Plenty of action, so this took me a while to adjudicate and it is pushing midnight (past my bedtime), so if I have made mistakes, please forgive me.

A reminder/note for you all on deadline which have been extended. If a deadline is extended, you may all submit orders up until the new deadline, even if the original deadline had passed and your previously submitted orders were marked final. In fact, I will accept orders up until the time I publish the adjudication, though of course you delay to that point at your own risk.

Deadline for Fall Retreat 1702 is Thursday, 12 April 2018, 8:00 p.m. New York time.

Press: Yup. :^)

Persian Press: Wounded Persian tiger for sale: looking for a good home who wants to use the tiger for revenge purposes. Send inquiries to Shah in Khiva.


All orders succeed {unless a reason for failure is indicated in wiggly brackets}.
Look for errors, PLEASE.

Orders/Builds/Disbands, (all as written)
Present number, Victory Criterion and names of Supply Centers owned, with full strength Supply Centers in CAPS
Number of Units, Units on the board, with full-strength units in CAPS

Austria: Leif Syverson, ichthysghotiATgmailDOTcom

A Ragusa - Bosnia
F Adriatic - Naples
A Timisvar - Ruthenia
A Budapest - Szolnok
A Milan – Savoy {No, 1v1}
A Bavaria - Tyrolia

6 (of 36): BUDA. PRAGUE, Ragusa, Venice, VIENNA, Wurttemberg

China: Steve Emmert, steve.emmertATicloudDOTcom

F East China Sea - Sea of Japan
F Shanghai - East China Sea
A Korea holds
A Shandong holds
A Nepal supports A Taungoo

5 (f 30): Beijing, Kham, Korea, Nanjing, Shanghai
(5) f East China Sea, a Korea, a Nepal, a Shandong, f Sea of Japan

Denmark: Bob Kirk, bobkirkATmybluelightDOTcom

f Akan - Bight of Benin
f Charlotte-Amalie - Antillean Sea
F CHRISTIANIA - North Sea {No, 1v1v2}
a Dahomey Hold
A OLDENBURG - Amsterdam {No, 1v1}
F SKAGERRAK - Copenhagen {No, 1v1}
f Tranquebar - Pondicherry

7 (of 37): Charlotte-Amalie, CHRISTIANIA, Christiansborg, COPENHAGEN, Hanover, Reykjavik, Tranquebar
(7) f Antillean Sea, f Bight of Benin, F CHRISTIANIA, a Dahomey, A OLDENBURG, f Pondicherry, F SKAGERRAK

England: Nathan Deily, ndeilyATyahooDOTcom

A Ojibwe S A Muscogee - Lower Louisiana {No, no such unit}
F Bogota (NC) S F Havana – WCS {Void, F Havana, unordered, holds, dislodged 0.5v1, may retreat to Darien(nc), West Caribbean Sea or disband}
F Norwegian Sea - Reykjavik
F North Sea – Amsterdam {No, 1v1}
F Edinburgh - Icelandic Sea
F London-North Sea {No, no self dislodgement}
F English Channel S F London-North Sea
F Banjul S F Goree H
F Bombay - Malabar Sea {No, 0.5v1, dislodged 0.5v1, no retreats, disbanded}
F Khandesh S F Bombay-Malabar Sea {No, cut}
A Taungoo H

12 (of 40): Banjul, Bombay, BRISTOL, Calcutta, Edinburgh, Havana, Jamestown, LONDON, New York, Ojibwe, Port Royal, Taungoo
(11) f ?, f Banjul, F ENGLISH CHANNEL, f Havana, f Khandesh, f Icelandic Sea, F LONDON, a Missouri, F NORTH SEA, F REYKJAVIK, a Taungoo

France: Riley Flischel, riley.flischelATgmailDOTcom

Fleet Gulf of Mexico move to Mexico City East Coast
Army Muscogee move to Lower Louisiana
Fleet Cap-Francais move to East Caribbean Sea
Fleet Goree support fleet Banjul to Bight of Benin {No, void, no such order}
Army Occitania move to Marseilles
Army Paris support army Occitania to Marseilles
Fleet West Mediterranean Sea move to Balearic Sea {No, 1v1}
Fleet Pondicherry support fleet Tranquebar to Bay of Bengal {No, void, dislodged 0.5v1, no retreats, disbanded}

8 (of 42): Cap-Francais, Goree, MARSEILLES, Muscogee, NANTES, PARIS, Pondicherry,Quebec
(7) f East Caribbean Sea, f Goree, a Lower Louisiana,. A MARSEILLES, f MexicoCity (ec), A PARIS, F WEST MEDITERRANEAN SEA

India: Rob Draniczarek, robert.draniczarekATgmailDOTcom

A Sind – Hormuz
A Punjab – Heart {No, 0.5v0.5}
A Gujarat support Malabar - Bombay
A Golconda support Tranquebar - Pondicherry
A Tibet - Oudh

5 (of 30): Agra, Dzungaria, Hyderabad, Lahore, Mysore
(5) a Golconda, a Gujarat, a Hormuz, a Oudh, a Punjab

Netherlands: Mike Morris, mikemorris101ATyahooDOTcom

A Ayutthaya H
F Aceh S F Gulf of Siam - Bay of Bengal
F Arakan S F Bay of Bengal - Taungoo
F Bay of Bengal – Taungoo {No, 1v1}
F Cape Town - Namibian Sea
F East Caribbean Sea - Port Royal
F Gulf of Siam - Bay of Bengal {No, no self dislodgement}
F Nantes H
A Orinoco S A Venezuela - Bogota
F Sunda Sea - de Vlamingh's Land

