Very difficult job to GM this variant. Big thanks to Steve and Rob (and Tom).

Early game I didn't have much of a plan - try to get any two south Americans on my side was the extent of it. As it happened, the closest I came was agreements on neutrality.

In retrospect I should've done more to win over Bolivia, arguably one of the most difficult E powers to play. My excuse is Bolivia started by stating red lines when I'd rather have discussed travelling salesmen and before the fighting starts. I had no choice re Argentina in the end, or it would be an alliance v Australia, and by the time Alex took over Brazilians had fallen in love with Australian culture.

By mid-game my non-plan had evolved into surviving. Both USA and Australia were looking good to gain seats. Whilst Brazil was very defendable, it needed an oversized boot in Africa in order to gain the third seat. I felt I'd shot that boot a few times what with move blunders and the lack of a coherent message to critical nations during early game. But again hindsight is an awful thing, and I now think a foot in Africa was still doable and Nigeria was ripe for the picking. That might even have affected Germany's decision to attack Italy.

Late-game the survival plan had become hard-baked. Germany's move had proved a success within a couple of turns, third seat signed sealed and delivered.

Congratulations to the winners. Well deserved. Tom was so good he should be banned from playing USA again!