All orders in and timely. Thank you. Note, we have a misorder. Per the house rules, a missing unit designation (army or fleet) will not invalidate an order, but an inaccurate designation will. Be careful, people.

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Deadline for Spring Retreat 1702 is Tuesday, 2 April 2018, 8:00 pm. New York time. If the lone retreat is sent early and labeled final, I will adjudicate early.

Press: We have some. :^)
Anonymous: Well, 1702 is upon us and time for dithering is gone. Neutrals have been claimed, apologies for confusing moves made and lies told. The only question that remains - who did you believe and did you guess right? Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war boys!
Beijing to Board: Don’t think I don’t know. I’ve heard all the jokes you’ve been secretly exchanging: “Once you take one of China’s dots, you’ll feel the need to take another one an hour later.” “How many Chinese units does it take to replace a light bulb? We’ll never know; they’re still in the Dark Ages.” Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just wait’ll I send a couple of junks your way, laden with cannon. And we invented gunpowder!
Persian Times - December 1701 : Hormuz, PERSIA: Undisclosed source from the capitol say that the Shah has finally fired his calligrapher. For years this distinguished news source has been reporting on the shoddy work produced by Sulidumb the Auto-Corrector, the court calligrapher. Various reports have highlighted that clear issues with delineating the differences between o's and i's has cost many a merchant precious coin. Our source now reports that the Shah has been bitten by the o vs. i bug and has exiled Sulidumb from Persia.


All orders succeed {unless a reason for failure is indicated in wiggly brackets}.
Look for errors, PLEASE.

Orders/Builds/Disbands, (all as written)
Present number, Victory Criterion and names of Supply Centers owned, with full strength Supply Centers in CAPS
Units on the board, with full-strength units in CAPS

Austria: Leif Syverson, ichthysghotiATgmailDOTcom

A Wurtemberg - Bavaria
A Venice - Milan
A Budapest - Timisivar
A Prague - Budapest
F Vienna - Adriatic
F Ragusa – Albania {No, no such unit}

6 (of 36): BUDA. PRAGUE, Ragusa, Venice, VIENNA, Wurttemberg

China: Steve Emmert, steve.emmertATicloudDOTcom

F Beijing-East China Sea
F Shanghai supports F Beijing-East China Sea
A Korea holds
A Shandong holds
A Kham-Nepal

5 (f 30): Beijing, Kham, Korea, Nanjing, Shanghai
(5) f East China Sea, a Korea, a Nepal, a Shandong, f Shanghai

Denmark: Bob Kirk, bobkirkATmybluelightDOTcom

f Akan - Bight of Benin {No, 0.5v0.5v0.5}
f Charlotte-Amalie Hold
F CHRISTIANIA - Norwegian Sea {No, 1v1.5}
a Christiansborg - Dahomey
F COPENHAGEN - Skagerrak
A HANOVER - Oldenburg
F Tranquebar Hold

7 (of 37): Charlotte-Amalie, CHRISTIANIA, Christiansborg, COPENHAGEN, Hanover, Reykjavik, Tranquebar
(7) f Akan, f Charlotte-Amalie, F CHRISTIANIA, a Dahomey, A OLDENBURG, F SKAGERRAK, F Tranquebar

England: Nathan Deily, ndeilyATyahooDOTcom

A Ojibwe-Missouri
F Havana S Fench F Antillean Sea-Gulf of Mexico
F West Caribbean Sea - Bogota
F Edinburgh S F North Sea-Norwegian Sea
F English Channel-North Sea
F North Sea-Norwegian Sea
F London S F English Channel-North Sea
F Bristol - English Channel
F Banjul - Bight of Benin {No, 0.5v0.5v0.5}
F Bombay-Malabar Sea {No, 1v1}
F Khandesh S F Bombay-Malabar Sea
A Taungoo H

12 (of 40): Banjul, Bombay, BRISTOL, Calcutta, Edinburgh, Havana, Jamestown, LONDON, New York, Ojibwe, Port Royal,
(12) f Banjul, f Bogota(nc), f Bombay, f Edinburgh, F ENGLISH CHANNEL, f Havana, f Khandesh, F LONDON, a Missouri, F NORTH SEA, F NORWEGIAN SEA, a Taungoo

France: Riley Flischel, riley.flischelATgmailDOTcom

Army Muscogee move to Lower Louisiana {No, 0.5v0.5}
Fleet Antillean Sea move to Gulf of Mexico
Fleet Cap-Francais move to East Caribbean Sea {No, 0.5v0.5}
Fleet Goree move to Bight of Benin {No, 0.5v0.5v0.5}
Fleet Gulf of Cadiz move to West Mediterranean Sea
Army Occitania support Army Marseilles to hold {No, cut}
Army Marseilles support Occitania to hold (No, cut, dislodged 1v2, may retreat to Paris, Upper Burgundy or disband}
Fleet Pondicherry move to Bay of Bengal {No, 0.5v1}

8 (of 42): Cap-Francais, Goree, MARSEILLES, Muscogee, NANTES, PARIS, Pondicherry,
(8) A ?, f Cap-Francais, f Goree, f Gulf of Mexico, a Muscogee, A OCCITANIA, f Pondicherry, F WEST MEDITERRANEAN SEA

India: Rob Draniczarek, robert.draniczarekATgmailDOTcom

A Lahore - Sind
A Kashmir - Punjab
A Dzungaria - Tibet
A Mysore - Gujarat
A Hyderabad - Golconda

5 (of 30): Agra, Dzungaria, Hyderabad, Lahore, Mysore
(5) a Golconda, a Gujarat, a Punjab, a Sind, a Tibet

