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Post 11 Oct 2017, 8:18 pm

Turn 0

Name Final
Marshall C 5
Fabio 4.555
Jim O 4.522
Chris L 3.5
Doug S 3
Will K 2.5
Mike P 2
Tim B 1.5
Jeff H 1.052
Cody K 1.01

Turn 1 Due Friday the 13th of October at 4PM. Good luck all!
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Post 14 Oct 2017, 5:31 pm

Sorry for the start delay, bad weather at the track apparently.


90% of the drivers test start speed! No casualties!

Marshall roars to 120 and breaks away! (naked 6)
Fabio maxes his speed to 80 with 2 skill (modified 1)
Jim also maxes his motor with 2 skill (modified 5) and sits behind Fabio
Chris orders 80 with 2 skill (modified 5) and sits besides Jim
Doug orders 120 and passes 2 cars with 2 skill (modified 5)
Will pushes his power plant to 40 with 2 skill (modified 4) and noses across the S/F line
Mike jumps to 80 for 2 skill (modified 3) and passes Will to lead the second pack to the middle lane
Tim spends 3 skill (modified 4) to speed to 40
Jeff spends 2 skill and takes it to 40 (modified 6) and ducks behind Tim
Cody does not spend wear but pulls along Jeff by going 60

Turn 2 due Monday, 16OCT17 at 4PM Pacific
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Post 16 Oct 2017, 5:01 pm

Turn 2

3 Distinct packs!

Marshall speeds through the Vemeire at 140 on the R/L and maintains the lead
Doug goes even faster at 160 through the R/L and sits on the rear wing of Marshall

Fabio eases through the corner at 120 and sits on the R/L
Jim speed to 140, cuts the corner in the 100s for 2W
Chris takes it at 120 with the slip at 1W through the 100s and comes alongside the Italian's car
Mike site between the two packs with a 140 on the R/L with no penalty

Will pushes his engine with a 2S (I will adjust his total shortly), and passes with a 3, taking the R/L
Tim accelerates 80 with a slip pulls alongside of Will with an ordered speed of 120
Cody takes his acceleration up 80 also and gets the R/L for next turn by going 140
Jeff gets the car going 100, with a slip sits on Cody's rear bumper.

Turn 3 due Wednesday 18NOV17 at 4PM Pacific
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Post 18 Oct 2017, 3:58 pm

Turn 3

A lead change and a big pack behind the leaders!

Marshall spends 1W at 100 and goes through the 80s
Doug, seeing an opportunity, takes it to 100 (Brake check of 4)and cuts inside of Marshall on the 60, scraping 2 wear
Fabio and Jim both orders the engines to 120. Fabio spends the 2 wear for the 80 lane, and Jim spends 1W for the 100s
Chris also orders 120, but there is no room and he spends his skill for a brake check. Good thing he spent the skill! He rolled a modified 9!
Mike eases toward the next corner at 120
Tim and Will both ask for 140, and Tim gets initiative deciding to spend 2W to go through the 100s
Will ends up outside him, but gets the R/L for free
Cody and Jeff both take the R/L at 140 with slips, following behind dutifully

Turn 4 due Friday at 4PM Pacific or earlier if all orders are in.
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Post 20 Oct 2017, 6:55 pm

Turn 4

Flames from a crash in the Chicane!

Doug orders 120 through the 80s and sits on the inside of the corner.
Marshall orders 120 also, but is pushed outside on the left of Doug
Fabio slows to 100(?) and enters the next corner for 1W
Jim snakes around the Chicane's 100 and then the 80s at 100mph and sits behind Fabio
Chris scissors behind Jim at 80, but spends a wear on the 60s to cut inside of Jim
Mike spends the same wear in the 60s and follows Chris
Tim and Cody both order the Chicane at 140, and Tim gets initiative. He late brakes with a 9, spends 2W to sit behind Jim
Cody chooses to not late brake and goes to the chance table, rolls a 10 and flips his car! It flips back to wheels up, but is destroyed!
Will cautious takes the Chicane at 100 for 2W in the 60s, but the flames cause him to swerve and he makes it around the wreck with a modified 6! Close shave!
Jeff pulls up short of the wreck with 100mph and sits on the 100 rated corner.

I hope Cody is OK. That looked rough, but these cars have great safety devices!

Turn 5 due Monday 23OCT17 at 4PM Pacific
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Post 20 Oct 2017, 8:54 pm

Gaaaaah. I banked skill for a completly different reason but I'll take it here!