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Post 04 Jun 2018, 9:44 pm

Turn 1

10 drivers push their start speed, and 9 make it!

Don and John roar their engines to life, and both roll for the start speed boost, making with 5s. Don takes the R/L, and John cuts to the inside
Tim and Fabio both roar to 120 also (Modified 2 and 5), and both cut to the inside, and avoid the R/L
Jeff chooses to not push his engine, but gets in position for the R/L next turn
Chris pushes his engine to 80 (Modified 4) and hugs the inner rail
Will revs to 80 (modified 5) and takes position behind Chris
Mike is the other car that plays it safe and travels 60 to the inside
Doug makes up 4 positions with his 120 (Modified 3) and sits outside of Chris
Rando rolls to make 40 (modified -1) and eases along the inside
Dave plans to jump past the slow starting car of Rando, but mis-shifts (Modified 9-FAIL) and loses initiative to Jim who pushed his car to 40 and tucks behind Rando, forcing Dave to the middle

Thank you for your patience on the commentary, I will continue to make the track better graphically, but will keep this format until tested.

I also had Doug on the outside lane, and Wills speed not in the chart (both corrected!)

Turn 2 due Wednesday 6JUN18 at 4PM Pacific.
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Post 06 Jun 2018, 6:37 pm

Turn 2

A failed roll brings some brake damage!

John speeds through the curves at 100, spending 2W in the first one, and R/L in the second
Don follows at 80 and takes the 60s and R/L
Tim and Fabio both order 120 and roll for a late brake to 100. Tim rolls a 10, damages his brakes, and spends 3 wear through the curves
Fabio makes +2 work with a 6, and spends a 3rd wear for the blocked lanes causing a late brake
Jeff spends 1W on the R/L at 80mph
Chris takes the R/L at 80
Doug cuts to the inside at 80
Will cruises at 100, but has to spend a wear to brake and take the line.
Mike cuts inside of Doug at 100
Rando, Dave and Jim all come up to speeds of 100, 120, 100

Turn 3 Due on Friday at 4PM Pacific
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Post 09 Jun 2018, 4:16 pm

Turn 3

Sorry for the delay, chaos over last turn and I wanted to give time for any changes.

John speeds up to 140
Don accelerates to 120
Tim continues his 120
Fabio keeps contact with a 100 around the outside of S2
Jeff keeps the line rolling with a 100 around S2 behind Fabio
Doug spend 2W at 100 on the outside of S1 and the R/L of S2
Chris spends 1W along the R/L and the inside of S2 and inside of Doug
Will takes the outside of S1 at 100 for 2W, and sits on the R/L for S2
Mike sits back a bit and follows Will at 80 and 1W
Dave sees an opening and takes the R/L of S1 for 2W at 100, passing the Grey car
Rando spends 2W for the 80mph on the 40 space of S1
Jim sits on the R/L at 80, biding his time

Turn 4 due Monday at 4PM Pacific 11JUN18
I audited the first two turns regarding wear and skill used. Couple of changes, nothing major. Let me know if I am in error. Sorry for the confusion on last turn.
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Post 11 Jun 2018, 4:37 pm

Turn 4

The leaders, a peleton and the trail pack are all on the long straightaway

John reaches the entrance of the corner and takes the middle lane at 140
Don follows behind at 160, settles into the slip position and makes up the gap
Tim cruises the Aposta at 140
Fabio does the same, but uses the slip to pull alongside
Jeff speeds along at 160 tucking in behind Tim
Doug and Chris both go 140 and the beneficiary of the slip (Doug) pulls ahead into the gap behind Jeff
Will gets a slip at 140 and pulls next to Chris
Mike uses the R/L at 120 for 1W and leads the trailing group
Dave gets to 100 and sits behind Mike
Rando uses the R/L at 120 for 1W and a slip, rolling outside of Mike
Jim spends 1W in Senna 1 at 80mph and takes Senna 2 for free, losing contact

Turn 5 Due 13JUN18 at 4PM Pacific
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Post 13 Jun 2018, 4:59 pm

Turn 5

The leaders spend 10W!

