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Post 14 Feb 2018, 11:48 pm

Hello and welcome all racers and fans to the third leg of this seasons Circuit at Estoril. The drivers have setup at the line and the engines are preparing to go.

Before we go over results a brief mention from the RM:

So for some reason(perhaps it was the short timing, I dunno), we had 3 no bids(1 late, 2 no answer) for the race. Due to this I am going to quickly reinterate some things.

1. Unless something is noted differently, turns will Run M/W/F with a deadline of 11pm. All adjustments are temporary and will be noted when they occur. There are times when i may take a late move if I have not processed the turn, but do not bet on it.
2. Remeber that NPRs have been restricted. No more than 3 NPRs a lap and 4 for the race.
3. If anyone need help due to stuff going on, you are always welcome to let me know and plan ahead, and I will also help with said planning if needed.

With that, the Pole Bid was preety straight forward. Rob will lead us off with a bid of 8.5 and is met on his outside by Mario with a bid of 6. Bids from there decreased downward until you reached 0, in which several drivers rolled up for spots. Bid results are below.

With that in mind, Turn 1 is due Friday Feburary 16th at 11pm Eastern! Good Luck!
Estoril Pole Bid.png
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Post 19 Feb 2018, 11:38 pm

and the lights are out, and they are off! Several drivers time their clutch well, and get a jump, especially Joshua who begins to charge though the field.

RM Note: As with Race 2, Drivers Standings will be posted after Turn 3, so as to let the field sort itself out a little.

Turn 2 is due Monday Feb 20th at 11pm Eastern. Keep in mind the sched is MWF.

Rob sees the lights go out and races off the line at 100, staying outside to keep the line for turn 1.

Mario quickly shift upward to accelerate to 80, and hits his marks, pulling in behind Rob.

Claudio content with his car, decides not to push the limit and pulls along the inside at 80.

Chris Brown on the other hand, decides to push the issue, and rapidly shifts up as the light go out. He succeeds and goes 80, passing Claudio and pulling in behind Mario.

Pepe also pushes through the gears to go 80 and pulls up alongside Claudio.

Jack eases it up to 60 and pulls in behind Claudio.

Sean also easies it up to 60 and pulls to the outside.

Christina does the quick shift work to get up to 80 and is able to pull to the inside of Sean.

His engine not to fastest from stop, Chris does his best to force it to go 40 and is able to get it to respond, and pulls in behind Sean.

Tony decides to take it easy on the start as well and pulls in behind Josh.

After a bad qualifying, Josh attempt to use his big launch boost to quickly gain some spots. Quickshifting up to 120, Josh is able to thread the needle and pass four cars before pulling up behind Pepe.
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Post 19 Feb 2018, 11:38 pm

The leaders are side by side as tire smoke bellows as drivers bunch up entering Turn 1!

RM Note: Standing Return next turn, with Promotion and Relegation colors!

Turn 3 is due Wendesday Feb 20th at 11pm Eastern

Rob goes 140 and follows the line through the corner.

Mario uses the slip of Rob to follow through at 140, and pulls to Rob's outside.

Chris Brown follows Mario's lead and rolls his way though the apex at 140.

Claudio enters Turn 1 at 120 and runs it's apex.

Pepe races up to the corner at 120 with Claudio but is forced to the outside!

Jack and Joshua both race up to the corner at 140, with Jack pushing his engine (ACC R Mod 4), but find their path blocked. Both drivers pad the breaks and duck into the corner at 120, Jack wearing on his tires and Joshua effortlessly getting his car down to speed(LB R Mod 5). Jack decides to stay to the outside and as Joshua drivers the Apex into the corner.

Sean out races Christina to the corner at 120. He unfortunently finds it blocked as well, and smokes his tires to slow to 120 but keep on the apex.

Christina pulls up to the corner at 120 on the inside.

Tony and Chris Brandt use their slips off Sean and Christina to race up to the corner at 100 and stay in slip, Tony fading outside to take the line into 1, and Chris Brandt pulling inside behind Christina.
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Post 21 Feb 2018, 10:43 pm

The field forms a strangely orderly line as they work their way through turn 2, though not without more bunching and smoking tires in the back!

RM Note: Driver Standings are now added to the sheet. Also, please note use of skill and Late Break rolls if you think the situation will happen, else you will be paying wear.

Turn 4 is due Friday February 23rd at 11pm Eastern!

Turn 3 Results

Rob keeps his speed up at 120 and edges away from Mario as she forces his car into the outside of Curva 3 pushing hard on his tires.

Mario decides not to follow that up and simply pulls to the inside of the corner at 100.

Chris Brown follow Mario up to the corner at 100, and pulls in behind him.

Claudio clears Curva 1 along the apex, at 140 and pulls in behind Chris Brown after taking Curva 2 along the inside.

Pepe finishes Curva 1 along the outside and pulls behind Claudio on the inside of Curva 2.

Jack and Joshua roll out of Curva 1 neck and neck at 120. Joshua is able to to use the line for an edge and ends to the inside, forcing Joshua to take the long way through Curva 2.

