I am going to do this from memory, so I may be missing some stuff.

Early years:
Tunisia was my closest ally for the first few years, we coordinated well, were fully transparent, we were able to secure UN support to take LIB from probable Chinese move, Leif then supported me into China. I was uncertain about Israel, but I hoped since I blitzed for Crete and didn’t molest him he would trust me in the future. I think the early Crete grab combined with a non-secret partnership with Tunisia made Italy a little nervous, and was part of why he wasn’t interested in moving on Tunisia earlier (could be wrong). There seemed to be an early anti-China sentiment I was picking up on, I don’t think it was because of Marcel, but more that China had a good game when their colony in Africa was allowed to fester, it also seemed to be in alignment with the early E-power thread (which I was somehow included in, but was accepted into their lot!). I was super worried I made the wrong decision going for China because Kenya was unresponsive for the first season and NMRd. I was fearing a power vacuum and China would take advantage of it, but Kenya came online in the Fall. My vison from about year 2 of how things would progress, is that I would stalemate in the Med, have safe borders with Tunisa and Israel, and I would push south. Seemed like a natural progression given China was the target.

Early mid-game:
China was on the ropes, Tunisia was doing exceptionally well, I think he doubled in size for the first few years. I had a really good start as well. But things started to get really dicey with the apparent Kenya/Saudi/USA/France thing going on down there.
Kenya: We had good interactions at first to take down China, seemed promising, but then our agreements started to feel lopsided. It felt like we would agree on something, then he would ask for more. I talked to several nations about what Kenya was interested in doing (namely South Africa), and it seemed like he wanted to expand in all directions simultaneously. I needed Kenya to take out China, but I also didn’t want a huge Kenyan front at my doorstep. I didn’t want to go up against that alliance, so I tried to make nice and I offered support of Kenya into ETH to contain China. I feared that Kenya was hard pressed to move north after that, I solicited USA and South Africa to attack Kenya on the agreement that we could pinch him from all sides, They both seemed keen, but SA was the one that followed through.
Israel: We were coordinating moves closely, and we both followed through with everything we agreed on. He did build a wing early on his coast, which had me worried. John Laker (Ling) always did what he said, but he rode the fence and was always in a position to do something really nasty (I supported him into EMD early, banking on long term alliance and to fight Turkey, that EMD fleet had me sweating all game), very rarely did he expose himself. He seemed almost too conservative to me in his playstyle, and I thought he would stagnate if he didn’t do something, but then he decided to attack Saudi full force, I think I supported an airlift into MEC.
Tunisia: Leif was having a great game. Picked up a bunch of contested neutral SCs early, and had some in the bank on the north coast he could capture at whim. I think a big flaw for me here, is after my western border was “safe” I didn’t maintain the close contact with Leif that we had previously. I thought our alliance was stronger than it was. And given that his entire force was headed east, I didn’t think I had anything to worry about.
Mid Game:
This was the most turbulent time for me. I had done really well to start, but I began to stagnate horribly. France got hit, but he didn’t disband his wing in East Africa which caused a lot of problems for me. It seemed like Kenya and I were coming to a head, and Israel was becoming extremely reluctant to move on Kenya, that frustrated me quite alot. SA stabbed Kenya and the time was right (in my mind) to attack, I had promised to attack Kenya with SA, but I couldn’t... Israel had me by the balls with that the darn fleet in EMD. Both Israel and Kenya were adamant about moving my fleet out of RED to GAD, suspiciously adamant... I could be wrong, but I am almost certain they were trying to open me up for a stab. I believe Israel was on the fence about stabbing me or stabbing USA, and I couldn’t afford to move the fleet out of RED, it’s just such an important territory for Egypt. I was imagining an enemy wing or fleet in RED, which is a nightmare scenario.
It was about this time that I approached Zac to hit Israel with a nuke in an act of desperation, and I would move full force into Israel with his Turkish ally Hunter. Israel would have lost I think 3 SCs, and be completely out of position to defend the following year. If Zac had said yes, I 100% would have stabbed Israel, I appreciate the fact that Zac could have sent me on an errand of death by saying yes and not following through. It was a pivotal turning point for me.
I forget what year it was, but I was deathly afraid of what the map results were going to be, I was imagining Israeli units all over my territory, but everything worked out great, Israel followed through, USA had taken a global hit, all was great…. except for one thing… Leif had ordered his entire army east… his ENTIRE army. I nearly wet myself. It was the last thing I was expecting. I was so concerned about Kenya and Israel and comfortable with my eastern border that I couldn’t imagine it happening. I also had 1 nuke on the board figuring Tunisia wouldn’t want to even mess with me. And so began another era of stagnation.
Mid-late game:
