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Rally Racer (Pro III)
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Post 11 Jan 2019, 4:28 pm

And we're off! Not surprisingly 9 drivers rolled dice. (For you statistic fanatics, of the 9 rolls 5 modified to 4; three 3s rolls of 7 and two 2s rolls of 6) A few big, and one bold, moves.

(Note: I won't muddle the summary with all the dice rolls. They are shown under the data boxes)
Turn 1 summary:
Ales and Mossman both push to 120. Ales' pole position give him the advantage into the Senna corner. He chooses the middle lane, dropping two wear. Mossman wanted the same but with Ales there he chooses to drop to the inside for two wear and a 3s chance roll that succeeds! Kellison and Incorpora both push to 80 and enter the corner side-by-side.

Bauska gets the initiative with a 120 push. He outskirts the black and silver cars and heads for the inside, shedding one wear and moving up 3 positions. Kennington keeps with his car's 100 start speed and makes things 3-wide at the beginning of the corner. Orlandi does a safe 60 and keeps inside. Brown looks for an astronomical start from his engine but relativity causes a two skill failure and he has to settle for 20 off his start speed.

Brandt passes his roll to 40 and ducks in behind Brown. Collins does 20, grabbing the wing of the brown machine. Miller gets 120 out his engine and picks up 4 positions on the start. Blizzard does a safe 60 moving up one spot.

Next deadline: turn 2 due Monday, January 14 at 6pm EST/11pm UTC
Turn 1.png
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Rally Racer (Pro III)
Posts: 1025
Joined: 22 Nov 2014, 4:13 pm

Post 14 Jan 2019, 3:47 pm

An early two car break as the rest of the pack negotiates Virage Senna.

Turn 2 summary:
Mossman holds 120 through the 100s of both corners 3 & 4, dropping one wear in each. Ales follows in his tire tracks, shedding one wear in the corner 3 100. Bauska slows to 100 and keeps in the middle lane through the 80s, wear already paid. Kellison uses the inside advantage to run down to the inside of the corner, using two wear through the 60 and pulling even with the yellow car.

Incorpora planned the same move but now has to keep through the 80s for one wear. Kennington, likewise, wanted to drop inside but instead he duplicates Incorpora's run finishing beside him. Miller slows to 100 running into the 60 and losing two wear with the move. Orlandi plots 120 and takes the middle lane surrendering two wear in the 80s.

Brown does a cautious 80mph but gets a slip from Orlandi. He keeps to the inside. Blizzard's 120 move puts him alongside Brown in return for one wear in the 100 space. Brandt uses all his acceleration to get to 100 and starts the virage on the inside. Collins uses a two skill roll (modified 5) to get to 80 but he loses a car length to Brandt.

Next deadline: turn 3 due Wednesday, January 16 at 6pm EST/11pm UTC
Turn 2.png
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Rally Racer (Pro III)
Posts: 1025
Joined: 22 Nov 2014, 4:13 pm

Post 16 Jan 2019, 4:14 pm

The field files down to the two wide section without incident.

Turn 3 summary:
Mossman scrubs off one wear in the Pont de Concorde 80s. Ales looks for the racing line but has to burn off speed in the 80s, also dropping one wear. Kellison gets the initiative with a 120 plot and covers both corners in the 120s for free. Bauska follows on with a 100 move through both corner 100s and grabs the line in front of the silver car.

Incorpora shoots corner 3 in the 120s at speed then drops one wear in the corner 4 100. Kennington does 100 through corner 3 at speed but has to move to the outside in corner 4. Miller comes off Senna at 120 taking the corner 3 120s and finishing behind Incorpora. Orlandi maintains 120 through the Senna 80s, wear already paid, and grabs the wing of the orange machine.

Blizzard holds at 120 bumping his penalty by one wear and finishing in corner 3. Brown slows to 80 and moves to the middle lane for free finishing inside. Brandt follows Brown through Senna at 100 leaving one wear behind and pulling even with him. Collins accelerates slightly to 100 and stays outside in the virage.

Next deadline: turn 4 due Friday, January 18 at 6pm EST/11pm UTC
Turn 3.png