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Post 08 Aug 2018, 3:47 pm

Turn 26

Another lead change, but for how long!

John orders 100 along the R/L for 2W and then the 100s cutting to the inside in front of Don
Don pulls back at 80, spending the wear in the first curve through the 60s
Tim and Fabio both order 120 with Tim taking the inside and Fabio the R/L
Jeff calls for 140 and chooses to hug the inner wall
Doug speeds at 160 grabbing the R/L
Will does the same (160) and finds room in the middle lane
Rando and Chris both call for 160 but Chris chooses the middle lane for the R/L possibility next turn, while Rando slides inside
Mike eases back to 140
Dave pushes the engine to 180 using 1S for a 9 and making Mike sweat even more!
Jim also grabs the dice cup with 2S for a top speed of 180, rolling a 6

Turn 27 due 10AUG18 at 4PM Pacific
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Post 11 Aug 2018, 5:40 pm

Turn 27

A big bunch in the curves

John speeds along the backstretch at 140
Don follows along at 120 with a slip
Tim spends 2W going 100 in 60 and then the line
Fabio spends 1W on the R/L at 80 and then the inside lane to take 3rd back
Jeff, Will and Doug all order 120 and late brake to 100, and Doug spends the extra wear to get to 80
Rando brake from his ordered 120 to a 100 and takes the 60s for 2W
Chris threads the needle at 100 on the line
Mike orders 120 on the line
Dave is 160 on the line
Jim calls for 140

Turn 28 in due Monday at 4PM Pacific
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Post 12 Aug 2018, 7:04 am

Welage and Tatum fastest for the race so far, separated by less than 1mph
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Post 13 Aug 2018, 8:20 pm

Turn 28

John and Don continue the duel...

John races to the corner at 140 middle lane
Don foregoes the slip and calls 160 to the outside
Tim pushes hies ACC with a naked 8 and takes it to 160
Fabio bides his time at 120
Jeff speeds to 160 and tucks in between Tim and Fabio
Will maintains 100
Chris wants 120 through the 100s for a wear
Doug wants 100 and has to take the corner wide to bleed off speed
Rando calls up 100 and draws even with Doug
Mike is the slowest this turn at 80, on the R/L and 1W
Dave spends 2W R/L and 1W in the second curve at 100
Jim spends 2W on the R/L at 100

Turn 29 due Wed at 4PM
Autodromo-Turn 28.png