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Post 21 Sep 2018, 1:10 pm

Turn 1

11 drivers push their start speed, and 7 make it!

The green flag drops, and the engines roar!
Don pushes his big engine to 120 with 2S and comes up boxcars, his skill saves him from killing the engine, though
Dave chooses to not push his engine and rolls to the lead with a 100
Chris speeds to 120 and passes Don (Mod +2 = 2)
John and Mike both push to 120 (Mod +2 = 5, 6 respectively)
Fabio pushes his speed to 80 with a +2 (Mod = 6)
Tim tries his luck with a big 3 chip and rolls an 11 and keeps his car rolling at 80mph
Doug tests his big engine as well, and mis-shifts with a +1 modified roll to a 9
Will speeds to 80 and passes with a 6
Jim mis-shifts also (+2 modified to 9) and has to dial it back to 40
Rando and Jeff both pass their rolls and travel at 80 and 40mph

Also turn 9/10 is one turn for wear considerations, not two. You only need to pay wear costs once per lap

Turn 2 due 24SEP18 at 12 noon
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Post 24 Sep 2018, 3:10 pm

Turn 2

Everybody packing into the corner!

Dave takes initiative at 140, using a wear for a late brake and jumping on the green line for 2W
Chris orders 120, and late brakes (naked 7 (a 3 and 4)), and taking the Red line for 2W
John keeps it at 120 and follows Dave on the green for 2W
Mike slides outside at 100
Don takes the green at 100
Tim speeds to 120 and slides inside of Don on the red line
Fabio speeds to 120 and grabs the green line
Will maxes it to 140 and takes the red
Doug orders 120 with a slip and takes the inside
Rando gets up to 120
Jim gets to 80
Jeff speeds to 100

Turn 3 due Wednesday 26SEP18 at Noon Pacific
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Post 26 Sep 2018, 2:42 pm

Turn 3

Look! A conga line!

Chris accelerates to 120, and has to take the long way around corner 2, sliding to the inside
Dave sees an opportunity and orders 120 for 2W and cuts to the inside of corner 4
John keeps his foot on the pedal at 120 and sits outside of Chris
Mike orders 100 for 2W through the 60s,
Don takes his car through the green line at 120 and flies past Mike for 2W
Tim has to take the long route around corner 2 at 100 easing next to Mike for 2W
Fabio gets initiative at 120 and takes the green line at 2W
Will spends 2W and takes the red line at 100
Doug spends 2W on the inside of corner 1 at 80mph
Rando jumps on the green line at 80, finishing the corner with a slip
Jim speeds to 120, grabs the tailpipe of Rando for 2W on the greenline
Jeff speeds to 140 on the Green line as well.

Turn 4 due Friday 28SEP18 at noon
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Post 28 Sep 2018, 5:21 pm

Turn 4

An uneventful turn with one forced late brake.

Dave jumps on the R/L at 100 for a wear
Chris spends a wear in the 80s with 100mph and preps for the curve on the line
John conserves his wear at 80 and takes the line
Mike spends 2W for his 120 speed in the 80s
Don conserves at 80 through the 80s
Tim spends 2W off of his tires ripping through the 80s at 120mph
Fabio slides around the curve at 100mph for 1W
Will goes 80
Doug orders 100 (the chart says 80 but that is a typo that I will correct shortly)
Rando orders 100 also
Jim calls for 120, hoping for space, but Will and Doug blocked that option, so there is a 1W penalty
Jeff orders 80 on the green line

Turn 5 is due Monday 1OCT18 at 12 noon.
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Post 01 Oct 2018, 4:58 pm

Turn 5

4 pairs of cars scissor positions on the infield race portion

Dave spends 1 wear and takes the inside lane at 60
Chris revs up and barely passes Dave for a new leader at 100mph, but spends 1W on the R/L and 2W in the 60s
Mike and John both cut the corners at 100 for 1W, and Mike chooses to sit on the line as John slides inside
Tim gets initiative at 100 and has to take the outside 80s for 1W due to lack of room ahead
Don takes the line at 80 pulling next to Tim and he goes inside
Fabio also takes the R/L at 80
Will and Doug order 80, and Will moves first getting the line, and Doug scissors inside
Rando and Jim both take the inside lane at 80 maintaining the side by side position
Jeff calls for 100 and spends 1W on the inside of the 80s, getting the back of Rando's tailpipe.

Turn 6 Due 3OCT18 at 12noon Pacific
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Post 03 Oct 2018, 6:46 pm

Turn 6

A big move and the crowd cheers!