Netherlands: Mike Morris, mikemorris101ATyahooDOTcom

F Aceh S F Malacca - Bay of Bengal
F Bay of Bengal - Arakan
F Brunei - Gulf of Siam
F Cape Town S F South Atlantic Ocean - Mozambique Channel
A Chaiya - Ayutthaya
F East Caribbean Sea C A Cayenne - Venezuela
A Fort Zeelandia - Orinoco
F Makassar - Sunda Sea
F Malacca - Bay of Bengal
F Normandy – Nantes

10 (of 37): Aceh, AMSTERDAM, Batavia, Brunei, Capetown, Ceylon, Curacao, Fort Zeelandia, Makassar, Malacca
(10) a Ayutthaya, f Aceh, f Arakan, f Bay of Bengal, f Cape Town, f East Caribbean Sea, f Gulf of Siam, F NANTES, a Orinoco, f Sunda Sea

Oman: Cristiano Corte Restitutti, ccrdipATgmailDOTcom

A Kongo - Kimbundu
A Mombasa - Zanj Coast
F Madagascar Sea S Mombasa - Zanj Coast
F Zanzibar - Arabian Sea
A Yeman - Qatif

5 (of 30): Kongo, Mombasa, Muscat, Yemen, Zanzibar
(5) f Arabian Sea, a Kimbundu, f Madagascar Sea, a Qatif, a Zanj Coast

Persia: Garry Bledsoe, kielmarchAThotmailDOTcom

A Isfahan - Circassia {No, 0.5v0.5}
A Khiva - Ural
A Merv – Turkestan {No, 0.5v1}
A Herat Holds

4 (of 30): Herat, Hormuz, Khiva, Isfahan
(4) a Herat, a Isfahan, a Merv, a Ural

Poland: David Ling, lindav123AThotmailDOTcom

A Lvo - Rut
A Wal S A Lvo - Rut
A Vil - Mst
A War S A Bra H
A Bra H

5 (of 36): Brandenburg, Lvov, Vilnius, Wallachia, Warsaw + + MAY BUILD 2

Portugal: Matthieu Goudreau, Matthieu.GoudreauATunbDOTca

F - Madrid support: F - Lisbon to Gulf of Cadiz
F - Lisbon to Gulf of Cadiz
f - South Atlantic Ocean to Mozambique Channel
f - Benin to Bight of Biafra
a - Cayenne to Venezuela (via dutch convoy)
a - Mozambique to Luba
a - Rio de Janeiro to Guarania
a - Banguela to Lunda
f - Malabar Sea convoy: a Mysore to Gujarat
f - Goa to Support: f Malabar Sea (hold)
f - Vietnam to South China Sea
f - Timor to Philippine Sea

12 (of 37): Benguela, Benin, Cayenne, Goa, LISBON, Macau, Madrid, Mozambique, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Timor, Vietnam
(12) f Bight of Biafra, f Goa, a Guarania, F GULF OF CADIZ, a Lunda, F MADRID, a Luba, f Malabar Sea, f Mozambique Channel, f Philippine Sea, f South China Sea, a Venezuela

Russia: Randolph Ruff, ruffhaus8ATaolDOTcom

f Norwegian Sea - Icelandic Sea
a Arkangelsk - Vologda
A MOSCOW - Novgorod {No, 1v1}
A KIEV - Tyer
a Crimea - Circassia {No, 0.5v0.5}
a Bukhara supports a Evenkia - Turkestan
a Evenkia - Turkestan
a Siberia - Taymiria
f Okhotsk - Aleutian Sea

9 (of 38): Arkhangelsk, Bukhara, Crimea, Irkutsk, Kazan, KIEV, Okhotsk, MOSCOW, Tobolsk
(9) a Aleutian Sea, a Bukhara, a Crimea, f Icelandic Sea, A MOSCOW, a Taymiria, a Turkestan, A TVER, a Vologda

Spain: Gill Merry, gilmerry11ATgmailDOTcom

fleet Rome to TyS
ARMY Sav to Mar
-FLEET BaS support Army Sav to Mar
ARMY Milan to Sav
ARMY Barcelona to Occ {No, 1v1}
fleet ECS to Edo
fleet Gulf of California to GCS
army Texas to LLo {No, 0.5v0.5}
fleet Bil to GOM {No, 0.5v1}
army MoC hold

10 (of 42): BARCELONA, Biloxi, Bogota, Lima, Manila, Mexico City, MILAN , Mosquito Coast, Rome, Savoy
(10) F BALEARIC SEA, A BARCELONA, f Biloxi, f Edo, f Gulf of Santa Catalina, A Marseilles, a Mosquito Coast, A SAVOY, f Tyrrhenian Sea, a Texas

Sweden: Martin Aberg, talleyrandATteliaDOTcom

A Novgorod - Karelia
A Livonia – Novgorod {No, 1v1}
A Courland - Mecklenburg
A Stettin S A Courland - Mecklenburg
F Baltic sea C A Courland – Mecklenburg

5 (of 37): Courland, STETTIN, STOCKHOLM, TALLINN, Turku

Turkey: Evan Miller, miller.evan107ATgmailDOTcom

Naples - Abruzzi
Gulf of Libya - Naples
Salonika (WC) - Gulf of Libya
Moldavia Holds
Konstantinyye - Kars
Black Sea Convoy: Konstantinyye - Kars
Smyrna - Anatolia
Baghdad - Luristan
Ethiopia - Darfur

9 (of 39): Baghdad, Cairo, Ethiopia, KONSTANTINIYYE, Moldavia, Naples, SALONIKA, SMYRNA, Tunis