And now, presenting another case of the Hearing-Challenged Detective!

Cast of Characters:
Herr Detective First Class Gunther Sumpkopf
Fraul Dietrich, the victim

Let's look in as Herr Detective Sumpkopf interviews a victim of recent vandalism in a nursing home:

D: "Detective, look! They smashed my vases to pieces!"
S: "Ach so! Pieces of eight you say, gnädige Frau?"

D: "Ate? I ate nothing yet, and I'm hungry! What about my vases?!"
S:"Hungary, you say? Verrry interesting. Do you believe Hungarians are to blame?"

D: "No, Detective! That's not what I said. Can we hurry this along? I want something to eat!"
S: "Ta-weet? Ta-weet? Frau, that's a poor imitation of a bird, I must say. Ta-weet, indeed. Better stick to your vases!"

D: "My vases? My vases? Mein Gott, somebody smashed my vases to pieces!"
S:"So, are we back to Spanish doubloons again, gnädige Frau? Which is it now: vases or money?"

D: "Ach, the vases, you dumbkopf!"
S:"Ach, nein! My name is Sumpkopf, Detective First Class Gunther Sumpkopf."

D: "Never mind, Detective. They are insured, anyway."
S: "Well, I'm glad they were sure of it this time! It makes things a lot easier for me. Well, that's that, I reckon. Another clase closed! Here is my card, Frau. Contact me if you have any additional information."

Detective Sumpkopf clicks his hells together, bows, then exits the front door. As it is closing, he hears cardboard being torn in half.

And so, the Hearing-Challenged Detective racks up another successful case in his never-ending pursuit of criminals. Be with us next time for another thrilling adventure.

Legalese: No animals were harmed in the making of this production. All people, events, words, and jokes are fictitious. Any similarity to living or historical persons or events is just too bad, because we just don't care. This production was made completely from organic, recycled text. Not to be used as a flotation device.