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Post 04 Jun 2018, 6:58 pm

RM Note: Welcome to everybody to the Circuit 3 Race 1 of RRL. Graphic and Qual Results attached, note there will be no championship points listed until Turn 3 has been completed. Also apologies to Justin and Pepe for the roll spam. I used the wrong dice on the first roll off.

Turn 1 is Due Wendesday at 9PM EDT (GMT -4)

Qualifying on saturday ended up being fast and challenge as several drivers put it all out on the track. At the end of the day, Chris Hancock took the poll, blazing ahead of Robert Rund in second place by Half a second as he posted a time of 1:08.650. Rob will be on his outside with a excellent time of his own of 1:09.150.

The other rows are as follows
Row 2: Bruce Munies/Justin Swain
Row 3: "Pepe" Torrezn/Tony LaMorte
Row 4: Grant Linneberg/Jack Beckman
Row 5: Sean Hudson/Bruce Rae
Row 6: Joshua Coyle/Franklin Haskell

The drivers come to the line and then lights go on....1, 2, 3, 4, 5...AND THEY ARE OFF!
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Post 06 Jun 2018, 7:04 pm

(Edit: Franklin did not NPR. This has been noted though it does not change the turn)

As the lights go out the drivers launch off the line, with Bruce Munies using his powerful launch engine to bolt ahead of Chris Hancock as they approach the corner.

RM Note: So I somehow ended up with 2 NPRs this turn. So...if anyone has an issue with submitting a turn on time, just let me know and I will work with you to make sure you get a move in. Also please remeber as of last race, there is a limit now of 3 NPRs in a turn or 4 in a race. More than that and you will be Disqualified.

Turn 2 is due Friday June 8th at 9pm Eastern

Turn 1 Results

Chris works the gears and is able to launch out of the gate at 80(R Mod 4), pulling into the Apex for the Senna S.

Rob sprints after Chris with some equally deft shifting, but he his weaker jumpstart leads him a couple spaces behind as he jets off at 40.

Bruce Munies is able to time his clutch perfectly(R 6) and thanks to his powerful launch in the car, vaults past Rob towards Chris. With Chris in the way of the Apex, Bruce dives inside as he sets up for Senna S.

Justin also does some deft shifting and blasts off the line at 80(R Mod 2), shooting past Rob before he tucks inside.

Tony continues the showing of quick shifting work as he also shoots off the line at 80(R Mod 1) , pulling ahead of Pepe and pulling alongside Rob.

Pepe seems to have a minor bobble but is able to get himself off the line at 60

The next two rows decide to play it safe as Grant, Jack, Sean, and Bruce Rae all go their start speed of 60, with Sean seemingly having a bobble as well.

In the back row, Franklin and Joshua roll off the line at 20.
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Post 07 Jun 2018, 3:16 pm

So I miss adjuncated the NPRs. Here is the correct graphic with the right Adjuncation
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Post 09 Jun 2018, 6:35 pm

Chris Hancock dives inside and retakes the lead as the field gathers tightly into Senna S

Turn 3 is Due Monday June 11th at 9pm Eastern.

RM Note: Remeber folks, if you want the line, you have to tell me XP

Turn 2 Results

Bruce Munies pads the breaks to slow to 60 slides to the outside of Senna S,

Chris on the other hand slows to 80, sliding through the Apex of the corner, and pulls back to the lead.

Justin puts some stress on his tires and he runs inside at 80, pulling to the inside of Bruce.

Rob races up to the corner at 100 and runs outside, pulling to the outside of Justin.

Tony follows Rob up to the corner, at 80, but elects to stay to the inside.

Pepe powers up to Senna S at 100 and takes the open apex.

Jack and Grant Race up to the corner at 100, Jack electing inside, and Grant Electing the line.

Bruce Rae and Sean drag race up to the pair at 120. As they reach them, Bruce has enough advantage to squeeze himself in between, as Sean is forced to smoke his tires and slows to 100 pulling inside.

Joshua and Franklin continue their back of the field drag race at 80.
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Post 10 Jun 2018, 4:06 pm

As noted on the other turn(Derp!) I misinterpreted Bruce Munies' move. He wanted to be picking up the line into 2. Here's the corrected graphic. Hard Deadline is now Tuesday, thought if I get all the moves by tommarow and an ok from the two drivers that may be affected by this, I will run tommarow.
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Post 12 Jun 2018, 7:26 pm

The field navigates though Senna S side by side as Chris Powers out of the second bend to pass Bruce and gain a short lead!

Turn 4 is Due Thursday June 14th at 9pm Eastern

RM Note: As this is Turn 3, Driver Standings are now included.