10 (of 37): Aceh, AMSTERDAM, Batavia, Brunei, Capetown, Colombo, Curacao, Fort Zeelandia, Makassar, Malacca
(10) a Ayutthaya, f Aceh, f Arakan, f Bay of Bengal, f de Vlamingh’s Land, f Gulf of Siam, f Namibian Sea, F NANTES, a Orinoco, f Port Royal

Oman: Cristiano Corte Restitutti, ccrdipATgmailDOTcom

F Arabian Sea S F Malabar Sea {No, void}
A Qatif S A Sind to Hormuz
A Kimbundu to Luba
A Zanj, NMR
F Madagascar, NMR

5 (of 30): Kongo, Mombasa, Muscat, Yemen, Zanzibar
(5) f Arabian Sea, a Luba, f Madagascar Sea, a Qatif, a Zanj Coast

Persia: Garry Bledsoe, kielmarchAThotmailDOTcom

A Ural-Kazan
A Merv-Khiva
A Isfahan-Hormuz {No, 0.5v1.5, dislodged 0.5v1, may retreat to Circassia, Khorasan or disband}
A Herat s Isfahan-Hormuz {No, cut}

4 (of 30): Herat, Hormuz, Khiva, Isfahan
(4) a?, a Herat, a Kazan, a Khiva

Poland: David Ling, lindav123AThotmailDOTcom

A Rut - Pod
A Wal – Mol {No, 1v1}
A War - Vil
A Bra H {No, 1v2, dislodged, may retreat to Hanover, Hesse, Mazovia, Saxony, Silesia or disband}
A Mst - Ozi

5 (of 36): Brandenburg, Lvov, Vilnius, Wallachia, Warsaw

Portugal: Matthieu Goudreau, Matthieu.GoudreauATunbDOTca

F - Madrid Hold
F - Gulf of Cadiz to Morocco
f - Mozambique Channel Support: a Luba to Mozambique
f - Bight of Biafra to Banguela
a - Venezuela to Bogota
a - Luba to Mozambique
a - Guarania to Missiones
a - Lunda to Rozwi
f - Malabar Sea to Bombay
f - Goa to Khandesh {No, 0.5v0.5}
f - South China Sea to Manila
f - Philippine Sea to West Pacific Ocean

12 (of 37): Benguela, Benin, Cayenne, Goa, LISBON, Macau, Madrid, Mozambique, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Timor, Vietnam
(12) f Benguela, a Bogota, f Bombay, f Goa, F MADRID, f Manila, a Missiones, F MOROCCO, a Mozambique, f Mozambique Channel, a Rozwi, f West Pacific Ocean

Russia: Randolph Ruff, ruffhaus8ATaolDOTcom

f Icelandic Sea - North Atlantic Ocean
a Vologda - Arkhangelsk
A MOSCOW - Volgda
A Tyer - KIEV
a Crimea – Ozi {No, 0.5v1}
a Taymiria - Toblosk
a Turkestan supports A Bukhara - Merv
a Bukhara - Merv
f Aleutian Sea - Alaska

9 (of 38): Arkhangelsk, Bukhara, Crimea, Irkutsk, Kazan, KIEV, Okhotsk, MOSCOW, Tobolsk
(9) f Alaska, a Arkhangelsk, a Crimea, A KIEV, a Merv, f North Atlantic Ocean, a Tobolsk, a Turkestan, A VOLOGDA

Spain: Gill Merry, gilmerry11ATgmailDOTcom

f GSC to California
a Tex to Apa
f Bil to GOM
a MoC hold
f Edo hold
A Barcelona to Nav
A Mar to Sav {No, 1v1, dislodged 1v2, may retreat to Switzerland, Upper Burgundy or disband}
A Sav to Lig
-f TyS support
F BaS hold

10 (of 42): BARCELONA, Biloxi, Bogota, Lima, Manila, Mexico City, MILAN , Mosquito Coast, Rome, Savoy
(10) A ?, A Apacheria, F BALEARIC SEA, f California, f Edo, f Gulf of Mexico, A LIGURIA, a Mosquito Coast, A NAVARRE, f Tyrrhenian Sea

Sweden: Martin Aberg, talleyrandATteliaDOTcom

A Karelia - Tallinn
A Livonia - Courland
A Stettin - Brandenburg
A Mecklenburg S A Stettin – Brandenburg
F Baltic Sea – Copenhagen {No, 1v1}

5 (of 37): Courland, STETTIN, STOCKHOLM, TALLINN, Turku

Turkey: Evan Miller, miller.evan107ATgmailDOTcom

Darfur - Bornu
Kars - Isfahan
Luristan S: Sind - Hormuz
Abruzzi - Rome
Naples - Adriatic Sea {No, 0.5v1, dislodged 0.5v1, may retreat to Abruzzi(ec), Abruzzi(wc), Gulf of Libya or disband}
Gulf of Libya - Tunis
Moldavia S: Timisvar – Ruthenia {No, cut}
Black Sea S: Moldavia Hold
Anatolia - Baghdad

9 (of 39): Baghdad, Cairo, Ethiopia, KONSTANTINIYYE, Moldavia, Naples, SALONIKA, SMYRNA, Tunis