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Indy Car Driver (Pro IV)
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Post 03 Jun 2019, 6:23 am

The dice gods have taken their pound of flesh this turn. Yikes!

Turn 29 Summary

Harley over-brakes to 100 with the dice cup in hand (naked 10). With no wear to pay for the failed test, the brakes clamp up and put the car into a spin. Benham was looking for the line at 120. He weaves his way around the spun racer and flies into Catalunya on the outer rail. He tosses his last skill chip into the chance roll (modified 8). The dice gods spit on the track, putting the orange Toyota into a spin.

Baker pulls up to Catalunya on the inside line at 120. Marvin was looking for an open line at 160 but all that's left is the inside lane. Next turn will be, shall we say, challenging?

Brown finishes out Spa at 160 and has to wonder if there will be a way through Catalunya. Brandt comes out of Spa at 120, two spaces behind the M&M's racer.

Bauska finishes Spa at 120. Both Peeples and Swaine recover from their spins at 60 apiece.

Miller shaves off his last tire at 100 in the 80's and finds the exit lane. Fritz hits the outer rail at 120 in Spa then attempts the forced pass on the slow moving #1 car (naked 9). The failure requires a brake-down but, with no wear, the car goes 'round like a top.

Turn 30 Deadline: Wednesday, June 5th @ 8 a.m. EST (12 noon GMT)
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Indy Car Driver (Pro IV)
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Post 04 Jun 2019, 3:25 pm

Jim's car smashes through the tire barrier leaving debris and oil on the track. Fortunately, he doesn't take anyone with him. We await the report on his condition as emergency personnel extract Jim from the fiery wreckage.

Turn 30 Summary

Benham recovers from his spin at 40 and just reaches the exit row of the corner.

Marvin over brakes to 100 (naked 4) before racing into the Catalunya 80's on the chance table (naked 11). Crash!

Baker's compromised brakes squeal loudly but hold together as he over brakes to 80 (naked 9). He takes the inside line in Catalunya but must roll for a crash involvement test (-2 / modified 2). He gets by the debris field and has the race lead.

Harley, at 60, picks his way through the 80's, also passing his crash involvement test (-3 / modified 0).

Brown slows to 100 and is looking to clear the corner for free on the outside line. He must also roll the dice for crash involvement, towards which he applies his last 2s (-5 / modified -1). He's good to go and can contest for the win with his big engine and a wear in the back pocket.

Brandt pulls up to Cataluyna on the outer line at 100, stopping short of the unsightly mess in front of him. Bauska, rolling in at 140, takes the inside line. Miller, also at 140, grabs the wing on the Subway Toyota.

Peeples and Swaine finish out Spa at 100 and 120, respectively. Poor Fritz can only get his car to 20 with the spin recovery.

Turn 31 Deadline: Friday, June 7th @ 8 a.m. EST (12 noon GMT)
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Indy Car Driver (Pro IV)
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Joined: 08 Apr 2002, 9:45 am

Post 05 Jun 2019, 7:33 am

As Mater takes the busted up #78 car to the garage, Alfredo runs Jim to the hospital for some tests. Early reports indicate a few bruises and mild concussion but he should be ready to run again soon.

Turn 31 Results

Baker uses all his engine to get up to 140. Harley grabs the dice cup to push his power plant to 140 (naked 5).

Brown gets approval from the crowd as he drops the hammer to 180. Baker is looking nervous as the M&M's car is now closer than it appears in the side mirror. Benham pushes to 100 in an effort to hang onto fourth (naked 8).

Bauska rounds Catalunya on the outer rail at 100 before blocking the line for those behind. Brandt is unfazed at 100 and follows the red machine through the 100's before sliding to the inner rail.

Miller, at 100, takes the same route and grabs the tailpipe on the #51.

Peeples and Swaine trade paint towards Catalunya at 100 each. Peeples opts for the outside line, Swaine the inner.

Fritz pushes his mini-engine to 60 (naked 6).

Turn 32 Deadline: Friday, June 7th @ 8 a.m. EST (12 noon GMT)
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Indy Car Driver (Pro IV)
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Post 07 Jun 2019, 5:43 am

Chris Brown is the new race leader and with 1 wear to burn, he'll be hard to beat.

Turn 32 Summary

Baker pulls up to the outside Silverstone line at 140. Brown eases up to 160 and slides to the inner line, taking over first place.

Harley rolls towards Silverstone at 140 and is looking to maintain a podium spot. Benham gains a little ground at 160 by pushing the power plant (naked 7).

Brandt busts out the horses to hit the straight at 180. Bauska tests his beleaguered engine at 160 (naked 5) and grabs the tailpipe on the #19. Miller, at 140 and the bonus, keeps the pace.