Turn 3 Results

Chris takes the initative out of the first bend of Senna S and pushes his car to 140, whipping it through the second part of Senna S as he pulls ahead in Curva Del Sol and passed Bruce for the lead.

Bruce Munies follows Chris through at 100, taking the Apex of the Bend before pulling in behind Chris.

Justin keeps up the pressure as he wings it through the apex at 120, pulling to the outside of Bruce Munies.

Rob clears Senna S through the second bends apex and tucks inside of Curva Del Sol at 100

Tony uses his inside advantage to eek into the corner just ahead of Pepe at 100, running the first bend of Senna around the outside before running the seconds Apex, pulling in behind Rob.

Pepe follows Tony through at 100, running the Apex before running the second bend outside, tucking to the inside of Tony.

Bruce Rae floors it at 120 and pulls ahead of the other two in line with him, before padding the breaks at the edge of the corner to slow to 100 with excellent skill(R Mod 3), and runs the outside at 60, before he follows the Apex of the second bend.

Grant follows Bruce Rae through the corner at 100 pulling along the apex before being forced to run outside of the second bend to Bruce Rae's outside.

Jack watches the two of them take off and simply elects to ease in behind, running the first Bend of Senna S tight before tucking in to the open part of the corner behind Jack.

Sean runs the outside of the first bend at 80.

Joshua and Franklin continue their drag race up to the corner at 120, with Joshua's inside advantage allowing him to setup for the apex of the corner.
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Post 14 Jun 2018, 6:40 pm

And there is a roar from the crowd as the leaders roar down to the third turn three wide!

Turn 5 is Due Saturday June 16th at 9pm Eastern. Please note after Turn 5 we shall be returning to normal schedule, barring another move error.

Turn 4 Results

Chris rolls his way out of Curva Del Sol at 160 and turns twoards the upcoming corner as he keeps his lead.

Wanting to challenge Chris, Justin pushes his engine to it's reving limit and his car responds (R Mod 8) as he makes a top speed of 180, and pulls alongside.

Watching Justin launch off, Bruce Munies does his best to follow, carrying speed from the slip of Chris, before sliding in to the outside of Justin, setting the leaders 3 wide going into 3!

Rob punches the throttle on his powerful engine and ratches it up to 180 as he bombs his way though Curva Del Sol.

Pepe rolls through Curva Del Sol at 140 and onto the straight

Tony tries to keep up, but Rob is too quick to keep up his slipstream and he simply works his way down to the straight at 140, keeping to Pepe's outside.

Bruce Rae pushes his engine for all he has and gets a response (Acc R 6, Top R Mod 7) as the car wheels itself around Curva Del Sol at 180, causing him to fly past Tony and Pepe before he tucks himself in the middle in front of Tony.

Grant watches Bruce take off, and does his best to follow up at 160, pulling to the outside of Tony.

Jack finishes Senna S at 100 and rolls into Curva Del Sol.

Sean runs the second Bend of Senna S at 100 through the Apex and pulls in beside Jack in Curva Del Sol.

Franklin pushes 80 through the outside of the first bend of Senna S before taking the Apex of the latter.

With Franklin pulling ahead and blocking the inside of the second bend, Joshua decides to surrender the apex of the first bend and run outside at 60, before setting up for the second bend.
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Post 16 Jun 2018, 6:47 pm

Tire smoke is seen from the leader as Chris Wrenches his car through the turn and leads the field through the turn.

RM Note: while the driver got away with it this time, please remember, if you want skill on a roll, you need to tell me to spend it. The only exception to this are unexpected rolls (ie crash avoidance)

Turn 6 is Due Monday June 18th at 9PM Eastern. With that we will return to our normal MWF schedule!

Turn 5 Results

Not wanting to take his chances, Chris pulls ahead of the other two at 160, before slamming his breaks and smoking his tires as he runs through Turn 3 around the outside.

Justin follows Chris up to the corner at 140 before he pad the breaks hard as he downshifts, which his car responds to (R 8), slowly easily to 120 and pulls around the outside of turn 3 before tucking into the inside of the kink.

Bruce Munies dives into the corner at 140 around the outside before pulling to the outside of the kink due to Justin's block manuver.

Rob races into the turn at 100, tucking himself inside.

Bruce greets Rob on the outside of the turn at 140, running to his outside.

Pepe, Grant and Tony continue running 3 wide as they all blast down the straight to the corner at 140.

Jack and Sean work their way out of Curva Del Sol and onto the straight at 160.

Franklin Accelerates out of Senna S at 140.

Joshua runs the second bend of Senna S through the apex at 100.
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Post 18 Jun 2018, 7:49 pm

The Crowd Roars as Justin wheels it at top speed through Curva de Laranjinha, taking the lead over Chris.

