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Post 25 Jul 2018, 7:04 pm

The Crowd Roars as Bruce Munies makes a pass for the lead though Bico de Pato!

Soft Deadlin for Turn 22 is Friday at 9pm Eastern

Turn 21 Results

Justin does his best to keep his speed up as he runs around the outside of Bico de Pato at 60.

Bruce Munies sees this as an oppertunity and dials it to 80 as he Carves though Bico de Pato on the inside, and pulls out of the corner in the lead!

Bruce Rae also takes that oppertunity by following Bruce through and tucking in inside of Justin.

Franklin powers out of Pinheirno at 80, before tucking outside into the hole available in Bico de Pato

Chris finished his run through Pinheirno at 80 and pull up to Bico, behind Bruce.

Rob and Pepe run though Pinheirno at 80 and 60 respectivley before coming back side by side at the end of the corner.

Tony works his way though Pinheirno at 60, pulling up behind Pepe.

Sean slams the brakes hard (R 5) to goto 80 before runnign tight through turn 5 and wide through Pinheirno.

Jack slows to 100 as he pulls up to Turn 5, running Laranjinha wide.

Joshua runs Laranjinha wide as well at 140.
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Post 30 Jul 2018, 6:17 pm

The Crowd Excitement Continues as the Two Bruces are side by side entering Juncao!

RM Note: Soft Dealine Period is now over as WBC has finished. Deadlines now are once agian hard deadlines.

Deadline for Turn 23 is Wendesday at 9pm Eastern

Bruce Munies pounds his way down to Juncao at 120, tucking outside from the Apex.

With the inside advantage, outraces Justin out of the corner at 120 and is able to slide inside of Bruce Munies, setting up a challenge for the lead at Juncao!

Beat to the hole, Justin is forced to slam his breaks as the entry is blocked, but is able to slow down to 100 (R Mod 6) and pulls in behind Bruce Rae.

Franklin rolls out of Bico de Pato at 80 and sets himself up for Juncao.

Chris decides to take it easy on his ties and runs outside fo Bico de Pato at 60

Pepe wins the drag race into Bico on Rob and he carves though the inside at 60, pulling to Chris' outside.

Rob still much in tire conservation mode, pulls inside at 40.

With Rob hogging the inside of Bico, Tony runs wide at 60.

With his tires in fairly good shape still, Jack decides to power through, as he pushes 80, running inside at Turn 5 and Pinheirno.

Joshua sets up to do much the same as he plows though Turn 5 at 80 as well.
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Post 01 Aug 2018, 7:37 pm

Bruce Munies is able to undercut Bruce Rae to retake back the lead, as the field spread three wide behind him!

Deadline for Turn 24 is Firday at 9pm Eastern

Inside but off the line, Bruce Rae runs Juncoa at 100, running wide before ending inside,

With himself on the Apex, Bruce Munies is able to undercut him at 100, and pull back ahead for the lead, pulling out in front of him.

Justin follows Bruce though the Apex at 100, and pulls in beside Bruce Rae.

Franklin decides this is a good time to lay down rubber and races through Juncao at 140 along the Apex, pulling in beside Justin on the outside.

Pepe pushes his engine (R Mod 5) and out races Chris into Juncao at 120, tucking inside of the apex

Perferring not to wear his tires down to nothing yet, Chris lets Pepe go, before pulling up to the apex of Juncao at 100,

Rob uses his big engine to exit Bico at 120 and rolls up inside of Chris at Juncao.

Stuck outside of Bico de Pato, Tony maintains his speed of 60

Sean carves his way inside of Bico de Pato at 60, pulling outside of Tony

Jack follows Sean's move at 60, sitting himself in the Apex for the next corner.

Joshua runs Pinheirno though the inside at 80, and setups up for Bico De Pato on the next turn.
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Post 03 Aug 2018, 9:36 pm

As they blast down the striaghtaway, the roar of Franklin's engine is heard as he blasts away from the others and past Bruce Munies to take the Lead!

RM Note: My bad on not updating the leader at times in the thing above. Will try to do a better job of it should leads change agian.

Deadline for Turn 25 is Monday at 9pm Eastern

Bruce Munies pushes his engine to 160 as he tries to stay ahead of the approaching pack.

Franklin pushes his high powered engine to it's limits, as with some work he is able to get the car into the red as it blasts down the main straightaway at 200, pulling away from Justin and Bruce Rae, and passing Bruce Munies for the lead!

Justin watches Franklin go, and just tries to keep up with Bruce Munies at 160, pulling in behind him at the second kink in the straight.

Bruce Rae pushes his somewhat beleagured engine to 140, starting in Bruce's slip, however as he watches Justin slot in in front of him, he thinks better of it and tucks and breaks the slip on Bruce, tucking in behind Justin.

Pepe exits Juncao at 120 along the apex and pulls down the inside.

