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Post 08 Nov 2017, 6:59 pm

Turn 12

The leader is ready to run!

Doug spend 2W and cuts inside while going 100 on the 60s
Fabio follows and tucks behind Doug at 100
Marshall speeds to 120 and is forced to the side of Fabio

Mike breaks from the peleton at 100 and takes the outside just in case Tim tries to follow

Tim cuts back the engine to 80, taking the outside for 2 spaces, and the inside for 2 more
Jim speeds along at 100, but after spending 1W in the 80s is forced to the outside
Chris and Will both wait their turn through the corner at 100

Jeff takes the inside lane at 100 for 1W

Turn 13 due Friday 10NOV17 at 4PM Pacific unless all orders are in early
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Post 10 Nov 2017, 7:44 pm

Turn 13

As promised, the leader runs!

Doug comes out of the corner with a 140 and pulls away
Fabio and Marshall both fly around the outside for 1W going 100
Mike spends 2W in the 80s, going 120 and making up a space
Tim and Jim both pull away with 120s and ready themselves for du Pont!
Will, Chris and Jeff come out of Beausset at 100, with Jeff regaining contact

Turn 14 due Monday 13NOV17 at 4PM unless all orders are received early.
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Post 13 Nov 2017, 9:45 pm

Turn 14

A position change in the rear shows heart!

Doug eases through Vermiere at 140 on the R/L
Fabio and Marshall order 140 and request the line, but Fabio has initiative and gets the line
Mike orders 160 and regains contact
Tim spends 1W going through Du Pont 80s at 100
Jim tucks behind at 80 in the 80s
Chris (100mph) is looking hard for a slip, and it takes the long way in the kink, and 2W in the 60s
Will spends 1W in Du Pont in the 80s by cruising 100
Jeff decides enough is enough and spends 1 skill for a brake check after ordering 120 and brakes to 100 with a modified roll of 4. He spends 2W cutting inside of Will on the 60s.

Thank you for your patience.

Turn 15 due 4PM Pacific 15NOV17
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Post 15 Nov 2017, 5:13 pm

Turn 15

Jeff making his way up the ranks!

Doug preps for his entry into the corner with a 120
Fabio finishes up the R/L for free traveling at 140
Marshall spreads the Christmas cheer by going 100 and not stopping on the R/L
Mike (Color him astounded!) takes the R/L at 140 and passes Marshall with a thank you wave
Tim speeds down the straightaway at 160 and sits on the R/L
Jim follows with the slip at 140 and is on Tim's rear spoiler
Chris does the same and sits on Jim's rear wing
Jeff pushes the engine with 1S (8 modified) and cuts to the inside of Chris by roaring to 180
Will keeps pace with the pack with a 160 and follow the speeding Jeff

Turn 16 due Friday, 17NOV17 at 4PM Pacific (or earlier if all orders are in)
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Post 16 Nov 2017, 5:09 am

Schulz with a nice lead at the line.
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Post 17 Nov 2017, 6:05 pm

Turn 16

Two pack, for sure! (Rap pun intended)

Doug eases through the Chicane at 80
Fabio spends 2W and cuts the 60s at 100
Mike enters Chicane at 100 and spends 1W on the 80 space
Marshall follows Mike at 100

Tim takes Vermiere at 140 on the R/L
Jim follows at 140 with a slip to pull alongside Tim
Jeff spends the one wear on the line with 160mph
Chris and Will follow on the line with a slip and 140 each

Turn 17 due Monday 20NOV17 at 4PM or earlier if all orders are in