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Rally Racer (Pro III)
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Post 07 Jan 2019, 8:06 am

In my experience, Montreal is a track that lends itself to many different strategies and car styles. Well, you have collectively built a lot of different cars!

- Only two cars used the same set-up (Ingraham and Scarpino).
- Two cars with 20 ss and four cars with 100 ss.
- Two cars with small engines (140) and three cars go big (180).
- ACC & DEC vary from 20 to 80.
- All wear and skill options are covered.

Start Bid Deadline: Wednesday, January 9th @ 8 a.m. EST (1 p.m. GMT)

Note: I know some of you sent bids with your builds. That's fine but in the future, please limit your orders to the current turn only. I'm running two races right now and it's plenty hard keeping track of current events. You may, of course, send advance plots if warranted by personal situations.
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Rally Racer (Pro III)
Posts: 5650
Joined: 08 Apr 2002, 9:45 am

Post 09 Jan 2019, 7:32 am

The grid is set and the green flag is ready to drop! Here's your grid...

Grid Position Driver (Flag) / Car # Mfr. Sponsor

1. Stephen Peeples (Auburn University) / #7 Chevy Accell Construction
2. Sam Simmerman (Great Britain) / #22 Ford Pennzoil
3. Mike Hoyt (Colorado) / #24 Chevy NAPA
4. Kevin Harrington (Colorado) / #32 Ford E.J. Wade Foundation
5. Russell Harley (Great Britain) / #27 Chevy Richmond Water Heaters
6. Tim Burnett (United States) / #19 Toyota Subway
7. Federico Scarpino (Italy) / #2 Ford Miller Lite
8. David Ingraham (United States) / #78 Toyota Furniture Row
9. Luca Bertaiola (Italy) / #96 Toyota Triad CNC
10. Jerome Weisen (United States Navy) / #99 Chevy Whataburger
11. Paul Bernhardt (Frostburg State University) / #43 Ford Smithfield
12. Michael Lind (Virginia) / #11 Toyota FedEx

The high bid was 8 for the pole (amazingly, all skill). Three of four 100 start speed cars are in the first 2 rows with the fourth in the 3rd row. The 20 SS cars, as expected are starting towards the rear. The best bargain goes to Simmerman who finds the front row by bidding 1/2 point higher than Hoyt.

In the chart, Grand Prix points are being tracked. The drivers with green numbers would be advancing to C3 next season if the race ended right now (Harley wins the tie-break over Hoyt). Of course the race is not ending right now so much can change.

Turn 1 Deadline: Friday, January 11th @ 8 a.m. EST (1 p.m. GMT)

Reminder for new drivers: You can push your start speed by 20 mph. This entails a dice roll which you could then apply skill to. The dice roll charts can be found here:

Drive fast, take chances, and good luck!
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Rally Racer (Pro III)
Posts: 5650
Joined: 08 Apr 2002, 9:45 am

Post 11 Jan 2019, 7:08 am

Half the field goes to the dice cup on the start. All pass but a couple of them needed every skill point put into the roll.

Turn 1 Summary

Peeples pushes to 120 with a big chip and good thing he did (modified 8). He rolls into the Senna 80's for 2 wear. Simmerman also uses his big chip on the start at 120 (modified 4). He clips a tire in the Senna 100's.

Hoyt deposits 2 skill into his dice roll (modified 4). At 120, he takes an inside path into Senna for a wear. Harrington pushes to 80 w/ 2 skill (modified 3) and hugs the rail.

Burnett has the initiative out of row 3 at 100. He pulls up on the numbers of the purple machine. Harley keeps the dice in the cup at 60.

Both Scarpino and Ingraham go to the dice at 80 w/ 2 skill apiece (modified 8 & 7, respectively). A little too close for comfort but they both make it and as a result create a three-wide going into Senna.

No dice for the back two rows: Bertaiola at 60, Weisen at 20, Lind at 60, and Bernhardt at 20.

Turn 2 Deadline: Monday, January 14th @ 8 a.m. EST (1 p.m. GMT)
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Rally Racer (Pro III)
Posts: 5650
Joined: 08 Apr 2002, 9:45 am

Post 14 Jan 2019, 10:13 am

Sorry for the lateness... lazy snow day at home w/ the kids.

Turn 2 Summary

Peeples continues at 120 and dumps a wear in Corner 3. Simmerman gets initiative at 120. He burns a tire in Corner 3 and taps the bumper on the #7 car.

Hoyt drops 2 wear in the Senna 60 at 100. He stays even with the yellow machine.

Harrington burns a wear in the Senna 80's at 100. Burnett, also at 100, scrapes off 2 tires in the Senna 60.

Harley takes down 2 wear at 140 in the Senna 100's. Scarpino, at 120, runs in on the tailpipe of the #27 for a wear. Ingraham rolls into Senna at 100. He drops a wear in the 80's.

Bertaiola pushes his engine with a skill chip to get to 120 (modified 5). He runs into Senna for a wear. Lind, at 100 and the bonus*, tucks in behind the #96 Toyota.

Weisen's big engine easily puts him up to 100. Bernhardt accelerates to 80.

* Lind's plot did not specify to take a slip but since he had his personal defaults set, he was able to use it. Here's the default form if you haven't filled it out:

Turn 3 Deadline: Wednesday, January 16th @ 8 a.m. EST (1 p.m. GMT)
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Rally Racer (Pro III)
Posts: 5650
Joined: 08 Apr 2002, 9:45 am

Post 16 Jan 2019, 2:23 pm

Busy day - thanks for your patience!

Pretty smooth this turn with the exception of an NPR.

Turn 3 Summary

Peeples takes C4 through the 120's for free at 120. He then hits the Concorde line for 2 wear.

Simmerman follows the same route at 120, also getting dinged for 2 wear. Hoyt, at 100, takes C4 for free but with the line occupied gets pushed out to the 80's for a wear.

Burnett runs C3 and C4 at 100 for free. Harrington does the same.

Harley continues at 100, taking C3 for free. Scarpino continues at 120 and rolls through C3 in the 120's for free.

Ingraham stays at 100, pulling even with the Miller Lite livery.

Bertaiola takes an RM plot of 100 and defaults to the outside in C3. Not terribly punishing for an NPR but certainly not helpful. Lind plots 120 but not being a legal move, is replotted to 100. He takes the outer rail for free.

Weisen rolls into the Senna curve at 100 and tacks to the outside for free. Bernhardt races into Senna at 120 for a wear and tucks in behind the orange racer.

Turn 4 Deadline: Friday, January 18th @ 4 p.m. EST (9 p.m. GMT).