John spends 2W along the outside at 140
Don cuts inside at 100 for 1W and a slip
Tim spends 2W in the outside lane at 140
Fabio also spends 2W cutting along the 80s
Jeff makes it to the inside lane at 80 at 120 spending 2W
Doug spends 1W at 120 and takes it outside of Jeff
Chris and Will are side by side for 140
The remainder all cruise down the backstretch at 160
Jim spends 2S and rolls a 6 to make the ACC check
The letter D is today's lucky winner! Don, Dave, Doug all get the slip!
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Post 15 Jun 2018, 2:33 pm

Turn 6

2 leaders, a big pack, and 2 trailers

John and Don both go 120 and Don gets the slip as they go through the inside lane of the corner
Tim and Fabio both go 140, but Fabio takes the short way, and Tim the long way
Jeff goes 120 and makes contact
Doug continues his 120
Chris orders 100 and spends a wear on the inside lane
Will flies around the outside of the corner at 140 for 2W and pulls alongside Doug
Mike and Rando both order 2W around the outside at 140 closing up the peleton
Dave more cautiously calls for 100 and waits for his time.
Jim spends 2W at 140 and makes up ground on the pack

Turn 7 Due 18JUN18 at 4PM Pacific
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Post 16 Jun 2018, 6:26 am

Fastest overall field across all 4 circuits for sector 1
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Post 18 Jun 2018, 8:47 pm

Turn 7

The pack tightens in the curves!

John spends 2W at 80mph, gaining initiative, and and taking the 80s in the second curve
Don spends 1W at 60, tucking behind

Fabio spends orders 100, late brakes with 2S (Modified 0), and spends 2W in the curve (PLEASE NOTE CHANGED POSITION)

Tim has to baby his brakes, and rolls for the late brake (Naked 7) slowing to 100
Jeff also goes 100 pulling alongside Tim
Doug and Will cruise side by side at 100 and 120 respectively, with Will taking the outside lane
Chris calls for 100 and falls in line
Mike revs to 140, takes the outside and takes position behind Will
Rando orders 120 and it is a good thing he did with no space ahead. He stays to the outside
David orders 140 and makes up his gap on the peleton, sitting on the 140 space inside
Jim coming up fast at 140

Turn 8 due Wednesday at 4PM Pacific. We should be on time as long as the kitchen drain lines do not get clogged again at my house!
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Post 20 Jun 2018, 5:10 pm

Turn 8

The Pioneer wagon train rolls along through the curves and Jim catches the peleton!

John spends 2W at 80 in a 40 and readies his car for acceleration.
Don comes up short at 60
Fabio leads the peleton at 60
Tim spends 2W (80 in a 40) and takes it to the outer lane
Jeff cautiously spends 1W at 60 and keeps contact on the inside
Doug follows Tim at 2W at 80 in the 40 and then outer lane
Will has to spend 2W burn burn some speed at the outer lane 40s
Chris slows to 80 and late brakes to 60 to sit at the crux of the corner for 1W
Mike frantically finds a place for his car at 80mph and spends 2W following Will
Rando is also forced to the outside with a 2W penalty at 80
David orders 80, but is forced to spend 1W slowing to 60 as there is not any room ahead of him
Jim cruises calmly to the back of the pack at 100, regaining contact

Turn 9 due Friday at 4PM Pacific 22JUN18
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Post 23 Jun 2018, 8:22 am

Turn 9
Our leader breaks away!

