Championship Formula Racing – Blind Exhibition

All Redscape rules will be in effect unless changed here.

The ONLY information drivers will receive is the path that a car takes through a corner. This information will be on the chart on the track map, so drivers will receive only the completed turn track map. There will be no narrative.

There will still be builds and start bids but, again, none of that information will be published.

The small “start cars” will be used so you may see how many spaces a car moved, but speeds will not be published so you won’t know if a slip and/or dice roll was involved in the move. (Obviously, slips and dice rolls will not be published, either)

Those that have raced with me know that I’m pretty good about sending reminders, however I plan to keep very “hands off” for this race. Which means there probably will be few, if any, reminders. Turns will run Monday, Wednesday and Friday and be due at 6pm EDT which, until the first weekend in November is 10pm UTC, after that it’s 11pm UTC.

As a courtesy, drivers will be privately notified on the turn that their wear reaches 3 and again when it reaches 0. Drivers will also be notified when their x1 skill chips reach 3 (assuming they begin the race with 4 or more) and again when they reach 0 (assuming they begin the race with 1 or more) and when their x3 skill reaches 0 (assuming they began with 1 or more).

Each driver may request their wear/skill level once per lap. The most recent completed turn will be the turn of record for this request. It is incumbent on the drivers to keep track of their own ‘consumables’.

Turns may not be based on other drivers’ plotted speeds but may be based on other drivers’ moves if the other driver moves first. (for example: a plot of “If driver x does 140 then take slip, if he does 120 then don’t take slip, finish behind him” would not be acceptable. But a plot that says “If driver x moves 7 or more spaces then take slip, if he moves 6 or less no slip. Finish behind him if possible.” Is ok.) All limits must be in the form of “or more” or “or less” as above. If those phrases are not included they will be assumed. (that is, a plot that says “If driver x moves 7...” and driver x actually moves 8, the if clause will be assumed to mean “7 or more” and be executed.) Spaces may not be “bracketed”. (If driver x goes 7 or more…, or if driver x goes 6 or more…, or if driver x goes 5 or less...)

Drivers names will be published, so you will know who you are competing against.

The explanation box on the sample map, of course, won’t be on the actual maps.