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Post 12 Mar 2018, 4:18 pm

Turn 11

Tim with a huge lead and two packs!

Tim continues his lead setting pace at 140 along the straight
Jim comes around Parabolika at 120 and ready to punch it
Chris and Marshall both spend a wear and can keep contact with Jim coming out of the curve at 140 in the 120
Jeff spends 1W and 1W in Parabolika at 140 in the 120s
Fabio spends 2W but has to take the long way through the Esses and sits behind Jeff at 140
Cody spends 4W (!!!) though the R/L at 140 in the 100s
Will, Doug and Mike all take the Tanque and Esses at 100, but Will and Mike have the R/L

Turn 12 due 14MAR18 at 4PM Pacific
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Post 14 Mar 2018, 9:54 am

Turn 12

Will jumps around Parabolica and Tim still leads by a large margin

Tim cruises the across the S/F Line at 140
Jim also leads the trail pack with a 140
Chris speeds to 160 and pulls even with the Dark Blue Flash
Marshall, Jeff, Fabio, and Cody all dutifully follows behind with a speed of 140, sitting on the rear wing of Jim
Will rushes through Parabolica (Not Parabolika!, must be my Eastern European heritage...) at a breakneck speed of 160 for 2W
Doug and Mike stare slack-jawed at the Pink car as Doug maintains the 100mph into Parabolica exterior and Mike takes the Esses for 1W at 120

March Madness fantasy brackets for the Redscape group are at ESPN.COM P/W diplomat

Turn 13 due Friday 16MAR18 at 4PM Pacific
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Post 16 Mar 2018, 2:57 pm

Turn 13

Will goes for top speed in this race!

Tim takes Curva 1 R/L for free at 140
Chris speeds to 160 and cuts in front of Jim to the R/L for 1W
Jim jumps on the R/L at 140
Marshall takes a slip with his 140 and slides next to Jim
Jeff also gets a slip with his 140 and positions himself on the R/L
Fabio expects a slip, but exceeds Jeff's speed at 160 finishing on lane 2
Cody gets the slip at 160 pulling alongside Fabio in lane 3
Will pushes his top speed to 180 (Modified 2S = 5 PASS) with a roar from the crowd!
Doug and Mike finish Parabolica at 120

Turn 14 due Monday 19MAR18 at 4PM Pacific
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Post 19 Mar 2018, 1:13 pm

Turn 14

The race tightens up!!!

Tim rolls through Curva 2 at 120
Chris continues along the R/L at 160, making up 2 spaces
Marshall takes the 120s at 140 for 1W and taking the inside of Curva 2
Jim gets the R/L at 140, but is pushed outside of Marshall
Jeff follows along the R/L at 140 also, packing it behind Marshall
Fabio also has the R/L advantage and sits at the end of the R/L
Cody orders 140 and expends a wear for the 120s, but gets the slip, pulls past Fabio and next to Jeff
Will orders 1W on the R/L and draws closer to the pack on Curva 2
Mike pushes his speed to 180 with a modified 1 roll = 7 and sits in the middle lane
Doug orders 140 and chooses to follow Mike, thus ending in the middle lane

Turn 15 due Wednesday 15MAR18 at 4PM Pacific
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Post 19 Mar 2018, 3:25 pm

Baker with a top 3 in all three sectors and an nearly 5 second lead at the line.
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Post 21 Mar 2018, 10:28 am

Turn 15

A forced pass! Jeff say to heck with slow drivers!

Tim spends 3W (1W in Curva 3 and 2W in VIP) with a speed of 100
Chris spends 1W in Curva 3 and travels at 100mph
Marshall pulls up short of Curva 3 with an ordered 80mph
Jim pulls alongside Marshall by going 100mph

Jeff says "Screw this!, I'm going for it!" and punches his accelerator down, revving his engine to 120
His forced pass maneuver with 2S applied rolls a 6 (PASS!) and the color commentator states "It could have been close, but Jeff's skill saved him there!" He spends 2W sliding into the outer lane of Curva 3

Cody chooses safety and eases to the back of the peleton at 100.
Fabio does the same and pulls alongside Cody at 100 also
Will continues along the R/L at 140 and regains contact with the pack
Mike and Doug both take the R/L at 140

Turn 16 due 23MAR18 at 4PM Pacific, or earlier if all orders are in