out at 20 and, like Bernhardt, is probably pleased to let the field fight it out in front of him.

Turn 2 Deadline: Monday, September 16th @ 7 a.m. EST (11 a.m. GMT)
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Indy Car Driver (Pro IV)
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Post 16 Sep 2019, 5:11 am

No brake lights yet but with 11 cars poised to go through Turn 2, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Turn 2 Summary

Fritz maintains position by taking the inner rail at 120. Weisen grabs the line at 140.

Harrington has initiative at 140 and grabs the line. Bertaiola moves next at 140 but has to roll to get there (naked 5). He takes the rail. Kubala stays even at 120 and the slip. He slots into the middle lane.

Snouffer and Bauska both plot 140. Snouffer chooses the line while Bauska goes inside.

Hudson has the initiative at 160. He is fortunate to find a hole for his car. Harley, at 140, keeps the inside position.

Scarpino has initiative at 160. He pulls in next to the #27. Benham, at 140 and the bonus, fills in the last hole for this massive block of cars.

Bernhardt and Hoyt both ramp up to 80. I can't help but thinking they are immensely amused.

Turn 3 Deadline: Wednesday, September 18th @ 7 a.m. EST (11 a.m. GMT)
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Indy Car Driver (Pro IV)
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Post 18 Sep 2019, 5:16 am

Plenty of room for everyone!

Turn 3 Summary

Fritz drops 2 tires in the 60 spot of Turn 2 to maintain the lead. Weisen, at 120, burns 2 on the Turn 2 line to stay with the race leader.

Harrington has the initiative at 120. He runs the line for 2 wear and sits on the bumper of the #23. Bertaiola goes next at 80 but must expend a wear to get there. He knocks off another tire in the 60's. Kubala goes last out of his row. He scrapes off a wear on the inner rail at 80 and, with the bonus, slots in behind the M&M's Toyota.

Bauska, at 100, rolls around the outer rail in Turn 2 for a wear and will lose 5 positions to the field as they pass to the inside. Hudson rolls the dice to brake down to 100 w/ 2s (modified 7). He clips 2 tires on the inner rail. Snouffer runs the Turn 2 line at 100 for a wear and, with the bonus, stays on the tailpipe of the #32.

Scarpino has the initiative at 100. He grabs the racing line for a wear. Also at 100, Benham moves next and drops into the 60 for a wear. Harley moves last at 80 and is just able to clear the corner behind the orange machine for a wear.

Both Bernhardt & Hoyt roll down the straight at 140 as they approach Turn 2.

Turn 4 Deadline: Friday, September 20th @ 7 a.m. EST (11 a.m. GMT)