Rob and Chris run Juncao at 120 and 100, and end up in the same side by side position they were when they entered the corner.

Sean Hudson out runs Tony into Juncao, pulling up to the corner lip as he runs the Apex.

Tony follows Sean though at 100 along the same Apex.

Jack acclerates out of Bico at 100, setting up for Juncao.

Joshua runs through the inside of Bico de Pato at 60, setting up for Juncao as well.
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Post 06 Aug 2018, 11:37 pm

RM Note: Super sorry! I nearly spaced the turn. Due to the lateness also I'm gonna just let the graphic do the talking and just go with the major crib notes.

Leader: Franklin
Bruce Rae gets a slip off Justin
Rob rolls Top attempting 200. Rolls 7, succeeds
Rob passes Pepe for 5th
Sean rolls top Attempting 180 with 1 Skill. Rolls 12, modified to 11...Fails, moves 160, -20 Top.
Jack follows the Red Arrow through Juncaos at 100 for no Wear
Joshua follows the Red Arrow through Juncaos for 140 at the cost of 2 Wear.
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Post 07 Aug 2018, 4:21 am

The lap 2 sector 2 numbers
Sao Paulo C3 summary.png
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Post 08 Aug 2018, 6:40 pm

Tons of Tire Smoke is seen as the lead pack charges through and through Senna S as they begin the final lap!

Turn 27 is due Friday at 9pm Eastern

Franklin pulls up to Senna S slowing to 120 before slamming the breaks harder to force the car down to 100. It does so without much problem (R 7), and he slings though Senna S running wide before taking the apex to the second kink.

Justin out races Bruce Munies up to the corner at 100, before slamming the breaks just before(R Mod 8), and sliding to the inside.

Bruce simply watches him go before pulling up to the corner along the Apex at 80 as planned.

Bruce Rae attempts to join the party at 100, but he finds no room and is forced to break to 80(R 3), before electing to line up along the apex of the corner.

Rob blasts down the straightaway at 160, tucking to Bruce Rae's inside.

Pepe continues to casually run down the straightaway at 140 keeping to the inside.

Chris Hancock keeps on Pepe's tail as he pulls down the straight at 120, being carried by Pepe's slipstream.

Sean decides to cast caution ot the wind and try to get 160 out of his beleaguered engine. The response he gets is good(R Mod 8) and he blasts down the straight at that speed.

Tony works some quick shift work to get his engine up to 160(R Mod 1) as he blasts down the straight towards the line.

Jack goes 160 and pulls in tight at the bend.

Joshua pushes his engine for all it's got, and it answers(R Mod 5) sending him down the straight at 200. Unfortunately he catches Jack in the bend and has to take the long way around him, leading to them side by side as they run towards the line.
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Post 10 Aug 2018, 8:33 pm

Franklin sprints away from the pack as the field navigates Senna S.

RM Note: There is a minor chance of a correction due to NPR. Will see what is said first but please keep that in mind

Turn 28 is due Monday at 9pm Eastern

Clear of the chicane, Franklin goes 160 as he blasts down the straight.

Out racing Justin into the corner, Bruce Munies takes Senna S at 80, running through the line for 1 before dashing through the inside of the second kink.

Having no wear to use, Justin runs the corner around the outside for 60, and pulls into the position for the apex for the coming turn.

Rob seems to almost loose his way as he pulls into Senna S, slowling to 80, if a bit squirrly in doing so. Even so with Justin pulling wide for the Apex, he ends up coming out of Senna S on his inside.(NPR)

Bruce Rae expects a logjam coming up, and decies to simply pad the breaks, tucking to the sindie of Senna S at 40, keeping his nose out of the expect logjam ahead of him.

Pepe also has a bobble and slams the breaks heard to recover, slowing to 80 as he runs outside.(NPR)

Chris pulls up to the apex of the corner at 80.

Possibly expecting Chris to have dived into the corner, Sean attepts to take the apex at 120. With Chris there unfortunently, he is forces to dive inside off line.

Tony charges twoards the corner at 140 on the inside.

Joshua out races Jack out of the kink at 180, and uses his speed to pull up alongside Tony.

Jack watches Josh take off and just powers down the straight at a respectable 140.
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Post 11 Aug 2018, 7:26 am

Coyle and Haskell best the track record based mainly on thier runs through sector 3.
Sao Paulo C3 summary.png
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Post 11 Aug 2018, 3:46 pm

Correction to the turn due to misinterpretation of NPR. Pepe is one further ahead. No change to deadline
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Post 13 Aug 2018, 7:08 pm

Franklin continues his sprint away from the field as they complete Senna S

Turn 29 is Due Wendesday at 9pm Eastern

Franklin blasts down to turn 3 at 140

Bruce Munies does his best to follow him at 140

Rob and Justin roll though the second kink of Senna S at 100. Rob pulls ahead for a moment, but the extra speed allowed by running through the Apex allows him to pass back on the outside.

