Foreign Minister Butlano makes a phone call to the head of the French Navy...

Foreign Minister Butlano: "We have it from reliable sources..that French naval forces will be "vacationing" in the south of Spain."
French Naval Chief: "So? What of it? We don't tell the Italian Navy where to vacation."
Foreign Minister Butlano: "Yes...but from there the French Navy can go on maneuvers into the West Med and Gulf of Lyon...and from there strike at Italy. It makes me nervous."
French Naval Chief. "Yes...your peace of mind is so, so very important to me. Anyway, why shouldn't we maneuver in the French West Med and the French Gulf of Lyon?"
Foreign Minister: "What! They are not French seas."
French Naval Chief: "They are now. They have been renamed by the International Commission for the Naming of Oceans and Seas."
Foreign Minister:" What! There is no such thing!"
French Naval Chief: "Yes there is. It's a very reputable organization."
Foreign Minister: "Hmm..where is it located?"
French Naval Chief: "Uh, Paris."
Foreign Minister: "I knew it! Anyway...can you please vacation in Portugal?
French Naval Chief: "Don't worry my friend--haven't France and Italy always been friends?"
Foreign Minister: "Well, I suppose if you forget all the times France has invaded Italy..."
French Naval Chief: "Caesar conquered Gaul before that! So we're even."
Foreign Minister: "I don't think I got the answer on whether you're going to Spain or not."
French Naval Chief: "The important thing is that we're friends..."