John comes out of the curves at 120 and takes the line
Don takes the outside at 100 for 2W
Fabio cuts to the inside lane at 60 for 1W
Tim keeps it at 80 and spends a wear being forced to the outside lane
Jeff goes 80
Doug sits outside at 80
Will takes the outside at 80
Chris pushes his car 80 in the 60s for 1W to the outside
Mike gets the benefit and is able to cut inside for 1W with a 80 in the 60s
Rando maintains his 80 and spends a wear on the inside
Jim orders 60 for a wear
Dave orders 40 cautiously

Turn 10 due Monday at 4PM Pacific
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Post 25 Jun 2018, 5:12 pm

Turn 10

Slow going through the interior curves and 2 NPR!!! (Summertime partying?!?)

John speed up to 140 and pulls along straightaway, spending 2W in the curve
Don eases through the R/L at 100
Fabio speeds to 100 and eyes the line for next turn
Tim finishes the last corner at 80
Jeff comes alongside Tim at 100, for a 2W tire scrub (100 in the 60s)
Doug spends 1W following at 80 in the 60s
Will also spends 1W for 80 in the 60s
Chris NPRs and slows to 60 taking the outside lane
Mike is forced inside for a 1W on the 40s at 60mph (RM NOTE: His wear was wrongfully taken last turn; corrected)
Rando is distracted by the sunny weather, dreaming of his weekend yachting and slows to 60
Jim and Dave both order 60 as well

Turn 11 is due Wednesday at 4PM Pacific. If there are errors, please let me know, and I will resolve them. Happy Summer all!
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Post 27 Jun 2018, 5:11 pm

Turn 11

A dice roll missed, and the leaders fly toward the S/F line!

John calls for 140
Don orders 140
Fabio speeds around the curve R/L at 120 with 1S on the roll for a chance table roll of 6! He stays on the track!
Jeff orders 120 with a 1W tire scrape on the line
Tim keeps it at 100 on the R/L
Doug makes a move! Orders 140 with a roll of 10, his engine says no comprendo and his engine compression takes a hit. He is forced outside for 1W
Will takes the line at 120 for 1W
Mike and Chris both want the line and order 120, but Mike has to roll. He makes it with a 7, gets initiative and the line
Rando comes out of the corner at 60
Jim follows behind Rando with a 40
Dave takes the outside lane at 60 completing the line

Turn 12 due Friday 29JUN18 at 4PM Pacific

Jeff is at 11 wear. It will be corrected next map
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Post 29 Jun 2018, 3:48 pm

Turn 12

The straightaway thins out!

John flies to the outside lane at 140
Don speeds up to 160
Fabio spends 1S to test his tops speed to 160 (mod 9) - He sure knows his engine's capabilities!
Jeff speeds along at 160
Tim pushes his engine to 140 and takes a slip to maintain position behind Jeff
Doug maintains his 120
Will continues the R/L and is pushed to the right wing of Doug
Mike and Chris both cruise the curve at 120, but Mike has the R/L and pulls behind Doug
Rando rips along the R/L at 1W for 120 in the 100 R/L
Jim goes 100 and parks on the R/L
Dave orders 120, and wants the line, but Jim denies that option, forcing Dave inside.

Turn 13 due Monday 1JUL18 at 4PM Pacific
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Post 02 Jul 2018, 5:16 pm

Turn 13

An uneventful turn, but 180 mph wows the crowd!

John spends 2W and takes the R/L at 100
Don revs it to 140 and sits on the line
Fabio flies on the straightaway at 140 as well
Jeff eases back to 140
Tim takes it at 140 also and slides alongside with a slip
Doug comes out of the kink at 140
Will pushes his top speed with a roll of 4 (naked), and cheers from the crowd erupt!
Mike wanted a slip, but his speed exceeds Doug's by going 160. He pulls alongside Doug
Chris gets a slip off of Mike, and makes it three-wide with his 160!
Rando speeds up to 160
Jim takes the R/L at 100
Dave takes the 80s at 120, putting Jim on his rear spoiler

Turn 14 due 4JUL18 at 4PM Pacific
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Post 04 Jul 2018, 4:42 am

Welage and Tatum 1 & 2 again
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