I was baffled by the Tunisian stab at that time, I still am, but I think I have a better understanding of the reasons now, maybe Leif can comment on that. I know UK and Brazil both were backing Morocco, and I think they had a role in convincing Leif to move on me (along with Russia) so there was a lot of pressure, I think the key though was that Leif was expecting Israel to stab me once he had fully committed his armies towards me (“Jon” never warned me about Tunisia, but I think he knew that Leif was planning the attack, he denied it though). I tried to recruit any and all support against Tunisia as I could. Nigeria, Italy, Brazil, Morocco especially. Brazil was the one that answered the call, my proposal was loyalty to the South Americans in their conquest of Africa and at the same time, we would neutralize Tunisia as a nuclear power. I think Brazil liked the idea of being the only major nuclear force in the region, it served him well in the past as everyone was terrified of Brazilian nukes and would do almost anything he asked for. I think Patrick (Nigeria) also pushed for this maneuver (I think he would be happy with anything that didn’t result in him eating a nuke). Brazil would make friends with me and Nigeria, so that he could focus on a swift conquest of SA.
I didn’t make much gains for a few years, I think I managed to pick up some unexpected SCs in Turkey after a failed attempt to convoy. It was a stand-still for the most part.
Early late game:
Brazilian nuclear intervention along with my nuke and bouncing units with Tunisia gave me some breathing room. The Saudi stab on Kenya was also a boon. Kenya and I almost worked things out, but our unit position was not ideal, we would have to do some backflips to get our units into better position. Kenya’s attention was diverted towards South Africa, and Nigeria joined that fight, but Patrick was facing some scary stuff off his coast. I got a few unexpected SCs in turkey, which allowed me to build my nuke arsenal more. Israel had launched 2 nukes to break Turkey’s lines and I was collecting on the spoils. I considered that Egyptian army an Israel army, and that if Israel wanted ANK, I wasn’t going to complain, he had invested a lot of units bouncing and nukes, so it seemed fine with me. Our cooperation at this point was really tight, and I was not worried about an Israeli stab for the rest of the game (until we got Alex to replace, but I will get to that later). The hardest choice I had to make at this stage was to stab Dan of Saudi. I really didn’t want to, but I felt if I didn’t, I would fall further behind in the nuclear arms race and Saudi may end up stabbing me later in the game. Plus I think I only had 2 votes to my name at that point.
I had been keeping contact with Rob D pretty well, and wanted to make sure we stayed at peace in the Indian Ocean. I had less contact with Chile and Argentina until they really started making their presence known. But I had no interest in a war with them at this point.
Late Game:
This was marked by the global Russian Stab. It has been discussed quite a lot already. There was Anti-Russian sentiment that had been going around the globe for quite some time, UK had been lobbying for others to follow up on the nuclear exchange between he and Zac. Zac was at a point where he was weakened, but still kicking hard. It was a turning point that Zac would bounce back to full force if something wasn’t done right then. Everyone was super secretive, and I wanted to do something about Russia, he was backing Tunisa who had invaded me and I don’t think Zac had any interest in my success throughout the game. I thought Israel and Russia were too close to risk directly leaking to Israel about attacking Russia. I don’t think any of the nations involved in the Russian attack thought they had a shot at winning if Russia was allowed to bounce back. I knew Canada was all for it, but I was surprised and pleased to find out Rob G. was also a major component of the attack, once I heard Australia and Chile were interested, I was sold. I didn’t contribute as much as others, but I had units on the front line that could follow up the nukes. There were so many votes in the area that I thought Israel and I could capitalize on once Zac was no longer a nuclear threat.
End Game:
Israel and I had planned to take Pakistan apart and collect the cluster of votes there, and I was on the fence about what I should do in Africa. I would either side with Nigeria, and finish attacking Tunisia and move towards Moroccan votes, while minimizing Nigerian vote losses to Argentina, or I would side with Argentina and take what I could get from Nigeria. I felt that I would be next on the chopping block if Nigeria fell too fast, but wasn’t sure.
Then Ling admitted his dual country play, and Alex came in to replace him. I was demoralized as Israel was my closest ally, and really our partnership was the only reason I survived Leif’s attack. I didn’t think the game had enough credibility anymore and it lost a lot of value to me. I didn’t want to invest as much time and energy into it as I had been, but I didn’t mind responding to e-mails when I could, and submit my orders. The first year of Alex playing Israel went OK. I had decided to stick with Nigeria, and ask Israel to help me nuke Argentina out of Africa. Israel had 3 nukes to spare, and I wanted him to send them all at Argentina centers, Fred wouldn’t have been able to build anymore units, he would have to convoy more over to capture anything, I think maybe 1 army would survive, I forget. Next year, Israel would build 4 nukes, I would build 2, and we would continue to back Nigeria and reduce Argentina’s nuke factory. 1) prop up Nigeria for a long-term commitment and coordinate to take more votes from morocco in the north 2) Slow down the huge Arg/Chile/Australia bloc, and perhaps convince a stab between them after the heavy losses. Seemed reasonable. But then Alex NBRd, built the clone army, no additional nuclear strike was possible, he had a slew of armies with no where to go. End result: I really dropped off the scene, barely communicated with neighbors. I thought maybe we could still work it out, but then Alex moved all his armies towards me. We exchanged nukes and did a lot of nothing. I backed off attacking Ryan in Pakistan. Tried to make nice with everyone I could, and just run the clock in the hopes that I might slip into a winning coalition, or at the very least survive a nuclear onslaught from Aus/Arg/Chile.

I know I am missing all sorts of interesting details, but this EoG is long enough. I had a ton of fun playing this, and particularly enjoyed the nuclear stand-off nature of this game. Thanks to all my allies and my enemies, hope to see you all in a future NWO game! But maybe the not so immediate future…. I need a drink.