The dance of Nations begins! All orders in and timely--keep it up folks. I would appreciate it if the subject line of any email containing orders has the game, turn, nationality and status of orders in it. Something along the lines of “DotE Playtest Fall 1703 Ethiopian Preliminary Orders” or “Enlightenment Winter 1702 Iroquois Final Builds”.

I am shortening our interval toward a more normal time frame, but for now I do still want to give a little extra time as everyone acclimates, so Deadline for Fall, 1701 is Thursday, 22 March 2018, 8:00 p.m., New York Time.

Press: None.


All orders succeed {unless a reason for failure is indicated in wiggly brackets}.
Look for errors, PLEASE.

Orders/Builds/Disbands, (all as written)
Present number, Victory Criterion and names of Supply Centers owned, with full strength Supply Centers in CAPS
Units on the board, with full-strength units in CAPS

Austria: Leif Syverson, ichthysghotiATgmailDOTcom

A Prague - Bavaria
A Vienna - Bosnia
A Budapest - Vienna


China: Steve Emmert, steve.emmertATicloudDOTcom

A Beijing — Shengjing
A Nanjing — Gansu
A Shanghai — Shandong

3 (f 30): Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai
A Gsnsu, a Shandong, a Shengjing

Denmark: Bob Kirk, bobkirkATmybluelightDOTcom

F Charlotte-Amalie Support F New York - Antillean Sea
F Christiania - Skagerrak
F Christiansborg - Bight of Benin {No, 1v1}
A Copenhagen - Mecklenburg
F Reykjavik - Norwegian Sea
F Tranquebar - Malabar Sea {No, 1v1v1}

6 (of 37): Charlotte-Amalie, CHRISTIANIA, Christiansborg, COPENHAGEN, Reykjavik, Tranquebar
f Charlotte-Amalie, f Christiansborg, A MECKLENBURG, f Norwegian Sea, F SKAGERRAK, F Tranquebar

England: Nathan Deily, ndeilyATyahooDOTcom

F Port Royal - West Caribean Sea
A Jamestown - Illinois
F New York - Antillean Sea
F Edinburgh S F London-North Sea
F London-North Sea
F Bristol - English Channel
F Bombay - Malabar Sea {No, 1v1v1}
A Calcutta - Assam
F Banjul - Bight of Benin {No, 1v1}

9 (of 40): Banjul, Bombay, BRISTOL, Calcutta, Edinburgh, Jamestown, LONDON, New York, Port Royal
f Antillean Sea, a Assam, f Banjul, f Bombay, f Edinburgh, F ENGLISH CHANNEL, a Illinois, F NORTH SEA, f West Caribbean Sea

France: Riley Flischel, riley.flischelATgmailDOTcom

Army Biloxi move to Lower Louisiana
Fleet Quebec move to Gulf of Saint Lawrence
Fleet Cap-Francais move to East Caribbean Sea {No, 1v1}
Army Cayenne hold
Fleet Goree move to Gulf of Cadiz {No, 0.5v1}
Fleet Nantes move to Bay of Biscay
Army Paris move to Occitania
Army Marseilles move to Savoy {No, 1v1}
Fleet Pondicherry move to Bay of Bengal {No, 1v1}

9 (of 42): Biloxi, Cap-Francais, Cayenne, Goree, MARSEILLES, NANTES, PARIS, Pondicherry, Quebec
F BAY OF BISCAY, F Cap-Francais, a Cayenne, f Goree, f Gulf of Saint Lawrence, a Lower Louisiana, A MARSEILLES, A OCCITANIA, f Pondicherry

India: Rob Draniczarek, robert.draniczarekATgmailDOTcom

A Lahore - Ferghana
A Agra - Tibet
A Hyderabad - Bijapur

3 (of 30): Agra, Hyderabad, Lahore
a Bijapur, A Ferghana, A Tibet

Netherlands: Mike Morris, mikemorris101ATyahooDOTcom

F Amsterdam S F London - North Sea
F Batavia - Sumatran Sea
F Cape Town H
F Colombo - Bay of Bengal {No, 1v1}
F Curacao - East Caribbean Sea {No, 1v1}
A Fort Zeelandia S A Salvador - Amazonas
F Makassar - Philippine Sea
A Malacca - Malaya

