AP (Sevastopol): The Russian navy occupied the coastline of Armenia in a stated attempt to protect the Christian minority that lives there. Tsar Ryan stated that that Russia had heard rumors of a a Turkish plan to "repress Christians" and felt compelled to act. Turkey protested against what they described as an "unprovoked act of aggression" and would respond in kind. Atrocities were reported.

A Turkish resident was questioned.

"Atrocities? Absolutely."
"Can you provide details--how many people were killed?"
"Well...we had heard stories of Cossacks but the Russian Navy guys were cool...we'll, you know, when they weren't lobbing shells on us. But, the food they brought...that was an atrocity! We Turks..we got the Kebab, falafel, hummus. You know, the good stuff. They bring bad stoli and beet soup! Not that I drink you understand....anyway they can take that Borscht and shove it!"
" So...no atrocities?"
"Nah...I guess we exaggerated...but my stomach feels violated from that Russian food--does that count?"