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Rally Racer (Pro III)
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Post 11 Sep 2019, 1:39 pm

The start grid is set after quite a bit of dice rolling.

P2 was up for grabs between Rae and Brandt, with Rae grabbing the spot.

P5 had Brown, Polcen, Kennington and Schulz vying for it. The results came out in that order.

P11 was contested by Haskell and Coyle, with Haskell getting the inside of the final row.

Next deadline: turn 1 due Friday, Sep 13 at 4pm EDT/8pm UTC

Good luck to all! Gentlemen, start your engines!
Sochi start bids.png
Sochi start grid.png
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Rally Racer (Pro III)
Posts: 1246
Joined: 22 Nov 2014, 4:13 pm

Post 13 Sep 2019, 1:45 pm

The crowd stands as one as the lights flick on. Then, after what seems to be minutes, they all go out and 12 machines roar to life!

10 drivers pushed start speed, all passing their rolls.

Turn 1 summary:
Pellegrino throws one of his big 3-skill chips to the start and comes out with the clean lead. Rae drops to the inside of turn 1 at 40mph. Brandt's machine grants him 80mph and with that comes P2. Swaine also gets 80 from his machine, keeping to the outside to shake off any slip attempt next turn.

Brown get 80 and must take the middle lane of turn 1. He's the victim of Swaine's finishing position. Polcen at 40 takes the opportunity to grab the inside. Kennington does not tax his engine. He also keeps outside, pulling even with Polcen. Schulz is the other driver that did not push, starting for the inside at 20.

Rando's 40 start grabs him P7 inside the light blue car. Kellison does 40 and makes it 3-wide. Coyle pushes to 80 but the track is blocked. With no mention of a forced pass or late brake he drops back to 40 spending two wear. Haskell's 40 is ideal but he does drop the spot to Coyle.

Next deadline: turn 2 due Monday, Sep 16 at 4pm EDT/8pm UTC
Sochi C2 turn 1.png
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Rally Racer (Pro III)
Posts: 1246
Joined: 22 Nov 2014, 4:13 pm

Post 16 Sep 2019, 1:26 pm

3-wide into the first corner.

Turn 2 summary:
Pellegrino slams the gas down to reach 140 and starts the line into turn 2. Swaine also hits the gas hard and dives to the inside for the lead. Brandt gets a slip from Pellegrino bringing him to the outside of the leaders. Brown winds up to 140 and starts the line 2 car lengths behind Pellegrino.

Rae maxes his acceleration to 100 and gets a slip from Brandt. He keeps on the inside. Kennington pushes to 160 and pulls even with Rae. Polcen also rolls the dice but his slow start drops him to P7.

Rando, Schulz and Kellison maintain formation out of turn 1 all at 100. Coyle and Haskell both anticipate that group and do 100 as well to keep time.

Next deadline: turn 3 due Wednesday, Sep 18 at 4pm EDT/8pm UTC
Sochi C2 turn 2.png