Sean takes the line through Curva 1 at 140, but finds himself having to slam the breaks and slow to 120 as the two rears of Jack and Joshua come a bit close, ending behind Joshua.

Christina burns a little rubber as she runs through Curva 1 on the inside at 120 and pulls in behind Jack to Sean's outside.

Tony takes the line through Curva 1 at 140, hoping for clear room ahead. Unfortunently that is not to be, as the pileup forces him to slow to 120, ending behind Christina at the end of the line.

Chris Brandt follows Tony through the corner along the outside at 120 and pulls behind Sean.
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Post 23 Feb 2018, 11:37 pm

The leader bobbles, and is ducked inside of, as the rear group is still tightly packed!

Turn 5 is due Monday February 26th at 11pm Eastern!

Turn 4 Results

Rob seems to loose track of what he is doing and slows down to 60, fading outside(NPR)

Mario takes advantage of it, and squeezes himself inside of Rob after running the inside corner at 60.

Chris Brown pushes 80 and had hoped to burn rubber. Unfortunently he finds the end of the curve blocked and is forced outside.

Claudio tries to dive inside at 100, but finds the mass of cars ahead of him, slamming the breaks he cuts inside and wrestles his car inside of Chris Brown.

Pepe seems to have a bobble of his own and just eases the car into the outside lane at 80(NPR)

Jack out runs Joshua though Curva 2 at 100 and tucks inside for Curva 3.

Joshua follows him and pulls to his outside at 80.

Christina, Sean, Tony, and Chris Brandt all run Curva 2 at 100 and stay in line on the approach to Curva 3.
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Post 24 Feb 2018, 12:32 am

Sorry all, in trying to process NPR I didn't take into account Rob's deceleration. Since Rob cannot decelerate to 60 with hard breaking but can safely decelerate into the corner (20 Over) at 80, Rob is actually in the corner at 80 for 1 W.

This means
1. Rob is in the next corner at 1W less.
2. The road was clear for Chris Brown for pulls outside of Mario for 1W
3. Claudio is not forced to late break and is outside at 1W.

Corrected Graphic is attached. Sorry all.

(Minor graphic error, Claudio is at 18 not 17)

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Post 24 Feb 2018, 4:19 pm

So when I ran the turn I forgot that Joshua and Jack were uneven, and thus, Joshua goes first. Final Corrected Graphic here.
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Post 26 Feb 2018, 10:30 pm

The racers roll through the corners largely two by two as they work twoards the back straightaway!

Turn 6 is due Wendesday Feburary 28th at 11pm Eastern

Rob regains his composure and run the outside of Curva VIP at 80, pulling into the middle of the straight.

Mario sensing an oppertunity pounds his way through the inside of Curva VIP at 80 and pulls inside of Rob!

Chris Brown approaches Curva VIP at 80, and seeing how the leaders are fighting, decides to conserve wear, running around the outside.

Claudio on the other hand follows Mario's dive and runs inside, sliding inside of Chris Brown.

Pepe finishes Curva 3 at 80 and pulls to the outside of Curva VIP.

Joshua decides it times to push and dives inside of both Curva 3 and Curva VIP at heavy wear at 80.

Jack runs the outside of Curva 3 conservativly at 80.

Christina and Sean drag race up to Curva 3. Sean with the inside advantage pulls outside, forcing Christina to run inside, which causes her to pass him.

Tony and Chris Brandt also run into the same situation, and Chris Brandt also elects outside, forcing Tony to spend wear but pass Chris in the process, ending out outside of Sean.
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Post 28 Feb 2018, 11:03 pm

The leaders are three wide as the blast down twoards Parabolica Interior

Turn 7 Due Friday at 11pm Eastern!

RM Note: It looks like I forgot to properly rearrange positions last turn. My bad there, this order is correct this turn though, as is points.

Mario goes 140 as he blazes down twoards Parabolica Interior

Rob does some quick shifting and is able to quickly push the car up to 140(Acc Roll 5) and stay neck and neck with Mario.

The two of them are met on the outside by Claudio who uses his slip off Mario to go 140 and end up three wide.

Chris goes 120 and using the slip off Rob keeps himself in slip distance of the leaders, behind Mario.

Josh looses track of things for a moment, but is able to work the car out of the corner and to the outside at 80(NPR)

Pepe finshines Cruva VIP along the outside at 80 and pulls himself down the middle of the straight.

Jack dives to the inside of the Curve at 80 and wrenches his car through before sliding to the inside of Pepe at the start of the straight.

Christina navigates the Curva around the outside at 80 and pulls in behind Pepe.

Sean out runs Tony out of the corner at 80, and runs around the outside.

Tony follows Sean out and runs the inside at 60, pulling inside Sean about a half car behind.

Chris elects to conserve his tires and run the outside at 60.
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Post 02 Mar 2018, 10:38 pm

The leaders work their way though Parabolica Interior with one driver diving hard inside!

Turn 8 Due Monday at 11pm Eastern

Rob takes the initiative from the three in the lead group and charges up to the corner at 140, with some deft break work(R Mod 2) and some tire smoke he is able to slow it down to 100 and wrench it through the inside of the Parabolica Interior.

