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Post 19 Apr 2017, 8:13 pm

Turn 21

Turn 22 May be delayed for a week as I am traveling to Denver to catch up with my wife and children who have been vacationing in the American Southwest. I will be back and able to adjudicate 1MAY17.

If Mike can find an RM I am fine with standing by, otherwise I will see you in a week!

Turn 21
Tim rolls through S1 at 120 spending 1W, Fabio takes position to enter S1 flying up at 140, and Doug does the same.

Marshall takes initiative at 120 and corners the 80 lane for a 2W clip, John spends 1W and takes the R/L sitting in the middle lane. Giovanni makes a move at 120 (2W) and a slip to get 3-wide on the straightaway. Chris takes the R/L at 100 (1W) and preps for a slip next turn.

Mike keeps pressing to make contact again at 120 spending 2W and sitting at the middle lane at the end of the 90. Dave takes it a little easier at 100 on the R/L and getting a slip for the cost of 1W.

Jim spends 1W along the R/L and has clean air.
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Post 21 Apr 2017, 7:54 am

I went back through the entire race to reconcile the wear and skill counts. These are the updated numbers. Please check through your own race if you believe I've miscounted.
Chart T21.png
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Post 24 Apr 2017, 9:48 am

Let's roll!

Turn 22 Summary

Tim runs the S2 for free at 120.

Fabio clips a tire in the S1 100's at 120. Doug, at 120 and the bonus, pulls up next to the brown car.

Marshall burns 2 tires in the S1 120's at 160. Giovanni gets the initiative over John at 160 and follows Marshall for 2 wear in S1 before pulling alongside. John scrapes off a tire in the S1 100's at 120 and tucks in behind the red car.

Chris runs the outer rail in S1 for free at 120. Turyko pulls up to S1 at 140.

Dave slides in next to the black car at 160. Mike makes it three-wide at 140 plus the slip.

Jim drops a wear in the groove of The 90.

Turn 23 Deadline: Wednesday, April 26th @ 12 noon EDT (4 p.m. GMT)
I will adjudicate on Tuesday if all plots are in by noon EDT
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Post 26 Apr 2017, 6:16 am

Can anyone stop Doug?!

Turn 23 Summary

Tim races through the Tunnel at 120 on the 100's for a wear.

Fabio clips a tire at 140 on the outer rail. Doug drops 2 wear at 140 through the Tunnel 100's and slides in between the green and brown cars.

Marshall burns a tire at 140 in S1 then scrapes off 2 more in the Tunnel 100, ready to bolt down the backstretch. Giovanni pulls up to the Tunnel at 120

John pulls alongside the pink car at 120 and the bonus. Chris runs S2 at 120 for free and keeps up with the slip.

Turyko runs S1 at 120 for a wear. Dave takes the S1 outer rail at 120 for a wear and tucks in behind the black car. Mike polishes off a wear in the S1 100 for a wear and comes alongside Turyko.

Jim runs up to S1 at 160.

Turn 24 Deadline: Friday, April 28th @ 8 a.m. EDT (12 noon GMT)
Early adjudication tomorrow morning if all plots are in.
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Post 26 Apr 2017, 3:11 pm

Mike is fastest for the second consecutive sector.
WG C1 summary.png
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Post 27 Apr 2017, 5:26 am

Series championship update: If Doug wins the race, he's in line for the crown but... if Fabio then takes 2nd, he'll nudge Doug out of the winner's circle by a single point. This will be a close one...

Turn 24 Summary

Tim runs down the straight at 160. Doug, also at 160, is able to pull even with the green car with the bonus. Fabio keeps up with the leaders at 160 and the slip. He opts to tail the blue car.

Marshall drops the hammer to 180, refusing to let this race go uncontested.

Giovanni burns 2 tires in the Tunnel 120's at 160. John saves his last wear at 120 on the outer rail. Chris pulls even with the purple car at 120 outside and the bonus.

Mike gets initiative at 140, dropping 2 tires on the inside rail. Turyko clips a tire at 120 in the 100 before tucking in behind the grey car. Dave stays on Turyko's tailpipe at 100 and the slip.

Jim scrapes off 3 wear at 140 (100 in S1 and 120 in S2) as he traverses the Ess curves.

Turn 25 Hard Deadline: Monday, May 1st @ 8 a.m. EDT (12 noon GMT)
If all plots are in by 12 noon EDT tomorrow, we can get one more turn in this week.
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Post 28 Apr 2017, 5:58 am

The Battle Royale begins with Doug having a sizable wear advantage. None the less, series advantage goes to Fabio by one point! Is this a done deal or can one of the back-markers make a move?

Turn 25 Summary

Doug gets the initiative at 160 and burns off 2 more wear out of his bigly stock in the Carousel 120's. Tim, at 140, drops a wear in the 120's and grabs the tailpipe on the blue car.

Fabio runs the Carousel on the inner rail at 140 for 2 wear and with the bonus pulls into 2nd place.

Marshall clips 2 tires at 140 in the Carousel 100's. Giovanni drops the hammer and races down the straight at 180, using 1sp on the nitro test (modified 4).

John also puts his engine to the test at 180 (naked 6), giving fans the thrill of high-speed racing down the backstretch. Chris, at 160, slides in behind the purple rocket.

Mike, at 160 and the double bonus, passes the neon car to pull even with the purple machine. Turyko slams his foot onto the gas pedal to 180 and tucks in behind the bright green car.

Dave hits the accelerator and at 160 plus the double slip pulls even with the black car.

Jim moseys through the Tunnel at 120 on the outer rail for free.

Turn 26 Deadline: Monday, May 1st @ 8 a.m. EDT (12 noon GMT)