Our leader spends his last wear and then enters the pits!

Next Deadline: Turn 10 plots due Monday, March 26 at 8am EDT. If I can make the file work while I'm in Barcelona AND you all send plots I'll process early.

Turn 9 Results
Schulz plots 120 and drops 2 wear on the Europcar line and then 2 more in the New Holland 80s, then enters the pits. Kennington plots 80 on both the Banc Sabadell line and the Europcar line for free. Kennard goes 100 and wants the same route but with Kennington in the way he heads to the Europcar 80s, spending his last 2 wear.

Wahl gets the jump on Hancock and Welage by plotting 120, he takes the 80s for 2 wear in La Caixa and then the racing line for 2 more wear. Hancock goes 100 through the 60s and then with Wahl on the line is forced to the 80s, for total 3 wear. Welage plots 80 through La Caixa and ends on the line.

Long plots 80 through the 60s for a wear and ends next to Welage. Rando plots 100 in the 80s for a wear and ends on the line. Bauska goes 120 and sheds 2 wear on the 80s.

Beckman plots 140 and ends inside before La Caixa, Brandt follows him at the same speed. Tatum tackles Campsa for free at 100 on the line.