Turn 7 is Due Wendesday July 20th at 9PM Eastern

RM Note: Since a couple people made the mistake. For reference:

A Slip is only available if:
1)You are going as fast or slower than the lead car.
2)The lead car is going at least 120mph.
3)You aren't starting from 0.
4)The Lead car is not in a corner.

If all 4 of thoes are true, then you can slip!

Turn 6 Results

Chris runs down the inside of Curva de Laranjinha at 120, tucking to the inside.

Justin on the other hand, throws caution to the wind as he blasts around the outside of the corner at 180 and passes Chris around the outside, taking the lead!

Bruce Munies watches Justin take off as he tries to follow at 160. Slamming the breaks before the corner, which his car does easily (R Mod 2), he slows up to the corner at 140, before pulling outside of Chris.

Rob clears turn 3 and pulls up to the Curva at 140.

Bruce Rae also completes the turn and pulls up behind Rob also at 140.

Tony punches it to 140 around the outside to pull ahead of the other two drivers and slots in behind Bruce Rae

Pepe takes turn 3 through the inside at 120, and pulls in beside tony.

Grant decides to give up the space to the others as he elects to go 120 and runs outside, pulling in behind Tony.

Jack pulls through the outside of Turn 3 at 120, before sitting on the inside.

Sean seems to has a bobble, but is able to pull his car to the outside lane at 120, pulling alongside Jack.(NPR)

Franklin and Josh bomb down the road at 160, Franklin pulling into the middle to setup for the turn.
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Post 20 Jun 2018, 4:02 pm

Rae posts the fastest speed from 10th starting spot.
Sao Paulo C3 summary.png
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Post 20 Jun 2018, 10:18 pm

RM: Apologies for the delay. Had to get clarification on a move.

Justin powers through Turn 5 and PinHeirno as the field bunched up on the run up to the Turn.

Turn 8 is Due Friday July 22nd at 9PM Eastern

Wanting to gain a strong lead and going for broke, Justin pumps the breaks hard and successfully decelerates to 100(R Mod 2). Wheeling the car through the corner, he is able to wrench it through at speed (Chance R Mod 2), before diving down the inside of Pinheirno and preparing to run to Bico de Pato.

Chris powers through turn 5 at 80, before sliding out and setting up for Pinheirno.

Bruce Munies follows Chris through at 80, tucking into the inside of Turn 5.

Rob, Bruce Rae, Tony and Pepe all go 80, 100, 100, and 100 respectivly and form a 2 wide pack in the setup for Turn 5.

Grant attempts to join them by going 120, but find the path blocked and settles for the outside of Curva de Laranjihina, behind Pepe.

Jack punches the accelerator and blasts down the straight at 160, pulling in behind Grant in the corner. (RM Note: I know this was not your requested move, but you were going too fast to follow suit and with no LB request the default is to enter the corner at minimal wear)

Sean watches him go, and settles to tuck inside in the Curve at 140.

Franklin blasts through the Outside of Turn 3 at 120.

Joshua takes it easy and leasurly runs the outside of the corner at 100.
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Post 22 Jun 2018, 9:46 pm

Justin keeps pushing his car though the curves as the field continues to bunch up through the complex.

RM Note: As was pointed out to me, I didn't subtract the wear from Sean in the NPR correction. This has now been done and the wear should now be properly up to date.

Turn 9 is Due Monday June 25th at 9pm Eastern

Justin keeps wearing on his tires as he keeps up his torrid pace as her runs through the outside of Bico de Pato at 100.

Chris decide on the other hand to save his tires and simply runs Pinheirno around the inside at 60.

Bruce Munies shadrows Chris and follows suit, running the inside at 60.

Rob and Bruce Rae both run through the inside of turn 5 at 60, before tucking into Pinheirno, with Bruce forced to the outside of Rob.

Tony attempts to gain ground by going 80 through Turn 5, but in finding the road blocked, is forced to burn speed running the turn around the outside before pulling behind Rob.

Pepe on the other hand runs the inside at 60 and pulls to Tony's outside.

Grant also attempts to gain ground by going 80 through Turn 5, but runs into the same traffic issue and like Tony has to run outside to scrub off speed.

Jack having blazed into the previous corner does his best to lay on the breaks, smoking his tires as he gets a little extra out of his breaks (R mod 5) and slows to 80, before tucking into the open spot inside of Grant.

With more room to work with Sean takes the careful line and simply hard breaks to 80 (R Mod 4) before tucking into the gap behind Grant in the corner.

Franklin keeps up his steady pace as he runs inside of the Curve at 120.