Pepe unfortunently still hasn't regathered himself as he runs the second kink at 100 around the outside and sits outside in the bend.(NPR)

Bruce Rae runs the kink though the inside at 80 and tucks inside of Pepe.

Sean Lays down rubber as he runs the outside of the first corner at 100 before running the apex of the second, pulling behind Bruce.

Chris goes more conservative, running 60 through both kinks inside.

Joshua blasts towards the corner at 120, and was going to be crazy, but with Chris slowing ahead, thinks better of it. Slamming the breaks to get to 100(R 3), he runs the line though the first kink.

Tony having missed the apex, runs the first kink of Senna S at 100 around the outside.

Jack sets up for Senna S on the Apex at 100.
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Post 15 Aug 2018, 8:24 pm

The Field Stretches out a little, forming 2 wide groups as Franklin rolls twoards Laranjina

Turn 30 is Due Friday at 9pm Eastern

RM Note: As we are about half way through lap three, I will be sending out the confirmation email for Race 2 - Indianapolis. Make sure to check for it, and possibly get build ideas started.

Franklin slows to 100 and eases it through turn 3, pulling inside through the bend as he sets up for Laranjina.

Bruce Munies goes 140 as he closes a little on his way up to Turn 3.

Justin rolls down the straight at 160, with Turn 3 looming.

Rob follows after Justin as he cranks his engine to full speed at 180 and pulls outside.

Pepe outdashes Bruce Rae through the curve at 160 with a push of his engine (R Mod 7) and pulls inside on the straight.

Bruce on the other hand takes it easy on his beleaguered engine at 120, but uses the powerful draft coming off Rob to pull himself up beside Pepe.

Sean rumbles down off the curb and inside at 140.

Chris pulls out of Senna S and rolls through the curve at 120.

Joshua continues to lay down rubber as he forces his car through the inside of the second kink at 120, pulling behind Chris.

Tony follows behind Josh at 140, darting through the kink's apex before pulling alongside.

Jack Blazes through Senna S though the first apex and then inside at 100.
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Post 17 Aug 2018, 7:09 pm

The Field Piles into Turn 3 as the leader works through Laranjina.

Turn 31 is due Monday at 9pm Eastern

Franklin picks back up to 120 as he slices through the inside of Laranjina working his way towards the tight part of the track.

Bruce Munies Turn 3 wide at 100 before diving inside on the ending kink.

With his tires down to the edge, Justin slows to 100 and pulls to the outside of turn 3. Rob tries to follow him through at 100, but with it now blocked by Justin he slams the breaks hard, and is able to keep the car under control enough to tuck inside at 80.

Pepe out drag races Bruce Rae to the corner at 120, pulling outside.

With Pepe's insertion, Bruce Rae finds the corner blocked off, and hits the breaks as well, slowing to 100 as he tucks into the corner's middle.

Sean clears the rest of the straight at 140 before tucking inside of Bruce Rae

Chris Hancock goes 160 and slide in behind Sean.

Joshua pushes his engine for all it's got and is successfully able to red line it to 200 as he blasts down the straightaway and pulls to the outside of Bruce Rae.

Tony watches Josh go, and casually goes 160, pulling in behind Chris.

Jack chases the others down the straight at 160.
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Post 20 Aug 2018, 8:34 pm

Franklin squeaks into turn 5 as the field works through 3 and piles down the straight

RM: I apologize for no reminder mail, but as noted that is no excuse for missing a turn. Its not a bad idea to post a move immediately after getting the mail, and if you don't see one, or don't see a rec reply, I'm always open for pokes!

Franklin slows to 60 and squeaks his way inside turn 5.

Bruce Munies slows to 120 and works his way through the inside of Laranjina

Justin out blasts Rob out of the corner and runs up to Laranjina at 160, running wide through the kink

Rob seems to have a bobble and is only able to get up to 120, pulling to the outside.(NPR)

Pepe clears the corner at 120 and races down twoards Laranjina

Bruce Rae and Joshua out race Sean into the corner at 140, running outside. Having the inside, Bruce beats Josh to the side of Pepe for the block and forces Josh to run outside at the kink.

Sean runs the inside of turn 3 at 120 and runs into the same problem Josh did, and is forced to also run the kink, pulling beside Josh.

Chris also seems to be lost in though as he slams the breaks and slows to 100, before running outside in Turn 3, and going the long way in the kink(NPR).

Tony slows to 120 and through the outside of Turn 3 before pulling inside.

Jack blasts up theough the inside of Turn 3 at 120, puling in behind Tony.
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Post 21 Aug 2018, 3:57 am

Coyle and Haskell one and two for the second consecutive sector
Sao Paulo C3 summary.png