Dave tests his ACC to 120 with 2S and passes with a modified 5 settling into the middle lane
Chris continues his 100 to the inside
John calls up 100 and spends 2W in the 60s
Mike follows dutifully at 80 for a 1W scrape of the tires and ready for a slip
Tim and Don both keep the speedometer at 80 and Tim takes the outside lane for a slip opportunity and Don in the middle lane and 1W each
Fabio chooses the 2W option and takes the inside at 80
Will says no is the time and spends 3W and a chance roll on the RL. It is 1W on the RL, and 2W on the 40 with a chance roll of 4 with a 3S chip (that will be removed tomorrow)
Doug speeds along at 80, spending 1W in the 60s
Jim takes initiative at 100 on the RL for 1W
Rando chooses a cooler approach with a no wear 80
Jeff follows with 80 on the RL also (correcting shortly also)

Turn 7 due Friday at 12Noon 5OCT18
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Post 05 Oct 2018, 1:48 pm

Turn 7

Another roll on the chance table!

Dave takes the RL at 100 and has a mini breakaway scraping 2W off the tires in the 60s
Chris eases back at 80 and spends 1W in the 60 RL
John jumps the shark at 120 and spends 2W in the 60s and rolls on the chance table with his big chip (8 modified to 5)
Mike speeds up to 120 and sits behind Chris
Fabio calls up 140 and pulls alongside Mike
Don only takes it up to 120 and hugs the wall behind Mike
Tim gets 120 revved up and gets a slip and is on the line
Will follows behind Fabio and takes a slip onto the line at 120
Doug spends 1W in the 60s and hugs the wall at 80
Jim also orders 80 for 1W in the 60s
Rando continues the RL for 1W 80 in a 60
Jeff finishes the line and spends 1W in the 40s portion of the corner 7

Turn 8 due Monday at 4PM Pacific at 8OCT18
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Post 06 Oct 2018, 7:07 am

The first sector is fast
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Post 08 Oct 2018, 9:22 pm


I will post verbage tomorrow. It is late in Walla Walla. Please check for errors as I am tired...
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Post 10 Oct 2018, 4:58 pm

Turn 9

We apologize as we lost the audio feed of our broadcast.

Dave continues his lead through the backstretch curves
Chris spends a wear taking the inside 100 at 120
John continues his 120 along the R/L and finishes outside
Fabio takes the inside at 100 and hugs the inside lane wall
Tim follows behind Fabio at 100 and takes the outside 80s to not ram the red car in the rear
Mike stays inside on the curve for 1W at 80 in a 60 and takes the line
Will wants the line, but Mike is on it, so he cuts inside at 100 for 2W in the 60s
Don follows behind Will for 2W in the 60s going 100 and fills the void between Will and Mike
Doug and Jim both order 100 going through the 60s and Jim gets the 2nd corner 60s (4W) and Doug gets the 80s (3W)
Rando wants to go 100, but chooses the safer speed of 80 for 2W in the 40s
Jeff takes the RL for 60

Turn 10 due Friday at noon Pacific.
(Addendum : Doug and Jim are going 100, not 80 as the chart says)
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Post 12 Oct 2018, 6:27 pm

Turn 10

Will the black magic car run away with this race?

Dave maxes his engine out at 160 and takes the outer R/L on the 140s
Chris gets to 140 and jumps the middle line
John speeds to 160 and grabs the outer R/L for 1W in the 140s
Fabio accelerates to 120, takes the 120 corner and lane 2
Tim speeds up to 140 and spends 1W in the 120 corner lane, cutting inside of Fabio
Don gets initiative with his 120 and rolls the 100s for 1W and then the 120s
Mike goes next and takes the R/L at 120 and then the 120s behind Don
Will eases back with a 100 and cruises the 100s and then the 120 lane siding Mike after the curve
Jim takes it at 100, finishing the 60s and then the inner lane
Doug keeps his 100, but cuts it short in the 60s for an extra wear
Rando keeps it at 100 also but flies through the 60s and then the R/L
Jeff takes the 60s at 80 for 1W and ready to get back in this race

Turn 11 due Monday at noon 15OCT18

Side note: 2 people did not get the email that the rest of the drivers got. That caused the delay as I was trying to get the last driver's orders in
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Post 15 Oct 2018, 3:44 pm

Turn 11

Looks like a bell curve to me! A few scattered in front, a pack, and a few scattered in the back.

Dave comes out of the corner at 160 and crosses the line
Chris finishes the curve at 140 along the RL and starts moving inside
John takes the RL at 160 for 1W
Tim jumps the inner RL and 140 for a wear and tucks inside for 3rd place
Fabio also rolls along at 140 but that is free on the middle RL
Don speeds to 160 and spends 1W on the middle RL
Will slides inside at 160 for 2W on the inner RL, moving up a position
Mike takes the middle RL at 140
Jim takes the corner at 140
Doug gets a slip at 140 and jumps the outer line
Rando finishes the line at 120 and moves toward the outside
Jeff takes a wear off his tires on the inside lane at 120 and then the 120 lane of the second curve

Turn 12 due at 12noon 17OCT18
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Post 15 Oct 2018, 4:08 pm

The 3 fastest drivers eclipse the rest of the field
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