Peeples has initiative at 100 to take the outer Catalunya line for free. Swaine, at 80, runs the inside line for free and immediately retakes his position.

Fritz continues to fight the good fight, pushing to 100 (naked 9). The engine resists but ultimately submits to the driver's demands.

Turn 33 Deadline: Monday, June 10th @ 8 a.m. EST (12 noon GMT)
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Indy Car Driver (Pro IV)
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Post 10 Jun 2019, 5:31 am

Will Brown push for the win next turn or do it in two? Is there a battle brewing for the final podium spot? Will tornado season never end?

Turn 33 Summary

Brown clips his last tire at 120 on the inside line in Silverstone. The only thing left for him to do is bring home the hardware. Baker does not contest and runs the outer line for free at 120.

Harley runs the outer line in Silverstone for free at 120. Fritz does the same to clear the corner.

Brandt grabs the dice cup as he races into Silverstone at 140 on the outer line (naked 8). Round he goes and with a start speed of 20, is doing no favors for those behind.

Bauska, at 140, wisely (or luckily) asked for the inside line into Silverstone. Miller takes the outside line at 160 but must make alternate plans next turn.

Peeples drops the hammer to 180 to move up one position. Swaine keeps the stress off the power plant at 140. Fritz runs the Catalunya line at 100 to clear.

Turn 34 Deadline: Wednesday, June 12th @ 8 a.m. EST (12 noon GMT)
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Indy Car Driver (Pro IV)
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Joined: 08 Apr 2002, 9:45 am

Post 11 Jun 2019, 5:51 am

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Congratulations to Chris Brown for running a terrific from-behind race. There may be a little drama left so we'll continue until we can auto-finish.

Turn 34 Summary

Brown pushes his engine to a gob-smacking 200 (naked 7) as he gets his nose across the finish line!

Baker rolls towards the line at 160. Harley gets up in his exhaust by pushing to 180 (naked 6).

Benham goes to the dice on the accel table (naked 9) to hit his top speed of 180. Brandt pulls out of his spin at 20.

Miller has initiative at 120. He takes the outer rail, having to avoid the recovering green Toyota. Bauska runs the inside line in Silverstone at 100 for free. He slides in front of the black Chevy.

Peeples plots 140 then late brakes in front of the corner on the inside line (naked 8). He then punches through Silverstone on the chance table (naked 2) and easily controls his machine.

Swaine pulls up to Silverstone on the outer line at 140. Fritz brings his car up to 120 on the straight.

Turn 35 Deadline: Friday, June 14th @ 8 a.m. EST (12 noon GMT)
Trigger option in effect - get those plots in ASAP and let's put this to bed!
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Indy Car Driver (Pro IV)
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Post 11 Jun 2019, 9:43 am

The podium is set as three more cars come home.

Turn 35 Summary

Baker rolls into 2nd place at 160. Harley takes 3rd at 160 and the bonus.

Fritz dazzles the crowd with a push to 200 (naked 4) and 4th place.

Bauska keeps the stress off the engine at 140. Miller takes his last 2 sp and puts them on an Accel and Top Speed roll (modified 4 & 8 respectively). At 180, he zooms past the #51.

Peeples also tests Acc and Top (naked 8 & 3 respectively) to 200 as he receives the accolades of the grandstand. He catches the wing of the red #51. Brandt attempts a push on his Accelerator (naked 10) but the engine does not cooperate. He has to dial it back to 100 and keep his eye on the tach going forward.

Swaine cruises through Silverstone at 120 on the outer line. Fritz goes one more notch up on his speed to 140 but now has to deal with the corner ahead on compromised brakes.

Turn 36 Deadline: Friday, June 14th @ 8 a.m. EST (12 noon GMT)
Trigger option still in effect. Go, go, go!!!
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Indy Car Driver (Pro IV)
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Joined: 08 Apr 2002, 9:45 am

Post 11 Jun 2019, 1:43 pm

Three more cars cross the line while one loses an engine in sight of it.

The last two cars will be auto-moved with nothing to race for.

Please post your race comments here:

Turn 36 Summary

Miller brings home 5th place at 160. Bauska pushes his beleaguered engine one last time to 160 (naked 3) and with the bonus, takes 6th place. Peeples maintains 200 (naked 7) to bring home 7th place in style.

Brandt has apparently wronged the dice gods as they turn back his attempt at 180 (naked 12). The boxcars spell the end of the race for the Subway Toyota.

Swaine tempts fate at 160 and will easily cross in 8th next turn (naked 6). Fritz has to bring his machine down to 120 (naked 8) before traversing Silverstone for free. He will finish in two turns at 140/160.

Thanks for racing, fellas, and I'd love to read your thoughts about the track and/or race experience!