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Post 08 Jan 2018, 8:35 pm

Turn 35

Tim loses 2 spaces!

Mike eases around the middle lane at 100
Jeff comes out of his curve at 140
Fabio takes his car around the outside lane at 140
Doug starts at 140 and late brakes (naked 6) to 120, cutting inside on the R/L
Chris speeds along at 180 onto the R/L
Marshall, at 180, is the lucky recipient of the double slip and sits in lane 3
Jim follows Chris with his own 180 on the line
Tim also sits on the line behind Jim at 160
Will pushes his top speed (Modified -2 = 5) at 200

Orders due at Wed at 4
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Post 10 Jan 2018, 10:30 pm

Turn 36

Your RM is slow with the adjudication as the move was tragic for some!

Mike takes in on the mini stretch at 100

Jeff tries to make the corner at 80, but his brakes say no (Naked 10!), costing a wear, and damaging the brakes

Doug rushes to the inside before the curve at 120
Fabio rolls to his outside with the continuation of his 140

Marshall asks his car to roll through the corner at 160, and the naked 11 spins his car into the barrier! the front axle snaps and drops the chassis onto the hardtop!

Chris spends a wear on the R/L and works his way toward the inside
Jim calls for a 140 on the R/L as well for a wear
Tim takes the outside at 140 with a slip for no wear
Will rolls at 180

Crash involvement rolls:
Chris rolls a 6
Jim rolls a 3
Tim rolls a 5

Everyone slides by as the Marshall's car spins to the outside and snaps the axle on the short barrier.

Turn 37 Due Friday at 4PM Pacific

Sorry Marshall...
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Post 12 Jan 2018, 3:34 pm

Turn 37

A pack develops!

Mike orders 80 and has only one more curve to negotiate
Jeff enters the 80s at 80 also
Doug takes to 80s at 80
Fabio chooses to not tempt fate and takes the middle lane at 100
Chris spends 1W in the 80s and makes up a space on Fabio and Doug
Jim also spends 1W, going 120 in the middle lane
Tim does the same as Jim with 120 in the middle lane
Will spends 2W of his wear and flies through the big curve. His pit boss was heard yelling at him that he missed the racing line! Will sheepishly replied "My bad, Sir"

Marshall climbs out of his car, shakes his head, and makes his way to the track medical crew. He looks ok.

Turn 38 is due Monday 15JAN18 at 4PM unless triggered early.
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