Saturday, February 3rd from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.
Pohick Regional Library
6450 Sydenstricker Rd
Burke, VA 22015-4274

From Chris Brandt
The track will be a new one, Dracon Racetrack in Bulgaria. It hosts mainly Formula 3 Events and is quite short, even in CFR format... just 50 spaces for the shortest route. However, there are some very slow curves so we will still only do three laps, no pitting.

We will be racing 1/87 scale cars, slightly smaller than Hot Wheels because this is also a warmup for PREZCON where this track will be used for one of the heats. If you have a sports car that you would like to race in this scale, please feel free to bring and use it. I do have a pretty decent selection.

By the way... this is my first attempt to use the XARA graphics tool that Doug uses to build his amazing tracks. I'm not an expert yet, but am learning. I purposely left some detail out of this map so that it makes sense in either direction. I will continue to work on it until race day, probably. The XXX = Obstructed markings indicate spaces that cannot be used, as they are marked off as chicanes in the actual course.