Joshua continues to follow the group as he blasts down the straight at 140.
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Post 25 Jun 2018, 7:13 pm

Cameras are showing significant wear on Justin's tires as he keeps pounding the pavement and the rest of the field continues to work through the complex.

Turn 10 is Due Wednesday June 27th at 9pm Eastern

Not determined to slow down while he has the rubber to use, Justin blitzes his way into Juncao at 140 and prepares to blast down the main straight

Chris and Bruce Munies transverse Bico de Pato at 60 through the inside as they lead the pack.

Rob and Bruce Rae exit Pinheirno at 60 and 80 respectively and line up for Bico side by side.

Pepe and Tony do much the same, with the faster Pepe running the outside at 80 while Tony runs inside at 60 and gains the inside advantage as they run side by side.

Jack uses his inside edge to run Pinheirno around the outside and slots in at the end of the corner behind Pepe.

Grant attempts to follow through at 80, but he finds himself runnign out of asphalt and has to slow to 60s, pulling inside of Jack.

Sean clears Turn 5 at 80, and takes the only open path available, outside of Pinheirno.

Franklin continues to slowly creep up on the pack as he squeaks through turn 5 at 60.

Joshua sets up for Turn 5 at 80.
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Post 27 Jun 2018, 7:35 pm

Justin Blazes out of Juncaos and blasts down the straight with a sizable lead as he prepares to begin lap 2!

Turn 11 is Due Friday June 29th at 9pm Eastern

Justin clears the corner and continues his torrid pace as he blasts down the straight at 160!

Chris seems to have a mental bobble and looses track of his positioning and ends up running up to Juncao at 100 off line!. (NPR, Chris is inside due to the line being on the outside.)

Bruce Munies pounds pavement up to Juncaos at 120 and takes the line for the corner.

Bruce Rae and Rob blaze through Bico de Pato at 100 around the outside and come down the straight to Juncaos neck and neck!

Pepe out muscles Tony to the corner at 80, running inside of Bico de Pato before pulling in behind Rob.

Tony decides to take it easy instead at 60, pulling in behind Pepe as he clears the corner.

Grant takes it more aggresivly as he powers through Bico de Pato around the inside for 80, pulling inside of Tony

Jack instead takes the conservative approach, pulling up to Bico at 40.

Sean blasts into Bico de Pato at 80, pulling outside as he passes Jack.

Franklin scrubs off a little wear as he runs Pinheirno around the inside at 60, before pulling in beside Jack.

Joshua decided to keep his tires prestine as he runs the Esse at 40 along the inside.
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Post 30 Jun 2018, 9:53 pm

Justin continues to stretch his lead as the field works its way through the end of the complex.

RM Note: So as it was brought up to me and for reference later, here is the basic rules of NPR for Redscape.

1. Driver will attempt to go the fastest speed of the next corner, by accelerating up to 20mph faster, or decelerating up to his safe limit.
2. Driver will always enter any corner he approaches in his turn around the outside, and will end his turn on the outside, with the exception of finishing using the line which the driver will elect to move inside.
3. Unless unavoidable, no dice will be rolled.
4. Wear use will be avoided unless the driver enters a corner 20mph above the speed limit, and thats only if he would be required to make a deceleration roll to slow to safe speed. This includes taking the long line around a corner to avoid having to enter a corner to spend wear.

I hope that spells it out for people, and helps deter future NPRs if the 3/4 strike rule doesn't

Turn 12 is due Monday at 9pm Eastern

Justin continues to pound pavement as he blasts down the front striaghtaway at 160 and tags the line, beginning lap 2.

Bruce Munies pushes his car and tires as he rolls through the apex of Juncaos at 140 and rolls to the inside of Subida Dos Boxes as he chases Justin.

Chris recovers from his bobble and runs Juncaos though the apex at 100 as he tries to keep up with the leaders.

Bruce Rae out muscles Rob to the corner at 120 and runs the apex onto the main straight complex.

Rob takes it easy instead and runs the Apex at 100

Pepe tries to follow Rob along the Apex at 120, but with Rob slowing down, he is force to dive outside.

Tony out speeds Grant into Juncaos at 120 and pulls in behind Rob along the apex.

Grant on the other hand prefers to take it easy at 100 and just simply pulls up to the corner around the outside.

Sean finishes Bico de Pato at 80 and slides into the kink on the way up to Juncaos.

Franklin out powers Jack though Bico de Pato at 80 and pulls up to Sean's outside.

Jack takes it softer and run through Bico de Pato at 60, before pulling behind Sean.

Joshua keeps up his conservation practices as he runs Pinheirno though the inside at 60.