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Dirt Track Racer (Pro I)
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Post 30 Dec 2018, 10:00 am

Hello drivers. I am Jack Beckman, your Steward for this race. I have met quite a few of you in person, and several others online, but for those who don't know me, I have been racing for several years now, and I steward a race in Doug's ladder. I am also one of the founders of the Detroit CFR racing series, and will be taking over the duties as Steward there this year. So I have some experience.

That's doesn't mean I always get things right, so if you feel I have done something in error, PLEASE point it out as soon as you can so we can straighten it out, because there's a fair chance I did mess up.

Standard Redscape CFR rules will apply with the following exception: You may accelerate in a corner as long as it does not cause additional wear usage (or a chance roll) in the next space. The original rule only allows an increase in speed when no additional wear is used in the entire corner.

Plots will normally be due Monday, Wednesday, and Friday by 5 PM ET (US) unless I say otherwise. Real Life occasionally does intrude. I will acknowledge receipt of your plot; if you don't have an acknowledgement and it's getting close to the deadline, send it again or otherwise get in thought with me. My primary email is, but you can also reach me at or jcbeckman& if you suspect you aren't getting through to me otherwise.

I will be using a template created from one of Doug's spreadsheets, since it so nicely does so many calculations. This does mean the look will be slightly different from the Redscape look you saw before, and your cars will be different. I did try to match car colors as closely as possible to the previous race. However, I only have the 12 cars, so if you aren't happy with what I assigned, you'll need to find someone to switch with.

Car builds are due Monday, 7 January @ 5 PM ET (US). I will then send out the car builds to everyone and bids will be due Wednesday, 9 January @ 5 PM ET.

I have Builds from Doug and Chris already, so I have blurred out their stats for now.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


Redscape C1 Track pre-build.png
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Dirt Track Racer (Pro I)
Posts: 8
Joined: 03 Dec 2016, 6:30 am

Post 11 Jan 2019, 5:25 pm


Here's the bidding result. We had two ties, resolved via percentile die rolls.

Redscape C1 Bid Result.png

And here's your starting grid:

Redscape C1 Starting Grid.png

Plots are due Monday, 11 Jan @ 5 PM ET. Late plots will be your start speed -20 (I have confirmed this with the other stewards) so don't be an NPR (No Plot Received)!
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Dirt Track Racer (Pro I)
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Joined: 03 Dec 2016, 6:30 am

Post 14 Jan 2019, 5:09 pm

The lights go off and the cars roar off the grid!

Pole-sitter Don chooses not to push (putting him in the minority of drivers), going 100 into the inside.

Doug blinks and misses the lights going out (AUTO, NPR) and so goes 80 (SS-20) behind Don.

Dave pushes his start with 2 skill to 120 and succeeds (roll=7) and pulls nearly alongside Don for 2nd.

Jim also pushes with 2 skill to 120 (3), spending 1w on the 100s and sliding into 4th.

Chris pushes his SS with 2 sk (4) to 80 and is 5th.

Tim is one of the few drivers not pushing, using his 60 SS to end up 6th.

John pushes his SS with 2 sk (4) to 80 and is 7th.

Jeff also pushes with 2 sk (4, sorry I forgot to add to the graphic) to pull alongside John for 8th.

Fabio gets the jump on Will by pushing with a -3 chip (1) to 80 and is 9th.

Will is another driver content to not temp fate, running at 60.

Rando pushes his 100 to 120 with 2 sk (7) only to late brake to 100 with a wear when there’s no room at the inn for him.

Mike also pushes his 20 SS to 40 with 2 sk (2).

Next plot due Wednesday, 16 Jan @ 5 PM ET (US).

Redscape C1 Race 3 Turn 1.png
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Dirt Track Racer (Pro I)
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Joined: 03 Dec 2016, 6:30 am

Post 16 Jan 2019, 6:23 pm

Don maintains 100, using 2w on the 60 and then using the 100 for 2w.

Dave slows to 100, taking the 80s for free (already paid for 20-over).

Jim stays at 120, spending an extra wear on the 80s.

Doug maintains 80 for free on the 80s.

Chris takes the 80s at 100 for 1w, ending up alongside Doug.

John gets the jump on Jeff and Jim by running at 120, then late braking to 100 (2 skill, roll=6) and diving to the inside to clear the corner for 2w.

Jeff also runs at 120 for 2w, staying in the center/outside lane and also clearing the corner alongside John.

Tim runs at 100 for only 1w behind Jeff.

Fabio runs to the insider free (this turn at least) and ends up behind John.

Will takes the center lane at 120 for 1w.

Rando (NPR) runs to the outside at 100 for free.

Mike runs up to the corner at 100.

Next plot due Friday, 18 Jan @ 5 PM ET (US).

Redscape C1 Race 3 Turn 2.png