Hey agian to all drivers and welcome to Round 2 of the circuit for C3. Included you will find a copy of the track sheet I will be using, with full listing of drivers. Sam as noted will not be joining us for any more of this season, and as a secondary note Guiseppe has requested to move to the Solid White Car.

With all in mind, build for Sochi are due Monday September 9th at the 8pm Eastern Deadline that was used at the end of the season. There is a small possiblity this deadline could shift agian as I am currently in the process of shift bids and a small possibility of going on Night shift. More info on that will be known next week.

Once builds are in, Bids will be due Wendesday, and then Turn 1 will run Friday, with said deadlines unless the situation above occurs.

With that, good luck to all, and may your race run well!