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Truck Series Driver (Pro II)
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Post 11 Oct 2017, 8:16 pm

Hey to all,

As all bid are in we are good to go! Bids were preety well spread out, with the exception of 2 at the front and two at the rear, with that in mind here is your starting lineup!

Row 1
R. Rund (7) and T. Lamorte (6.5)

Row 2
P. Torrezn(5.089) and M. Ales(5.069)

Row 3
C. Orlandi(3) and C. Hancock(2.5)

Row 4
C. Brown(2) and C. Brandt(.5)

Row 5
J. Coyle (.096)

Row 6
J. Beckman (.005)

Turn 0 is attached. Turn 1 is due Friday at 11pm Eastern. Good luck to alll!
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Truck Series Driver (Pro II)
Posts: 133
Joined: 22 Sep 2014, 6:07 pm

Post 13 Oct 2017, 9:17 pm

And the lights are out and they are off to the races!

Turn 2 Due Monday at 11pm Eastern. I am waiting first standings report until at least turn 3 to allow the field to sort out a little.

Minor RM note: as noted before I put Chris Brown's bid to high. He bidded 3s not 4. This did not change positions, but it did mean that Chr

As the lights go out, Rob gets a jump of a start and pulls ahead of the group at 100 as they lead into Verrierie!

Tony chases after him at 60 as he watches two drivers pull alongsize as Pepe (St Check Mod 2), and Mario (St Check Mod 5) both quickly work though their gears and catch up to him at 80 and set themselves 3 Wide!

In Row 3, Christina times her clutch motions and races up at 80(St Check Mod 5), pulling in behind Tony. Claudio decides to not push it and goes 60.

Row 4, Chris Brown makes the clutch dance to push his engine to 40(St Check Mod 5), and pulls ahead of the rest of the back pack of Chris Brandt, Joshua, and Jack who move 20 and pull twoards the inside.
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Truck Series Driver (Pro II)
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Joined: 22 Sep 2014, 6:07 pm

Post 16 Oct 2017, 9:42 pm

Rob races ahead as the main pack navigates the Chicane.

A Couple RM Notes coming from this page

1. It is always good to be as clear as possible about your moves. I can only do so much with vague things, but I believe I followed what was asked.

2. This is something that has come up in other Circuits and I saw it come up here: The line through the Chicane is a green line to note. That means that the speed limit for the line is +40 the corner speed limit. Please keep that in mind. On a minor note of that, are any of the drivers in this circuit colorblind?

3. It was suggested to me by Mike that it may be a good idea to sort the Car Stat chart by position. Would you guys prefer me to do this, or is the current chart ok?

4. I've decided that I will scrap the 9pm deadlines and just set a standardized 11pm. Iif there are adjustments due to a late home or move error I will make sure it is noted.

5. As noted, championship standings will be shown next turn. No color highlighting yet though.

Turn 3 Due Wendesday at 11 Eastern

Turn 2

Rob carriers his momentum into the corner at 140 and definitly follows the line throgh the chicane as he does his best to keep ahead of the pack!

Pepe runs the Chicane at 120 and parks himself on the line exiting the corner.

With the line blocks, Mario elects to burn rubber and runs the corner through the inside at 120, pulling inside of Pepe.

Tony follows the two into the corner at 100 and sits at the lip of the Chicane.

Christina races up to the corner at 120, and was hoping to have the line but it's blocked. Wanting to get through as far as possible, she dives inside before going wide to avoid Tony.

Claudio shimmies up to the corner at 120 and slots himself into the first 100 space on the line(As it is a green line, you may accelerate to 140 next turn.)

Chris Brown goes 100 and creeps ahead of the rear pack.

Chris Brandt decided not to push it and goes 80. He is met on the outside by Joshua, whos big accel lets him go 100.

Jack also goes 100 and pulls up behind Josh for the slip potential next turn.
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Truck Series Driver (Pro II)
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Joined: 22 Sep 2014, 6:07 pm

Post 18 Oct 2017, 9:22 pm

Mario powers into the Chicane as Rob works his way through it ahead.

1. Since there wasn't anyone agianst it, I have sorted the car stat sheet by position.

2. Please remeber to keep up with the race! I don't like having to deal with NPR, but if thats how it is I can't do anything about it.

Turn 4 Due Friday at 11pm Eastern

Turn 3

Rob dives into the Chicane at 100 sliding wide at the second apex to conserve his tires.

Mario in trying to keep up with him races into the Chicane at 140, entering from the outside before likely hitting his breaks.

Confusion is heard from Pepe as he pulls outside at 120 at the lip of the Chicane.(NPR)

Taking advantage of the confusion, Tony finishes the green line and sneaks into the middle at 140.

Christina completes the corner at 120 and slides inside.

Claudio finishes the corner on the line at 140 and races up to pass Christina and pull up in front of her.

Chris Brown runs the apex of Verrier at 140 and completes the corner as he slides inside at the kink.

Chris Brandt follows him through at 140 and pulls onto the straight.

Joshua runs the line at 120, ending behind Chirs Brandt

Jack uses his slip off Joshua to go 100 and keep on the line in the turn (You may accelerate to 140 next turn if you wish.
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Truck Series Driver (Pro II)
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Joined: 22 Sep 2014, 6:07 pm

Post 20 Oct 2017, 8:52 pm

Tires be a burning as the field navigates through the three turns.

Turn 5 Due Monday at 11pm Eastern

Turn 4

Rob clears the Chicane and dive tight into Saint-Beaume at 100 along the inside, as her prepares his engine to roar!

Mario clears the chicane, at 100 and start Saint-Beaume at 100 along the outside.

Tony navigates the Chicane at 100 taking the first apex and going outside before he pulls outside to line up for Saint-Beaume.

Pepe recovers from his confusion and runs outside through the second apex at 80.

Claudio runs both Apexes of the Chicane at 80 and pulls outside of Claudio

Christina Takes the first apex and runs outside at 100, reaching the lip of the Chicane.

Chris Brown follows the same path through the corner at 120 and pulls up behind Christina.

Chris Brandt goes 120 as he sets up for the Chicane.

Joshua goes 120 and uses the slip off Chris to pull up along side.

Jack finished Verrier accelerating to 140 and pulls up behind Chris Brandt.