8 (of 37): AMSTERDAM, Batavia, Capetown, Ceylon, Curacao, Fort Zeelandia, Makassar, Malacca
F AMSTERADAM, f Cape Town, f Colombo, f Curacao, a Fort Zeelandia, a Malaya, f Philippine Sea, f Sumatran Sea,

Oman: Cristiano Corte Restitutti, ccrdipATgmailDOTcom


3 (of 30): Mombasa, Muscat, Zanzibar
a Bunyoro, a Hadramaut, f Madagascar Sea

Persia: Garry Bledsoe, kielmarchAThotmailDOTcom

A Hor-Qat {No, 1v1}
A Isf-Kho
A Her-Mer

3 (of 30): Heart, Hormuz, Isfahan
a Hormuz, a Khorasan, a Merv

Poland: David Ling, lindav123AThotmailDOTcom

A Lvo - Rut
A Vil - Maz
A War – Bra {No, 1v1}

3 (of 36): Lvov, Vilnius, Warsaw

Portugal: Matthieu Goudreau, Matthieu.GoudreauATunbDOTca

F - Lisbon to Gulf of Cadiz {No, 1v1}
a - Salvador to Amazonas
f - Rio De Janeiro to Sea of Pernambuco
f - Benguela to Bight of Biafra
a - Mozambique to Luba
f - Goa to Malabar Sea {No, 1v1v1}
f - Macau to Guangzhou
f - Timor support: f - Makassar to Philippine Sea

8 (of 37): Benguela, Goa, LISBON, Macau, Mozambique, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Timor
a Amazonas, f Bight of Biafra, f Goa, f Guangzhou, F GULF OF CADIZ, A Luba, f Sea of Pernambuco, F Timor

Russia: Randolph Ruff, ruffhaus8ATaolDOTcom

f Archangelsk - White Sea
A MOSCOW - Novgorod
A KIEV - Tyer
a Kazan - Circassia
a Tobolsk - Turkestan
a Irkutsk - Tunguska
a Okhotsk - Yakutia

7 (of 38): Arkhangelsk, Irkutsk, Kazan, KIEV, Okhotsk, MOSCOW, Tobolsk
a Circassia, A NOVGOROD, a Tunguska, a Turkestan, A TVER, f White Sea, a Yakutia

Spain: Gill Merry, gilmerry11ATgmailDOTcom

fleet Lima to Gulf of Panama
army Bogota to Darien
fleet Havana to Gulf of Mexico
army Mexico City to New Leon
fleet Manila to South China Sea
ARMY Milan to Savoy {No, 1v1}
FLEET Barcelona to Balearic Sea
ARMY Madrid to Barcelona
fleet Naples to Abruzzi(WC)

9 (of 42): BARCELONA, Bogota, Havana, Lima, MADRID, Manila, Mexico City, MILAN, Naples
f Abruzzi (wc), F BALEARIC SEA, A BARCELONA, a Darien, f Gulf of Mexico, f Gulf of Panama, A MILAN, a New Leon, f South China Sea

Sweden: Martin Aberg, talleyrandATteliaDOTcom

F Stockholm – Baltic Sea
A Turku – Tallinn
A Tallinn – Livonia
A Stettin – Brandenburg {No, 1v1}


Turkey: Evan Miller, miller.evan107ATgmailDOTcom

Tunis - Gulf of Libya
Salonika - Albania
Kns - Black Sea
Smyrna - Anatolia
Cairo - Sudan
Baghdad – Qatif {No, 1v1}

6 (of 39): Baghdad, Cairo, KONSTANTINIYYE, SALONIKA, SMYRNA, Tunis
A ALBANIA, A ANATOLIA, A Baghdad, F BLACK SEA, f Gulf of Libya, A Sudan