Fifty divisions from the eastern front provided Germany a huge force for what became known as the Spring Offensive of 1918. While the German offensive gained ground, it came at a ridiculous cost, and with the Americans now arriving in force, late summer 100 years ago, the Allies countered with the 100 Day Offensive, which collapsed the Hindenburg Line and directly led to the Armistice of 11 November 1918, and the end of the German Empire. This game is formed in part to acknowledge the centennial of the events that led to the end of the Great War.

Our players and your power assignments are as follows:

Power, Redscape name,

Italy, Ruffhaus8,

England, georgeatkins,

Russia, Bbauska,

Austria, Frost,

France, der Blaue Reiter,

Germany, Freeman3,

Turkey, Riaz

The game starts now. Spring 1901 orders are due on Tuesday October 2, at 9pm Eastern Daylight Time, which I believe is 1am on October 3 GMT. When appropriate, retreats will be made on the next day on Wednesday, and adjustments will be due on Thursday.

This is a game for fun fellas, if you need an extra day or you're going on vacation, LMK with some notice and we'll adjust deadlines. I encourage both private communication via email, and public communication using the forum on Redscape. For those not using Redscape, or for those who wish to remain anonymous, I can post on your behalf.

You are all experienced players, but some of you have not played in years. I am attaching a reference map with province names. If I can understand an order, I will accept it, but please be careful with ambiguous orders, which I will not accept. While not required in your orders, I prefer Fleet (F) and Army (A) notations for each of your units, but if you mistakenly write an A for a F, I will still understand the order. I encourage preliminary orders, as many as you'd like is fine with me.

Let me know if you have questions or comments. Otherwise, I will be hearing from you all no later than October 2! Good luck!