Mario follows Rob in at 120 and runs the outside, pulling up beside Rob.

Claudio watches the two sprint into the corner before following them in at 80 and pulling inside, right behind Rob.

Chris Brown uses his Momentum off Mario to vault himself around the outside of the corner and to the outside of Claudio.

Joshua accelerates to 120 as he regathers himself and powers down the straight.

Jack accelerates to 140 and pulls to Joshua's outside.

Pepe seems to be having more trouble with his car as he only gets to 100(NPR)

Christina pushes her car to 140, passing Pepe and slotting herself behind Joshua.

Sean uses the slip of Christina to vault past Pepe and pull up beside her at 140, pulling behind Jack

Tony exits Curva VIP at 100

Chris Brandt completes Curva VIP at 60
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Post 06 Mar 2018, 12:26 am

The leaders build a lead as drivers joust for position through Parabolica Interior

Turn 9 is Due Wendesday at 11pm Eastern

Rob and Mario clear Parabolica Interior at 120 and race down to Orehla. Rob beats Mario to the inside line and builds himself a small lead entering the corner.

Claudio and Chris Brandt exit the corner at 80, Claudio pulling a further ahead and Chris Slotting in behind.

Jack outraces Joshua though Parabolica Interior at 120, and wrenches it around the outside.

Joshua settles for the softer approach and runs the inside at 80, pulling up toward where the corner gets softer.

Christina and Sean race up to the corner at 100, with Christina using her inside advantage to shut the door on the outside, forcing Sean to quickly slam the breaks before pulling to the inside behind her.

Pepe's car recovers and her blasts into the corner down the inside at 100, pulling back ahead of Sean.

Tony and Chris Brandt work their way down the straight at 120
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Post 07 Mar 2018, 5:35 am

The sector 1 numbers, a bit of a spread.
Estoril C3 summary.png
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Post 07 Mar 2018, 10:17 pm

The leaders run side by side onto the next straight as the field works they way up to Orhela.

Turn 10 is Due Friday at 11pm Eastern

Turn 9 Results

Rob takes Orelha for 80 through the inside and pulls to the inside on the run up to Tanque.

Mario follows Rob through along the outside at 100, and pulls to his outside.

Claudio dives to the inside of Orelha at 80, pulling inside.

Chris Brown follows Claudio up to the corner on the inside, and pulls down to be able to run tight through Orelha.

Jack clears Parabolica Interior at 100 and pulls in behind Chris Brown on the straight.

Joshua rolls outside as the leaves Parabolica Interior at 120 and pulls to the outside of Jack.

Christina finishes her move in Parabolica interior at 100 and pulls to the inside.

Pepe completly the corner from his inside line and pulls to the outside of Christina.

Sean completes his run of the outside at 80 and pulls onto the inside of the straight.

Tony runs the outside of Parabolica Interior at 80(So there was an error on the earlier sheet. Tony wanted outside, not inside, and had requested middle. This move is done with that correction in mind and run as requested Sorry!)

Chris Brandt runs up to to the corner along the middle at 80.
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Post 09 Mar 2018, 10:23 pm

The Leaders jostle for position through the esses as the pack stacks up agian out of Orhela.

Rob dives tight through Tanque at 100 before running the apex of the Esses.

Mario follows Rob though at 100, burning tire as she slides inside, of Rob going inside at the Esses.

Clauido runs inside of Tanque at 120 and pulls up to the Esses Apex.

Chris Brown takes it easy through Orelha at 60 and pulls inside.

Jack and Joshua run Orehla at a hard 80 and pull to the outside of Chris Brown, setting them 3 wide.

Christina and Pepe run 100 through Orehla and pull in side by side behind the threesome.

Sean runs down to Orehla at 100 and pulls to the inside.

Tony follows Sean at 100 keeping to his rear.

Chris Brandt runs Parabolica Interior at 80.
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Post 12 Mar 2018, 9:16 pm

Mario pulls ahead of Rob as the leaders navigate Parabolica, and the main group works through the Esses Behind them

Turn 12 is due Wendesday at 11pm Eastern

Turn 11 Results

Mario goes 140 and pulls ahead of Rob, running Parabolica through the middle before sliding inside.

Rob follows Mario through at 120 and pulls up behind him.

Claudio burns his way through the Esses and the inside of Parabolica at 120 and closes the gap on the leaders as he pulls behind Rob.

Chris Brown is the first of the threesome to enter the Esses, running the Apex at 120.

With the Apex now blocked, Jack plays conservativly and runs the Esses around the outside at 120.

Joshua on the other hand takes the aggressive line through the inside at 120, pulling ahead of Jack and to the inside of Chris Brown.

Christina decides to take it easy on the tires as she runs Tanque through the middle at 120 before setting up for the apex into the Esses (RM Note: Default movement is limit wear use unless otherwise said.)

Pepe on the other hand forces his way into the Esses at 120 around the outside, passing Christina.

Sean uses his expert driving skills to wrench the car through Orhela at 100, his car sliding all the way!

Tony runs Orhela softer, running through the corner at 60.

Chris Brandt pulls up to Orhela at 120.